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  1. the "ready up" system is a key part of why zombies matchmaking has been so fun for all these years. it allowed for players to conversate, wait for others with headsets, and eliminate those who didnt. it kept the public matchmaking alive for years after release, but now it has been removed and replaced with a 60 second counter that doesnt reset upon joining or leaving and there is no way to extend it. this is game ruining for a pulic match player like myself and leaves us with a few choices. -play solo, wich i like but gets boring after mastering the map. -friends sessions, wich is also fun but
  2. one issue, the upgrade system is horrible. 50 grand to upgrade a gun? then its the same exact gun afterwards? ill pass.....
  3. i think people are hating on this map just because fans generally hate change yet they still ask for innovation, also this map reminds me alot of buried with its more comedic atmosphere.
  4. i was thinking about looking for this last night haha. thats definately the weapon though, lets hope the thrust jumps are only included on certain maps. wall guns and box guns can be transported through time and space so this really tells us nothing except that the weapon will be featured, this doesnt say the map will be futuristic. nice find.
  5. yes, black ops III seems put alot of emphasis on the fusion of man and machine and the consequences that it may one day bring. it is the theory of technological singularity, basically where technology either becomes smarter than humans or even becomes its own life form, this story has been told many times, The matrix and The Terminator series are great examples.
  6. But if someone buys the game for the zombie content on the disk, those same people would buy the DLC anyway. DLC has been up in sales because all CoD titles now offer these extra coop maps and stories and not just MP maps like MW3 did. If they didn't put Zombie material on the disk and waited for DLC, they might hurt their sales. People like me wouldn't buy the game, like I didn't with Ghosts and AW. Then when the DLC comes out, it makes the decision of buying it that much harder since now I have to consider spending $60 for the game and then $15 or $50 for DLC. In AWs case, the zombie content
  7. easy way to solve this would be to seperate the zombies from the game but instead of requiring you to have both the disc and dlc, make it a stand alone dlc that would be playable without the actual game. they would have to add more zombies content than usual but they could jack the price up. i would gladly pay 100$ for this, but making me pay for multiplayer (wich i do not touch EVER) is not cool.
  8. 1- bank is a double edge sword, on one end it makes for a great casual game set-up, on the other it takes away from strategy. i say keep it but max 5000 points 2- whos whotombstone- never again..........need i say more? 3- make perma-perks more difficult to obtain- remove money shot 4- vote to kick lobby system 5- less EEs that take 90 minutes to do although i appreciate the objectives, i miss simple maps like kino 6- never make a pap door or traps dependent on a turbine that will break in 5 minutes again
  9. 1- what if treyarch puts zombies behind a pay wall like exo zombies? meaning that zombies will not come free with the game but be a dlc. i personally believe there is a very small chance of this happening, but i wouldnt put it past activision. 2- what if there is a microtransaction system similar to the advanced supply drops from advanced warfare except instead of a gun or camo you get a raygun mk2 or perma-perk or somthing of the such? 3- is there a possibility that zombies could go "free to play" or the dreaded "pay to win"? (using real cash to purchase max ammos, extra lives etc)
  10. i dont like the idea of saving, if that was the case people would be able to go to round 300000000. it defeats the purpose of patience and endurance. custom games dont count because if they did it would divide the community up. there would be no reason for public matches to exist anymore as most players would be in private matches from day 1 the zombie shield is the best everything else i can agree with though
  11. a pre-order is a sign of good faith to the developer, its like saying "you already have my money even if this game blows" so its not free. that is why so many games relaese brokenunfinished these days <-----do not take this as a hostile statement, its just somthing to think about) that being said, bo3 or whatever it is will be my first pre-order in years, because the nazi zombies formula is difficult to screw up.
  12. i think bo3, but i imagine the campaign will jump back in forth through time. (ww2-2025) as for the trailer it will likely be a campaign overview with a 6-10 second zombies teaser like tranzit. all in all i have almost no doubt that bo3 will triumph over all other treyarch titles. i see what they were doing in black ops 2, they were experimenting, trying to be innovative with zombies. but some of the experiments failed so now they know exactly what to build
  13. It should be free, i dont like the idea of activision selling the same gun twice. I most definately dont want it to replace the mk1 as i find it more effective because it hurts all the zombies in a group forever, The mk2 stops penetrating in the late 60s.
  14. -Private match problems- =people glitching there way up to the top of the boards in privacy (this could be solved if treyarch actively searched for cheaters via playerchannel) =isolation of the online community, if private matches counted to leaderboards few players would bother with public matches, thus ruining the longevity and lifespan of the game. i play 95% public games and ill play with almost anyone who doesnt scream in my ear, that being said there are few players online like myself who are both fairly skilled and willing to gamble with a random team or just teach new come
  15. hah i started in black ops 2, believe it or not my first pack a punched gun was the smr. i remember the smiley face and thinking "wow this is great" then i tryed other guns as i learned the maps and realized the smr was a piece of crap.
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