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  1. 1. Alone. Coming Home is great (some of the heaviest drums if not the heaviest) but honestly there's no way it's winning against Alone. 2. We All Fall Down, compared to Dead Flowers there's no contest in my mind. 3. I Am The Well, doesn't matter what the second choice was honestly. 4. Carrion, albeit it took me quite a while to get to the point I enjoyed it more than Shepherd of Fire. 5. I hate you for this one so early. The Gift wins by the thinnest margin, both are absolutely fantastic. 6. Drowning, although Dead Ended is also pre
  2. Well, here we are months later and they've actually fixed most of these issues in the most recent update! Chalices are physical items that can drop from Elites, and Pack your weapon based on what Chalice it is (Bronze = Pack I, Silver = Pack II, Gold = Pack III). Aether Tool (basically the Dark Aether Wrench model) can also drop from Elites, and upgrade your weapon Rarity! A while back they addressed the armor plate issue overall so that's also cleared. Onslaught feels more like "classic" survival now, and even moreso for Onslaught Containment w
  3. 1. Alone - This one sucks, as both are fantastic, and BoA is certainly more iconic with the riff being the round end of special waves as long as I can remember. But Alone just hits better for me, I can't quite explain it. 2. Remember Forever - No contest. Snakeskin Boots is fantastic and I listen to it all the time (still used the Shadows of Evil theme for my PS4 which plays the instrumental on loop), but Remember Forever is CRIMINALLY underrated for such an amazing song. 3. Abracadavre - Come on, this song is a masterpiece in almost every way. Nightmare is great for w
  4. Do NOT apologize for taking time to take care of yourself man. Despite what you may think you owe us nothing and you need to put yourself first. We all completely understand, and if they don't, FUCK THEM, that's on them not you. The last year has been rough for you, based on what I've seen. It's only fair you take time for yourself, after doing so much for the community. Whether you think it or not, you are a valued part of the community and your doubts are misplaced. Get better soon man, but take all the time you need!
  5. The order I buy perks and the order I open generators is different, because I'm a madman Open: Stamin-Up -> Speed Cola -> Juggernog (keeping two of the three doors in Helipad area closed off is pretty nice, and opening the left door makes less possible zombie spawns near the Crafting Table near the Barracks door) Buy: Speed Cola -> Stamin-Up -> Juggernog
  6. Welcome aboard, everyone! Glad to see so many new people in the community Hopefully a lot of you introduce yourselves here or make a separate post in Introductions, @anonymouspretty much nailed the rest on the head so I won't waste time repeating it but you should definitely check those topics out even just to see the discussions that can come from them! Sometimes even the simplest responses can spark some insane levels of conversation, so feel free to hop in! If I may add one last thing, I would highly recommend checking out @RadZakpak's take on the Zombies Storyline, which foll
  7. A relatively short story (compared to @RadZakpak's behemoth of a story which somewhat inspired me into planning some Zombies stories myself) that will explore a fan theory I have spent months working on making a skeleton for, building an "additional chapter" of the Kronorium Timeline - the very first one. As such, a lot of the time that went into planning this was trying to make sure the details do not intersect or retcon anything mentioned in "canonized" lore. Obviously, I will make mistakes both grammatically and lore-wise and hope to improve both as I progress with it, but more importantly
  8. A new Season means new Onslaught maps that only a fraction of the community can even play! Only one map has been released this time as opposed to two, so not much Intel at the moment but this will be regularly updated (so long as the Intel actually registers, unlike a certain map that rhymes with Frexpress). [On a side note, if any Treyarch officials actually look at these on a whim, can you please make the text box slightly larger so I don't have to take extra screenshots because one line goes off the page? Please? It's a pain to keep the screenshots organized after a while.]
  9. Season 1 Intel is finally complete! Now onto Season 2....
  10. Just wanted to give an update that the Express intel now (finally) registers properly!
  11. Thank you for reminding me to see if I can do the same for my entry! I meant to do that and time slipped (heh) away from me
  12. Welp, I decided to go against the fantastic set of prompts arranged for this and try working on an introduction to Travelling the New World. Unfortunately I underestimated how fast it would take to reach 1500 words, so some details will remain vague even after several revisions. Shoutout to @The Dark Aether for some inspired ideas and grammar adjustments amidst revisions Writing Prompt .pdf / Writing Prompt v2 (Minor Changes).pdf
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