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  1. I'm not wanting to pay for it anymore but if I'm still connected to the internet can I still use my Gobblegums? I know I can't if I'm offline.
  2. ViolentVoltage

    Where are all the zombie players?

    Right now it says 16% on Zetsubou no Shima -_- Really guys, the map just came out and already Shadows of Evil is more popular.
  3. ViolentVoltage

    Richtofen is losing his mind

    And I love it. Him in Origins was so damn boring, but now with each map he's going back to his older self. The others I feel are more or less the same, but with some of the quotes he says in ZNE it's confirmed. Hell he'll laugh every now and then when I get a Double Points or headshot like a lunatic :D Can't wait to see what he does in DLC4. DLC3 will probably be just the same stuff we've seen.
  4. ViolentVoltage

    I am so sick of the op thrasher in this map

    I'd be nice if the randoms I play with would stop picking up skulls they don't even plan on using.
  5. For whatever reason this asshole targets me in a 4 player match, I take the zipline to one of the power areas to build the mask, and oh look he spawns right behind me. Widows Wine doesn't do shit or Jugg for that matter. *cue rage quit* I don't like bullshit deaths in zombies. It's never a regular zombie smacking me it's always something stupid like this that Treyarch thinks is funny.

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