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Meet the Hermit

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To complete the Quest, you will need the Wunderwaffe DG-Scharfschutze, a dynamite bomb, and the Samantha's Music Box. Winter's Wail is recommended in the modifier slot but not absolutely necessary. 


Turn on the power switch in the spawn room.


Interact with the Hermit in the Lighthouse 4th floor  

Melee a blue rock in the Lighthouse Approach.



You must find and fully complete two of the Hermit's challenge totems. These totems are located in the Lighthouse Station, the Frozen Crevasse, the Beach,  Specimen Storage,  and the Forecastle. My recommended challenges for ease and speed are the Forecastle and the Frozen Crevasse's challenges.



Frozen Crevasse Challenges- 

1. Defeat 20 enemies while standing in freezing water.

2. Shatter 6 zombies after they have been completely frozen. Running into their frozen bodies or shooting them will do the trick.

3. Play the Hermit's favorite tune. The Hermit will hum a tune in musical notes of A C E G. Hit the bells in the order of his hums.



Forecastle Challenges- 

1. Defeat 25 enemies while standing still.

2. Defeat 10 enemies with melee attacks.

3. Find Soup ingredients, add them to the pot at the Forecastle, and add water.

     1.  The ingredients for the Soup will be at the Gangway, the Beach, and the Boathouse

     2. The pot is at the far end of the ship, on the side of the forecastle.

     3. Adding water can be done by throwing snowballs into the pot.



Lighthouse Station Challenges-


1. Defeat 25 enemies with headshots and collect their brains.

2. Defeat 20 enemies with the Shield's melee.

3. Pick up the Hermit's pee jars next to the dumbwaiter/reward boxes and deposit them into the water in the Beach.




Beach Challenges- 


1. Defeat 13 enemies with snowballs. 

2. Defeat 15 enemies with the Lighthouse trap next to the challenge totem. Power must be on, and the blue rock must be given to the Hermit in order to activate this trap.

3.  Complete SOS messages around the map. This can be done by throwing snowballs into missing parts of letters in the SOS symbol. The SOS symbols are located on the Lighthouse, on the boat next to the Beach, and on the Boat next to the Sunken Path.









Specimen Storage- 


1. Fling 15 zombies. The Flingers must be repaired first, by bringing the broken power boxes to the Hermit for him to repair them. 

2. Defeat enemies while riding on a zipline.

3. Complete the Whack-A-Mole station at the Loading Platform at the Facility using snowballs.




After fully completing two of these challenge totems, the Hermit will trust you and give you a tool capable of 'communicating with otherworldly entities.'



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