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  1. Just be warned, the scores on the boards are being iffy at the moment and it can be a rather frustrating experience. Recently spent a lot of time getting to 48, and my partner had to leave so we had to call it at that. We both downed ourselves. The high scores saved, but the leaderboard scores didn't. Luckily, my previous highest was only 45 anyway so it wasn't all that drastic a difference, but frustrating all the same. And it will take a lot more than 4 hours to reach 44, killing 300+ zombies with insane amounts of health per round, utilising an AK-74u (when you inevitably run out of ammo) is very time consuming. I'm always looking for someone who'd be willing to play for long enough to go much higher, so I wouldn't mind playing with you during my days off. :)
  2. I noticed this too during one game I played. I spent a fair while trying to pour over what I had done previously, but couldn't work it out. Could there be something in this?
  3. how did you get all 7 perks? ; o i made it to round 31 with my brother, i was i the lighthouse, and he was outside just running around when does the scavenger stop being a one-hit kill? Round 34. You get all 7 perks by buying 4, then killing George Romero 3 times without the V-R11.
  4. Number 1 again, got to round 40 and messed up. Will beat it again later when I can be bothered! Just stay in this place and you'll be fine: hkQcIHjfe-A
  5. Lame attempt at luring people to his forum. :shock:
  6. Nice, dude! Wonder how long that'll last! It'll be really, really easy to beat so I'll top it again after I have something to eat. @fortunecookie You just need to camp at the bottom of the lighthouse, I have a HD PVR so I'll give an example next time.
  7. Bottom. I just finished on 31, ran out of ammo. Number 1 in the world ATM, woo! I'm getting spammed constantly with invites/friend requests lol.
  8. I'm on round 28 with my girlfriend at the moment. Camped in the lighthouse! :)
  9. Piss him off, drag him into the water and shoot him with V-R11 (mine is upgraded). He'll disappear for a few rounds. Rinse and repeat.
  10. Whilst the power is on, when the screen flashes the pack-a-punch changes position. The flares seems to be radios.
  11. Mine is 27 with 2. Then the glitch got discovered and the leaderboards are completely screwed already. Thanks Treyarch. :roll:
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