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  1. Did you invent this?? Sam :twisted:
  2. that doesnt seem possible 2 boxes??? Also have a box that can give you waw and black ops weapons would make the map easier beacuse you could get the hk21 and mg42.... (best normal weapons) i just think they will add the old weapon to the old maps and the the flametrower and maybe the ppsh to the moon. Sam :evil:
  3. After beacuse ypu can get the gersch device on the moon... Sam :evil:
  4. If you realize in the inside xbox moon trailer you can see the flametrower while nikolai is trowing the qde. So if treyarch is putting the flametrower on moon maybe they will put it on the classic maps. Also i hear something about the ppsh but i dont know if thats true. I am new in this forum so if there is another post refering to the same let me know. Sam :twisted:
  5. I also notice the flametrower before QED explode¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ I wish it have unlimited ammo. I miss it much...
  6. How does the player could have the gersch device and the QED at the same time if both are sepecial granades?????
  7. In the trailer there is part when a person its playing moon on round 1. So i think you would no start on area 51. There is also a theory that tells tha maybe this map could be la Verruck. The team is split in 2 parts one in the moon and the other on area 51. Both teams have to turn the power and they may teletransport from moon to area 51. The last one its no my theory i dont remember where i hear it but i dont think that possible. :evil:
  8. Actually on the trailer when the character use the dual wield wavegun it looks like the wunderwaffe but in the trailer you really dont see him shooting or something. My theory is that maybe beacuse you could go to other maps you could also take the others map weapons in this case the wunderwaffe
  9. OMG, i didnt notice that. Thank you very much. This picture change everything. :twisted:
  10. Well i dont think that you will begin in area 51 beacuse in the trailer there is a guy playing and on the moon round 1. My theory is that you will find pack-a-punch in area 51 beacuse there is almost no footage of it, and when they show the area 51 part there is the character using the mustang and sally.
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