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  1. i can still make more if need i hope they approved a concept of what sorts -Ven-
  2. it has the kind of circle light thing on the top every perk has so looks like a new perk to me -Ven-
  3. maybe they will still make a map in paris!!!!!
  4. so just order your prestige edition and ask if u can change it later on. they still dont understand this in the netherlands "where i live". so i have preorderd it form the waves version and still get all the new extra's that they bring out XD changed my order 4 times already -Ven-
  5. the laser-sight is an attachment for hip-fire accuracy -Ven-
  6. That guy's name is Harper, not Nelson. They announced his name to be Nelson, maybe post the picture where you saw Harper? Says so on his vest. Also, CallofDuty.wikia.com has a picture up of "Harper". No picture of Nelson has been released. Some people probably just assume that is him. here is the picture of http://callofduty.wikia.com. on the left side of the picture is says harper on his vest Greets -Ven-
  7. i can not see a picture ?? it is just the reply box ? -VenVai-
  8. i use Flickr and to make the images i use photoshop CS5 -VenVai-
  9. Chibi Gun(35-79 JGB 215) WaveGun Qed just to update it -VenVai-
  10. it is not an ingame img it is my SELF MADE PERK From a long time ago i just reused it -VenVai-
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