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  1. :D :shock: :twisted: [brains] My thoughts on the situation.
  2. My trip is over and now I'm back on the forum, time for the randomness to continue. Random moose is random. :lol:
  3. As of 4:00am ET Sunday morning, I'll be going on a two day road trip, so I won't be back for three days starting tonight. I just wanted to say a temporary goodbye for now. I know it's only three days but it can seem like a long time, so see you all Tuesday. Per Audacia Ad Astra
  4. After staring at the picture for 5 minutes, I noticed something. It seems as if the original picture was removed from the image leaving only the static lines in the image, the static lines all sort of flow to the center of the picture. In a spiral like shape. I don't mean lines like this: __________ But like a wave like this: (((((((((((((X)))))))))))
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21E5XbZDqv8 One Nikolai please.
  6. Treyarch said to shoot him with a bunch of stuff. Maybe we can make him human again by shooting him with the new wonder weapon?
  7. I know, that freaked me out when I went too it. Wasn't expecting it. Maybe it's the countdown to Nuclear War/End of Days?...
  8. Thanks. But I tried every game on my shelf. Tried 3 movies, and 1 CD. Nothing worked. And I've waited 12+ hours now, so I think it's pretty cooled down. I didn't notice the scratch until it had become a crack in the disk, but I take pretty good care of things (put the games back in their cases, ect.) But, thank you for trying to help. I understand you're just going off of what I posted and aren't here to see it for yourself. Oh, and I don't move my xbox while it is, or isn't running. I know people that have done that so I avoid it entirely. I've had my xbox for a while though (3 years), so it may just be time to get a new one anyway. The mic was old too(3 years too), so that probably has something to do with it.
  9. Well, Im royally F*cked. My xbox's DVD drive broke somehow. None of my games even work anymore because it just says, 'open tray'. Great, now not only do I need to get a $60 game, but now I need a $300 system. Oh, and I need a new mic because mine broke in half. So that's $20 more added to that bill. :evil: :evil: :evil:
  10. This made me die a little inside. No, it's not the "Wonderwaffe", it's the "Wunderwaffe" and it's not pronounced Vundervaff, it's pronounced Vundervaffe. Anyone who has taken basic German would know that. Sorry for going off topic xD. But about the thread. I think that the title needs to be changed because as of yet, we don't ACTUALLY know if it works. But I do agree that we need to test every hypothesis because how do we know someone isn't telling the truth. tl;dr Its Wunderwaffe. Change the title of this thread. Try all ideas. I'm glad I'm not the only one that knows a little something about German pronunciation and spelling... But it sucks because I can't test any of this with a Locked-Up Ascension.
  11. I have that exact problem. And it cracked my disk at a part of it. Check yours and see if that happened too.
  12. Am I the only one that thought of eating Waffles when I read this? [brains]
  13. That deserves a [brains] . You forgot that Gandalf stood on the rainbow of World 10 and used the power of the Sun, and then said"You Shall Not Pass!" and killed everyone.
  14. This is awesome. It's creepy though because in a zombies match last night, me and my friend were talking about how Mr. Rogers is probably Chuck Norris' son.
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