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  1. That blows. You would probably had another 4 and a half hours left.
  2. solo ROUND 100 YEA!!!1!!1111!!!!11!!! But yea I'm pretty proud of it. 2 player: 37 3 player: 35 4 player 35
  3. I called brutus ferguson in the beginning cus I hated ferguson cus I had to hear about his dang son about 20 times the first couple days cus thats where the cut scene ends. And I also hated brutus, so I just intertwined their names. But I don't think thats was where you were going :D
  4. yea thats what I was hoping for in the long run. and maybe an electric chair by the docks where the plane part is supposed to be to get back to the bridge
  5. I dont see them doing it but it would be awesome. Especially in 4 player if you had tombstone as soon as the noise saying new round you would spawn and be right back in the action. Or with whos who we could have some strategies to make it easier to get the 5k to get points go down pap revive and get your 5k and then get your perks. Those 2 things could ruin having all perks there or make it more fun. However you look at it.
  6. Heres how I think it would work. You would select the jail cell image from the world. Instead of just having the one choice of motd you can point up to gg bridge/no mans land. After selecting it and the loading screen is done: You will spawn in the center and the zombies will come at you (optional) the random perk will spawn on the opposite side of the chairs Then you will hear the afterlife sound and brutus will spawn after a set amount of time The rest of the zombies will come at you at the same running pace as area 51s NML. As each round increases you will hear the afterlife sound You can gain your points till you get enough to pack a punch or get your perk. When you are done, you will run to the chairs and the game will end. If you don't get to the chair the match will not count. They could make it a survival map and have you go back to alcatraz on round 1 and since its survival you wouldn't be able to come back since there are no parts.
  7. Wouldnt it be cool if we got another game type for motd where we did no mans land on gg bridge? We have a huge amount of similarities anyways from the original area 51 to the gg bridge. -a teleportation machine. This time its in the shape of chairs instead of a platform. -no drops. In either of the two sections do we have drops -bosses have spawned in with us. Brutus spawns in with the zombies on gg bridge and dogs spawn in area 51 -no extra guns -a pack a punch If i tried to make more similarities they would be stretching. But moon was soooo fun with the extra "gamemode" and im sure it wouldnt be too hard to code the gamemode. Maybe add a random perk bottle in the back. Maybe add phd to the mix of jug/speed cola. Or hell make it fun for everybody and have all the perks back there lol.
  8. longer? i thought perks and traps were introduced in the same map? longer than some perks yes. and i totally agree that they are great for the casual player but I think they hurt the map for the higher round player. just want to make that clear. In motd not so much since they have the redeemer but in other maps especially kino and five it does kind of ruin it.
  9. From reading this, it sounds like this guy was an extreme badass. I wish i knew him.
  10. Thats a great way to look at it. If i play die rise I can get to 5k kills in the time it takes to get to 50 on motd. but if im on 50 in motd, i have around 2k kills.
  11. Its a one hit kill indefinably. Yea I guess you could do higher rounds in other places but its much more difficult and time consuming. I could run trains FOREVER on gg bridge but it is so repetitive. You are continuously throwing the hells redeemer. at least with other maps its the continuous use of the thunder gun or something. But maybe i just need to take a week break from zombies lol. But that's not happening because I love it to much. Yea i got the time to go to 100 (at least this weekend i do) but hell if im getting there I rather do it as fast as possible.
  12. Ok i think i kind of made my argument in the wrong way. I was trying to say are they bad for the map. Yes they are good for killing. You can get insanely high with them but it kind of makes you stay at that side of the map. You pretty have to train in cafeteria on motd if you are going for a high round. Or fire trap in kino. Or spawn in five. But im trying to say that they are bad for map design. And yes they are extremely bad for kd.... lol. I have gone down from a 265 to a 245. somehow i still got my shotties and i think that is due to the multiple high rounds. But then again you can argue that its afterlifes fault and not the traps fault.
