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  1. After hearing the radios and quotes from the characters,I've come up with a theory. I think that time travel has a very big role in the easter egg and story. If you find one of the radios,you'll find out that "Gary" has died but if you do complete the easter egg he and Brock are still alive. Gary's death could be because of the 4 heroes never volunteering in the easter egg so they have to go back before the event to save the both of them. This could explain why they are still alive.Also,every time they mess up the easter egg,they have to go back. If you set the eclipse,you can see an asteroid about to hit the temple but it stopped,so it possibly stops time and teleports them to a different time. As you can see,the whole map revolves around time travel. Thanks goes to cjdog23 for posting the radios.
  2. I've been planning that and an Ascension music video (using the easter egg song) for some time.
  3. I'm guessing that Shrangri La used to be an ancient village in Vietnam that held 115 rocks that were pieces of a meoter but were protected by the villagers to stop the eclipse that had some very bad affects on them,but then a couple hundred years later,explorers(Probably from Vietnam too)found the village and then informed their country of the 115 infested rocks that were there. Then,they got some of the people from Vietnam and turned the ancient village into a mining site which then disturbed the old inhabitants which made them rise from their grave and attack the miners for tampering with the pieces of the 115 meoter. (I'll fix the spelling errors soon,I'm really tired right now)
  4. Brock and Gary,those names don't ring a bell to me but I can't take the Gary guy seriously.
  5. and those other guys that don't have glowing eyes might just be like actors playing zombies,maybe the real zombies came and George Romero didn't see the difference,so maybe they turned him and the fake zombies into real zombies.
  6. There have been some rumors that some guns will be back or put into the new map. I'm guessing that judging by the Call of the Dead wallpaper that the AK-47 might be one of them. The rumors I've heard said that the KS-23 and semtex grenades will be put into the game. Possible?
  7. Can this zombie map have a sub-objective like save George Romero and find a way to turn him back into a human? Well,the new gun can do that,so I'm guessing that you have to use it on him. I'm guessing that it went down like this: 1.George Romero went to a zombie infested site so he can film a new movie(That probably explains some of the trailer gameplay where you're not playing the characters and where they show the cutscene) 2.Some zombies come over and turn George Romero into a zombie 3.The 4 noticed what happened and now must save Romero and get out of there Then,I'm guessing that like saving Gersch,you get 4 death machines as a reward and then get back to zombie fighting. However,the reward could be different,like maybe 4 ray guns or more points but I think it probably will be 4 Death Machines. How does that sound to you guys?
  8. The xbox has a lot more problems that a 1 in 1,000,000 chance error for black ops. I believe the error is just from something glitching and stuffing up. very rare. dont worry about it. im pretty sure this guy is just Sk8131 again because of his sig. either way, REPORTED K,thanks Johnson
  9. Do I look like the guy who even gives a f***?
  10. So I am playing multiplayer with some bots in Kowloon,right? Then,I some guy jumps out of no where and then the game just goes to a black screen. After that,it took me to the multiplayer menu. Then an error screen came (No,my PS3 didn't take me out of the game,it was in one of those error screens that you get when you can't join a game)and it said Error:Hunk_UserAlloc:Out of memory". What does that mean? Has anyone got this before?
  11. I voted for IW because they specialize in MP,I get a better experience from playing their MP (Nothing against Treyarch).
  12. I've got it a few times on Verruckt,it's an okay weapon...
  13. Fist of iron-The Death Machine Raise Hell-Kill zombies Freedom-Go out guns blazing? I don't have the map pack,my 360 broke months ago
  14. Sorry if I'm already late,but when you use the device and free Gersch(Or whatever) I think he says "I am free! Thank you! Again many thanks" So then maybe the death machines are a gift to help them battle against the zombies. I really don't think theres an extra step.
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