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  1. Standoff Intel is added (right on time, as always). There were a few times Kyrgyzstan was misspelled as Krgyzstan, funnily enough.
  3. I AM THE WELL!!! And for runner up, Abracadavre! Two songs well deserving of their ranks, Clark and nostalgia biases aside. It's been a fun trip getting to this point.
  4. Finished, if you add more I'll just keep adding translations to the first post to save space
  5. Wait, did you just add that recently or did I overlook it???
  6. You fool! I'm a fan of Nordic Runes!
  7. 1. I Am The Well. As amazing as Abracadavre is (I swear I'm not letting the defeat of The Gift influence this decision), there's no contest in my mind. I Am The Well is the lyrical version of Light from the Shore - the characters have to face the harder truths encompassing the whole timeline as opposed to LftS which is about reminiscing the good from it all (for us, the players). The Well (Knowledge) only flows one way, and we know full well the way down. 2. Shockwave. This was actually a LOT harder than I thought it would be. The nostalgia of 115 is amazing but Elena goes all out
  8. We literally cannot progress with both matchups tied, that's insane
  9. 1. I Am The Well. Alone is great, but I Am The Well is one of the peak songs of Zombies between tone, lyrics, and relevance. 2. The Gift. Abracadavre is a top song that could only get knocked out by I Am The Well or The Gift. ...next week is going to suck. 3. The One. Nostalgia be Damned, The One is better and I'll die on that hill. 4. Shockwave. Mystery can't hold a candle in comparison.
  10. 1: Alone. Never was the biggest fan of Dead Flowers musically but the lyrics are nice from lore perspective at least. Alone is just a banger through and through. 2: I Am The Well. Carrion is good but I Am The Well is Clark's peak. 3: The Gift. Nothing to add. 4: Abracadavre. This was a REALLY hard one, because both are top contenders for different reasons but Abracadavre has some of the most powerful lyrics in all the Zombies songs while defining itself, while A Light from the Shore is a tribute to everything that precedes it. 5:
  11. Welp, Season 2 delivered far less intel than I anticipated! And now of course intel starts to get more interesting and the gameplay becomes more enjoyable, I swear I'm a talking monkey's paw! Anyways, here's to more intel this season and as always, all intel drops are exclusively dropped from Elites/Specials in Onslaught. Update: Wow I completely dropped the ball on this, not that there was much to add in terms of quantity. Everything should be added now for Standoff Intel, sorry for the delays.
  12. 1. I guess I'll come out swinging with a controversial pick. Lullaby for a Deadman, especially with the tone used in Nacht's game over music. 115 is a banger, but Lullaby always hit stronger in my opinion. 2. Ace of Spades. Come on, it's Motorhead. 3. Archangel, the choir alone seals it for me but if an argument even needs to be made Won't Back Down doesn't fit lyrically (although the beat is fantastic for the mood) 4. The One, but this was tough. Blood's Where Are We Going feels like an actual song as opposed to Mob's version and definitely has a more mela
  13. 1. Alone. Coming Home is great (some of the heaviest drums if not the heaviest) but honestly there's no way it's winning against Alone. 2. We All Fall Down, compared to Dead Flowers there's no contest in my mind. 3. I Am The Well, doesn't matter what the second choice was honestly. 4. Carrion, albeit it took me quite a while to get to the point I enjoyed it more than Shepherd of Fire. 5. I hate you for this one so early. The Gift wins by the thinnest margin, both are absolutely fantastic. 6. Drowning, although Dead Ended is also pre
  14. Well, here we are months later and they've actually fixed most of these issues in the most recent update! Chalices are physical items that can drop from Elites, and Pack your weapon based on what Chalice it is (Bronze = Pack I, Silver = Pack II, Gold = Pack III). Aether Tool (basically the Dark Aether Wrench model) can also drop from Elites, and upgrade your weapon Rarity! A while back they addressed the armor plate issue overall so that's also cleared. Onslaught feels more like "classic" survival now, and even moreso for Onslaught Containment w
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