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  1. Would you be willing to link what you found? @clueless
  2. The 115 conversion generators in Origins have been bothering me. Assuming my analysis of their function as a sort of oil drill is true, then they cannot be taken to be generators. If that is the case, what process can be used to transform 115 into a source of power. Personally, I'm thinking batteries that have liquid 115 undergo a chemical reaction with something else. What do you all think?
  3. Image reuploaded and cropped for convenience.
  4. Recently, I was looking through the intel from Black Ops 1 and GKNOVA6 for my writing. Specifically, I was looking for information regarding the development of Nova 6. The role of the Gorky-Korolev Medical Company confused me at first. Why would a Prague-based shell company with a Russian name be used by Nazi Germany to develop their secret weapon? Moreover, how would a private, collaborationist entity not immediately be liquidated by the Soviet Union, even being used as a cover to smuggle Nova 6 into the United States? Then I discovered this in @Tac's old GKNOVA6 intel thread. Apol
  5. Mystery Moonshine- gives you a random perk for 2,000 points. If you already have four, it gives you five. You can only use it once every five rounds.
  6. I agree on the ruse part. Apologies for not making that clear hahahahaha.
  7. Imagine if we could use Takeo’s katana in Chronicles. On a related note, I would have loved to have had a kukri on Shangri-La.
  8. I wish they could have included the MP-18 in Origins. It would have given the map more of a WW1 feel to it.
  9. @anonymous and I were having a conversation yesterday or the day before, about the methods of delivery for 115 into the human body and the differences between supersoldiers and zombies. He mentioned an inclusion of Vril energy could be the answer. I invite him to expand on his meaning for the public. Regarding the delivery methods, there are two that are known: liquid injection and gas inhalation. This excludes passive exposure to 115, and focuses more on intentional transference. Liquid seems to be the most common, injected into the body via a syringe. I believe that this is how t
  10. I know what you're talking about, but I don't remember if it plays for everyone or just Richtofen.
  11. The Mine_See quote triggers upon seeing the cart, I believe.
  12. Mayhaps, mayhaps. I kinda like the dichotomy between Ultimis and Primis in this manner though: one had his parents die when he was very young yet found a fulfilling parental figure in adulthood, the other being born into a fulfilling household but growing up to be a monster in adulthood, growing to dislike and distort the memory of his family. Or maybe it could've been an abusive household? Either way, there are opportunities for some interesting divergence there.
  13. Ultimis Richtofen is the best examples of insanity in the COD Zombies universe. He makes every other mentally deranged character look sedate. A few days ago, I was playing Shangri-La when I heard this quote. If the link doesn't bring it up automatically, the timestamp is 7:00. This one stuck with me. We know that Ultimis Richtofen knew his mother. Richtofen mentions his mother in this same map when the Screaming Zombie spawns, as well as far back as Kino to my knowledge. In Ascension, he says he used to have a little sister whose dolls he would crush to make her cr
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