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  1. Ah yes, they are 100% digital! And thank You!
  2. Ah yes, I've been busy. In case someone wants to see more zombies art - but I am sure more than half of You've already've seen these on Twitter
  3. Thank You! Now that You mention it I can totally see those made into a stainglass-styled picture! I might give it a try when I have a spare moment
  4. I have returned with more stuff! The first one is a commission which includes a fan character made by the wonderful zhedoctors.assistant on IG The following 3 are taken straight fom my The Giant denial phase. The fifth one is just a wee painty-sketch to try out a new technique. And the last three are traditional sketches done during holidays while I was away just for fun. I bet it's so hard to see who's my favorite. I am very sorry.
  5. Hey! I'm fresh to this forum as well. Glad to see more faces pop up though. Also in the same position with the easter eggs as You!
  6. Haha I should be thanking for the forum just existing
  7. Ok so a new batch (thought I'd just dump it here instead of starting another thread. Am I doing it right? I hope I am.) I've managed to dig up some cutesy ones and a crossover too (the Blood of the Dead one (Metalocalypse x CoD Zombies). Oh and I've completely forgot about an animation I've made (I am not really much of an animator but I like to try). From what I've seen, the only things I have left are sketches. I can upload those too if Ya'll don't mind.
  8. Thank You! And of course! I'll probably post a new batch soon when I get a chance to edit them!
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