  13. So I have been playing zombies for a longggg time. Not as much as all of you guys but I still have been plying. I thought traps were fine and dandy and I really never took advantage of them. But probably a month or two ago I decided to actually look at Kingjaq. I wanted to see his strats and stuff. What I saw kind of upset me. All he was doing was running from trap to trap. Don't get me wrong he has a LOT of skill and dedication (i lack dedication lol. i start dying at 45 because I get "bored") I just thought that he would be running some super fast train or something. After digging deeper I found that almost every high round gameplay from anybody involved running from trap to trap in the best of ways. So in my opinion I think traps are bad for a map. Not for the casual player but for the high round player. it restrics the map to one section. I think it would be fun to run in spiral staircase or down at the docks. But there are no traps and I would feel that I am waisting my time because I could be going faster. It might just be that Im kind of already bored of mob of the dead (at least solo) because I already hit 50. But I think it may be from the trap. It may be because I have already played countless hours of zombies. (coming up on 400k kills) Discuss please?
  14. This is the discussion post http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=100&t=29571&hilit=Cash+Back basically after you lose it you have to drink about 50-60 perks. 40 normal and then about 15-20 going prone. I lost my while getting quick revive in whos who. I had it for the longest time. And when I bought quick revive I was in a hurry and didn't know I had to go prone while in whos who mode and now i don't even try. but to answer your question. no we did not get a final answer just an estimate.
  15. wasnt area 51 blasted into its on meteorite after the easter egg. could this be the same asteroid/meteorite. O and I also think that there is more destruction in tranzit (I say more destruction because it has lava) because I think it was directly hit by one of the rockets. I say this because if you go to the bank, there is a rocket that runs through the roof of the bank and then through the wall and lands and you see the shell fragments. o and a meteorite hummor. What do you call a meteorite that doesn't hit earth
  16. Just ended my round 51 run... It was still a one shot kill. if you didn't charge it up any yea you got hit markers. but the zombies died on round 51 with just one charge. If you don't trust me idc, but i haven't said anything untrue in this forum before.
  17. I know where you heard this... or where I heard about it at least. Ngtzombies uploaded a video before the map came out speculating about it being able to happen. after the map was released I saw his vid in the related videos and clicked on it hoping to see how to do it. but sadly i saw the date was before the map came out.
  18. Last night I looked and solo was definitely above 90. Exactly 97 last time I checked. expect a high round of 100 this weekend. probably will exceed to 150 by the months end.
  19. new record of 41. was running out of time anyways. went all the way to 41 with no downs and got all 4 on round 41 while trying to get speed cola after my initial first down in the middle of 41
  20. The worst place to get caught is the bottom of the big spiral staircase with the part to the airplane and the numbers. Im talking about the part where you actually get the part. I got caught there twice. The second time i was super lucky and got a nuke the first zombie i killed. And this spot is super easy to get caught in because when in the middle of the round if you running down the "staircase" and u are in a hurry and take a wrong turn you are pretty much screwed lol. The best spot to train is golden gate bridge as long as you have a weapon to kill fergusson at the start of the round?
  21. theres a tomahawk. (hell's retriever) and don't go saying thats not the same thing. you guys look for bad things and thats what makes you think the maps bad. but anyways, i got to round 24. was at the acid trap and when i went down I couldn't find my body when trying to revive myself. I mean i saw it but i was trying to kill zombies to clear my path and i waited to long and couldn't put my body in the position where it would let me push x to revive myself. epic fail could have gotten to 30.
  22. round 38. and i ran out of time. plus it was within the first month or two that i started playing console zombies. (i played a lot of ipod zombies) now im reaching 70+ so a 50 on cotd doesn't seem that hard now. you get a frekin wunderwaffe from george and a free perk. and its super easy to kill him. especially on solo. online it envolves teamwork but doesn't everything in zombies? just got to 41. george was only a problem once.
  23. round 38. and i ran out of time. plus it was within the first month or two that i started playing console zombies. (i played a lot of ipod zombies) now im reaching 70+ so a 50 on cotd doesn't seem that hard now. you get a frekin wunderwaffe from george and a free perk. and its super easy to kill him. especially on solo. online it envolves teamwork but doesn't everything in zombies?
  24. True, but would Treyarch really make another George Romero? They got a lot of backlash from the community because of him. yea and I freking love george.
  25. thats a good idea. and even if group 935 did make the perk machines, that doesn't mean that they couldn't have built the perk machines in the 20s. unless we have firm evidence that they were developed in the 30s. and perks are considered magic aren't they? and the guns are going back and time, why can't these perk machines they love so much come back in time also.

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