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  1. Is it a split screen lag reduction like the moon in Der Riese?
  2. I used to zombie train NDU in the starting room by the help doo round the four poles on waw but the zombies movement has changed sinc eblack ops so they dont get confused and as easy to get past hence i have no idea how well a zombie train on black ops would work.
  3. I would also like to know this. But i mean definitive fun things not minor changes or the Blops weps in box etc.
  4. He seriously cant mean ascension guys he must mean a different map because if it is ascension he was referring to then he needs to do alot of reading.
  5. Does'nt it always revive someone who is downed too?
  6. The perks in my opinion are ranked in usefulness tier 1 being best like lightwieght and flak jacket while tier 2 is average and tier 3 is shit.
  7. It still is installed by pushing the brick but i have no idea what it does to benefit you as zombies keep coming and spawn below you while you are pushed to the waterfall edge and trapped.
  8. I have never seen a death machine on Shangri-La in all the times i have played it.
  9. Well yeah we always knew it was a scrapped map pack 4 and i knew when i first saw it exactly where it is from. Thank god there isnt any panzerschreks on it like the mission has.
  10. Wow i swear that 3rd on is made up and as ive have said in another thread you have a problem with your game you get too many bugs.
  11. bmaster2000


    Wow are you sure your game is ok? With this and the pentagon thief you have a huge number of bugs affecting you. I have never experienced any serious bug ever and ive played all.
  12. Well dunno if this is bad or not. But i liked the Shangri-La Trailer The In The Jungle music just worked so well with it A suitably well know spacey/moon sort of song would do grand for me alongside the trailer. Actually i think Beyond The Sea would fit.
  13. Im pretty sure you have summed up every glitch there can possibly be in one go.
  14. Yeah S-La was a let down as its alot harder so i want moon to be nice and easy so i can cruise on up to the high ranks.
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