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  1. well guys I think i've found some interesting clues: i've found a rictofen and takeo quote called trap_chopper. both say "they will be cut into a thousand pieces!" I don't think these quotes refer to the flogger, as those files are called trap_log. i also found some takeo files called trap_barrel and trap_battery: these are listed in my shi no numa rar file, but this may be because i got the rar file from another person who has gotten a few files mixed up and in the wrong folder in the past. specifically they are from cjdog23 aka zam 479
  2. i never saw a thread about this so i thought i'd bring it up, better late than never. but has anyone else heard a creepy noise at the window by the PHD Flopper, at the end of that little hallway. it's almost like a noise from a 1950s or 1960s sci fi movie. like an ominous creepy tone, or something...
  3. on [email protected] der riese, during my best session + highest round, i had exactly 935 kills. XD how long does it take for people to reach 100+ levels legitimately? it seems that the limiting factor then would be how much time you physically had to play. XD my best are all in the 30s for 4 player, nothing to brag about, I know...
  4. just a little correction: In the BO version of Verruckt, the Springfield was removed and replaced with the Kar98K, just like on the German side. it was probably done because: A.) The springfield was weak and had mis-aligned iron sights B.) For the above reasons, few used it C.) To save data space
  5. i like it. the chorus especially. keep in mind it's being sung by a girl who's trapped in a pyramid-thingy on the moon for a lengthy period of time.. so yeah, she screams
  6. i hope the song re-damned is in the downloadable zombies soundtrack that comes with moon. or for someone with 360, is it?
  7. regarding the argument whether the moon base is from Group 935 or Russian, can't it be BOTH? I remember in a radio message from Der Riese (the one that was cut and only found in files?) it bassicially said that group 935 was something you put before family, freinds, and COUNTRY, giving me the impression that 935 wasn't necessarily a group loyal to the Nazis, but just one recieving funds from them out of convenience/necessity. and weren't a lot of Nazi scientists snatched up by the Soviets anyway? wasn't that mentioned in Ascension Somehow? (Gersch sounds more German than Russian to me...)
  8. another thing though. I actually like the way the concept art prortrays Nact and Verruckt, with soldiers in more modern uniforms. the idea of a new batch of soldiers from the 60s finding the classic zombie locations sounds like a cool idea to me, personally.
  9. remember when we saw the dual sawn off double barrels in the Call of the Dead Trailer? turned out to be nothing. It is indeed the Skorpion, you can see the wire stock under the barrel. But this is just PROMOTIONAL ART, people. the people who made it are most likely not even in touch with gameplay developers.
  10. HERE HERE!!!! My biggest problem is that it seems like all the people who bought hardened for ps3 were little kids who just want to find glitches!!!
  11. One obvious question going around is whether/how the moon's low gravity will impact gameplay on this map. I'd be very surprised if the entire map was in 'normal' gravity. My best guess is that there will be areas of low gravity meant to slow down movement thru certain areas, sort of like the swamps of Shi No Numa or the cold water areas of Call of the Dead. What i'd really like to see is some sort of gravity based trap, kind of like an air-lock, where, once players got to the end of a hallway, they'd activate a switch, the hallway would open up to outside space, and the zombies would either freeze or float away, or at least be slowed down. but that's just my 2 cents. speculate.
  12. maybe I'll actually get one from the box. never liked call of the dead and didn't ever get the vr11 from the box.
  13. lol i was reading a lot of that wikipedia page and didn't get the connection, then actually looked at the picture of Shangri La loading screen and saw it.
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