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  1. Yeah i think Traps are gone because last 2 maps had none you pay for that do damage to zombies so to make it like NDU where it relied on pure survival theyre removing things that make it easy for us. It is what weve asked for all along actually so theyre giving the community exactly what they want.
  2. Bipolar Cola At the cost of Half-HP you get Double DMG. For those who are good at zombies to not get hit too often and make it woth the risk. Has to cost 3500 in my opinion though. It could have a Ying-Yang symbol. I think someone should make this label up i like the idea.
  3. ok i wanna make a label for that what kind of color is it Dark Blue sort of colour would be best i reckon. Have this kind of shield and replace the thing in middle for a perk bottle. and of course have that inside the usual perk shape thing on your HUD.
  4. I'm still strongly up for: Name: Hangover Cost: 4000 Effect: 1.5x down time, all perks excluding Hangover recovered upon revival Downside: if you die completely you still lose it all Picture of a perk bottle on a shield. Another good one would be: Name: Jeffrey Cost: 7500 Effect: Allows you to stroke the furry wall. Downside: Mass paranoia and heart attacks Picture of a smoking spliff
  5. Bah unless your allergic the whole aspartame thing is a hoax. Its only downside is that it doesnt take as good as real sugar so non-diet drinks taste nicer other than that if you wanna lose wieght dont drink fizzy drinks fullstop.
  6. if youve may or may not have noticed there are 5 flavours/colours of stamin-up to make if you wanna make them all :)
  7. why bump a bonfire sale is old news but nice video never killed him that quick before.
  8. A fact that i have never yet to disprove... The centrifuge will never spin when you have only the last zombie of the wave alive. (Hopefully to allow you to do lander things and get perks and weapons without the centrifuge screwing you over)
  9. So what power up do you get if you have all 5 perks on the map and the monkeys dont touch a machine? Hope they sneek double tap in there for good measure :)
  10. Cool, but still no Phd and Stamin?
  11. Uh ok, well good job posting this but can i just ask why we ressurected a thread older than 6 or 7 months to say this instead of opening a new one???
  12. ^lol at that also that cage to me looks very much like the experimental cages that monkeys are kept in (animal testing labs). just thought id add that :/
  13. Ok guys, get going trying every single one of those anagram possibilities hes posted Ill check back in a couple of years and see what you find :roll:
  14. Well if it isn't i can potentially understand it was way OP but id like to at least see the winters howl on a map whee you have room to use it as an actual weapon. And, the poster to advertise it certainly hint at this so... xbox player please let us know asap ugh im too excited for something a month away from me -.-
  15. Seriously even with a grip and rapid fire the ak74u cant kill a fly. The most overpowered guns ive seen are the Commando(silenced) and the G11(no attachment). And dont underestamate how many times flak jacket will save your life its actually not a bad perk.

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