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  1. Ventus

    All Ciphers

    and this one right? arent there more ciphers posted down the thread aswell :)
  2. Ventus

    Create ur own perk

    i can still make more if need i hope they approved a concept of what sorts -Ven-
  3. Ventus


    it has the kind of circle light thing on the top every perk has so looks like a new perk to me -Ven-
  4. That guy's name is Harper, not Nelson. They announced his name to be Nelson, maybe post the picture where you saw Harper? Says so on his vest. Also, CallofDuty.wikia.com has a picture up of "Harper". No picture of Nelson has been released. Some people probably just assume that is him. here is the picture of http://callofduty.wikia.com. on the left side of the picture is says harper on his vest Greets -Ven-
  5. Ventus

    Create ur own perk

    i can not see a picture ?? it is just the reply box ? -VenVai-
  6. Ventus

    Create ur own perk

    i use Flickr and to make the images i use photoshop CS5 -VenVai-
  7. Ventus

    Perk-a-Cola stickers

    the pc version is not out yet and i don't really want MW3 but i want BO2 or CoDZ game it self. They *stalk us*. but we like it . They also keep implanting our ideas so keep the community alive -VenVai-
  8. Ventus

    CoDz Minecraft server now open!

    my mc name is VenVai and that is all i need to BUILD!!! -VenVai-
  9. Ventus

    Create ur own perk

    can u still edit when closed ? -Ven-
  10. Ventus

    Create ur own perk

    the latest uhm any new idea's ?? maybe i need some more idea's for Alpha, Rofl, Liam, Cjdog, Carbon??? or others -Ven-
  11. Ventus

    Create ur own perk

    time to go and sleep(it is 1:18 at night here) will finish some others later hopefully Jeager1999 here are two of u Keep the ideas coming -Ven-
  12. Ventus

    Create ur own perk

    here is myself made and self tought Mokery Aid Mokery aid: lets you go trough all conditions so you wont go slower in water be hurt by electricity or fire but dont forget Gas still touches u and u cant run through ice walls. Cost: 2000 (just like Stamin-Up PhD Flopper and double tap) if u like make some quotes for it so this is my latest input hope to get the rest done soon -Ven-
  13. Ventus

    Create ur own perk

    1. camping can be good just need to do it right. 2. everyone has is own play-style and leave it so. 3. this is not a discussion thread but a thread where u bring up IDEA's for perks 4. IDEA's are IDEA's and not REALITY so therefor it doesnt matter how good/bad/funny/stupid u think they are, although the better they sound the nicer it is ps. Hope to see some new idea's -Ven-
  14. Ventus

    Create ur own perk

    secure Sprite ?? stabilize Schweppes ??? and idea's are not permanent i see alot of the same but just love to make the perk labels -Ven-

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