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  1. i would give you brains bro, but since i cant give out anytime soon, sorry. il get you next time slugger ;)
  2. :D Thats great mate. u got some catching up to do mAte. snoop around the forums MAte, feel free ask some questions MAtE, and please do give positive brains when you spot great camments maint, ma mAte MATE MatE mAte MaTe mATE :?: mate!
  3. ive already debunked this. its a valkrie rocket. nothing else. please dont start made up things ok,
  4. i like how 3arc has improved lately. i know that they rarely come in here & read but at least they do. My concern is if they take it a little bit to far. For one i WOULD NOT like to play as a zombie, BUT i would if it was a character. TWO, playing a little girl would sound like a knock off to BIOSHOCK. all in all. i think easter eggs are going to make this game much more than just shooting at zombies. THANKS 3arc, took a while but u got there
  5. as long as they keep the gersch and ray gun in there, then im good. i voted for those as my top 2. :)
  6. zombies in egypt sounds like a dumb game and a dumb idea. all these retarded sources get gh3yer and gh3yer as ur try explaining it. what nex,.. zombies on roller skates!?!?
  7. Dirka dirk man muhammad jih-ad! Ooh Mohamed jih-ad...
  8. Seriously WHY do people act like such retard when it comes to things like this. if treyarch came here and gave us advice you'd automatically act retarted and call them a fake. *you had your shot* REALLY stop denying anything if you dont WORK FOR TREYARCH cuz you wouldnt know. you take what you can get.. next map pack comes out may 3rd final and final..
  9. i guess this explains 3arcs new AI on zombies, what blows me away is when i saw a buddy of mine shoot a zombie with the ray gun on ascension and i literrely saw the zombie fall to its death and no little that 3 seconds l8ter i saw the zombie get back up and sprint towards my friend.. then I shot the zombie down and freaked out. kinda makes me think these zombies are thinking for themselves.. scary man. i also heard a crawler say.. suck my dick. lulz. now i really wanna shot this mother fuckers!
  10. this wasnt on five before ascension. these pictures were added after ascension. treyarch decided to add this on patch update. i dont understand why 3arch can just add some closure to ascension by adding some pictures around so small saying the following "after death machines, thats it.. no more we are so rich we dont wanna spend time actually making a decent story so shoot away and keep complaining, were gonna go spend your cash!!!" i know ima get neg brains and comments and pointers on how to end my life but thats your job not mine. fuk u treyarch for a boring regular, usual, did i say boring ass zombie game.
  11. straight up retartd non scoper. needs to play black ops and learn to use a sniper..
  12. Now this really annoys me. I did something to show you guys not to believe everything you see like you used to (fake screenshots) but now it seems you guys don't believe anything. First, you didn't believe the info from IGN, then some people even said when the Ascension e-mail came out "I think it's legit," and now you're saying art from the Official Xbox Magazine is fan art? You guys need to be a tad more open. When I look at this picture i notice the rocket in the middle, which gives the hints of ascension. then i see the crawlers. why crawlers in ascension. i think thats why we argue the fact if this is legit legit. I know it is. Trust me no fan art can come this close to being awsome but why is treyarch confusing us by adding things not on this map OR is it because we havnt gotten to this stage yet.. PS. i love that grim reaper idea. i have looked around for grim reapers and ive notice 2 on wall, 2 on floor, and 2 behind the windows... ugh :oops:
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