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  1. thanks how many people were you playing with?
  2. where do you camp at? and where do you spawn? havent played it yet
  3. bumpstah is a boss i remeber back in november when he was playing ombies a week before anyone else and put it on ustream
  4. any particular strategy you found useful? how was romero?
  5. What strategies do you find most effective, how do you deal with george and whats your highest round.
  6. Its weird how close this map is to an idea i had back in september and how he was talking about how they get ideas from the forums viewtopic.php?f=53&t=174&start=180
  7. It was mid round and i only realized i could trade it at the last second
  8. Playing ascension and I bought the mystery box and right before my weapon appeared a fire sale went off. The teddy bear appeared and started to go up then came back down and gave me the option to switch as a weapon but i didnt think to grab it because i had a thundergun and a raygun. After the fire sale was over I tried the box again and a crossbow appeared and rose into the sky. So what would have happened if i switched the teddy as my weapon?
  9. i got the same whistling sound from the juggernaut room but i had it when there werent any monkeys too.
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