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  1. totally forgot about this.. I will work on it tonight :)
  2. Great idea for a thread. I love ingame png, gifs, jpeg's and clip art ;)
  3. Hey guys.. I know that some people with PC's have access to folders that us console guys don't. Has anyone posted up (or could point me in the right directions) where i can get my hands on say the game "image" files. I'm looking for stuff like guns, perks, maps, etc. It helps having these when creating custom thumbnails for my YouTube videos. Any/all help would be greatly appreciated. thnks.!
  4. It's really frustrating that people sort glitches out to abuse them and become #1 on the leader boards. I know we'll never be 100% glitch free, but as a community we can expose the issues and hopefully in future DLC's and/or games these bugs will be ironed out. To be honest, i wouldn't be apposed to having some kind of "cheat enabler" in the game for "offline use only." I think this will allow those people who want to, say, turn on GOD mod and just kill zombies all day, to do so. what do you think?
  5. Whenever a glitch video is uploaded it creates a whirlwind of controversy. I hate glitches just as much as the next guy and the only way to get these patched is to expose them. I've already tweeted my video to TREYARCH via twitter and I hope that by posting here you guys can help me do the same. I am by NO means the "glitch police", but I do believe that together we can make a difference and better the gaming experience by exposing glitches in a game.
  6. Whatever the DLC might be we all know that the XBOX is going to get it 1st and us PS3 games are going to have to wait it out for a month.. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me wanna hurl! It would be great if they connected all the sites and TRANZIT just got BIGGER!.. It would be cool to see the ability to teleport to an older map like Der Riese. That would really make my zombie experience the incredible!
  7. 1. Turn the power ON 2. Get go into the fog towards a green lamp post 3. Get one of the ground zombies to jump on your head 4. Drag him under the light. ....Hope you guys find this a new (useful) and fun way to travel around TRANZIT...
  8. I like the idea and it slowly but surely the map is growing on me. Can't wait to see what they have in store for us with the DLC's. Hope this map will expand to other locations :)
  9. instead of dropping down to the power room, you can have the turbine facing the wooden hut. However this mention has a greater chance of allowing zombies to get to it. You could alternatively drop the turbine down the shoot. I prefer to just drop down and put up close to the door. I like to run around Hope this video is helpful..
  10. what part of the bus horn do you want? the very beginning when it's honking at the bus stop!? i could make it for you.. that would be pretty neat.
  11. Quick Revive - Steel Barricades and Headshot Daiquiri are all permaperks that stay with you no matter if you die or turn off your console. This has been proven. l9hlEZkVVI8
  12. Hope this video helps you guys out. Especially the ones that like to run solo, like me
  13. First off i want to give props to Blackfire for starting this post. I by no means intend to hijack, but rather provide video proof and my experiences with getting these "permaperks" if you will. Steel Board permaperk. I tried it all, I stayed by one window and boarded it up for 40 mins. That didn't work. I also road the bus around tranzit 3 times with zombies hanging on pulling boards; while I boarded. Still didn't work. Ultimately, what I realized is that you can't just "board" you need to get points, points while boarding. They can't make it easy to get such a useful perk and by no means was it easy. Feel free to check out my video before where I show video proof the moment I got it. I also show side-by-side comparison of having the perk and not having the perk. It takes a zombie 1 second to pull a board, six boards to a window. That's six seconds, give or take a second or two while he twitches (7-8) seconds without the perk. With the perk it take the zombie 3 seconds to pull the board or rather 3 attempts X's that by six boards and you got 18 seconds and you've tripled the amount of time it takes a zombie to rip the board off. mM-BD4FiGRs WOOD vs STEEL Side-by-side comparison l9hlEZkVVI8 Quick Revive PermaPerk This was the easiest to get. I was with a team of 3 and we just downed each other in the early rounds (1-3). Each one of us, after the 17th revive got the permaperk. We were also greeted with a GREEN flash on the screen; we all saw it. Without the perk it takes 4 seconds to revive. With the perk it takes 2 seconds. Again another useful perk! Video proof below: p454eyR0EFg Dead shot Daiquiri Simple.. 1 bullet, 2 headshots can be done on level one with the m14 WwRIag3Ewb4
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