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  1. My question is why would you waste your time and the fourth perk spot on quick revive if you have the krauss refibrillator??
  2. UH....Meth-a-cola??? Can you say tweakers? It explains double tap
  3. Already posted this panda, no biggie just mentioning it. see above.
  4. leadblimp

    moon glitch

    Thats funny stuff... But if you or a mod could edit his post to remove all of the http://www.youtube stuff prior to just the video ID portion at the end... Here is an adjusted copy RPAZ-ic7dhY Also if you hit the preview button instead of submit, you can make sure your posts are working properly.
  5. Send me an invite. my PSN ID is leadblimp. I will hook you up right now. Do you have a mic or at least can hear someone with a mic?
  6. a marathon is 26 miles not 27 Not to be a 'D' or anything, but a marathon is 26.2 miles. Its to commemorate the fabled run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides.
  7. You can also hear the DG-2* powering up at 0:39. *On a separate note I would call it by its noun name but that always seems to garner anger and flaming because its pronounced or spelled some other way than what I would have written, so DG-2 works for me!
  8. Do you remember how much work and effort was put into the mystery man EE? What was the step that we needed to do AFTER we get the death machines??? well turns out that it was nothing. that was the end of the EE. I think that the mystery achievement is going to have something to do with that, or something like that will be involved...
  9. I just noticed on the G4 gameplay when they are outside right before the guy picks up the spaz power up the 'window that the zombies are exiting is opening and closing after each zombie. Almost as if it was an airlock...Does this mean that there will be no more windows to board up??
  10. I think I will just sit back and let this comment fail all by itself next week. -No need for name calling either. Each individual is entitled to their opinion.
  11. "Theres charlies in the trees" Since this is Black Ops and set around Vietnam. Its possible that this is a reference to what the Viet Cong were referred to. I may be off though.
  12. Also in the picture with the Monkey bomb on the table the gun behind it is a barrett .50 cal. sweet. Could we see a new sniper rifle this time around? I know its not a Black Ops era weapon but that would be very cool. All of the technology in the CODZL seems pretty modern, and our heroes have time traveled before so I guess it is technically possible. That would be friggin outstanding. edit. There is also an RPG on that gun rack. Also awesome! -Yes I do believe that there is a mystery box below the monkey on that table. The white markings on the top are vaguely familiar. -When the zombie is on the treadmill (exercise is important for even the undead, gotta keep that heart strong) the brains he is after; I would like to say that those are CoDZ brains. [brains]
  13. I have to say I would be thoroughly impressed with a 'Rocket Man' by Elton John soundtrack. That would be awesome! On a separate note I was thinking about the Shangri-La trailer and after seeing and finding out what the baby gun does, 'Tiny Dancer' also by Elton John would have been sweet. Whats up with my Wednesday need for some Elton John? Oh well...Maybe its nothing.
  14. normal history doesnt apply here OH NOOO's!!
  15. Because its 3ARC??? That's how they roll!
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