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  1. Developer Ice-Pick Lodge is expanding the world of its bleak, punishing plague horror Pathologic 2 next week with the arrival of The Marble Nest, a not-entirely-new dollop of DLC. Pathologic 2, for the uninitiated, is a sort of re-imagining of Ice-Pick's idiosyncratic, rough-around-the-edges 2005 cult-favourite Pathologic, charting the deterioration of a plague-ridden town through the eyes of physician known as Haruspex. The Marble Nest - which is actually a spruced-up version of Pathologic 2's pre-release demo - is a self-contained story, running parallel to the events of the main game. It plays out over the course of a single day (in contrast to the full games 12-day narrative), viewed from the perspective of another character, scientist Dr. Daniil Dankovsky. Ice-Pick says to expect a play-time of around 2-3 hours, and a more lenient survival challenge compared to the main game - which received enough criticism for its punishing survival designed that Ice-Pick ultimately elected to add a range of difficulty sliders in a post-launch update so that players could explore its fascinating world at a more leisurely pace. Read more View the full article
  2. Resident Evil 2 is masterwork of survival-horror, but it's even scarier now thanks to a PC mod. The appropriately scary game now has a guest appearance from the mischievous goose who has become a meme star. VG247 reports that the mod is the handiwork of ZombiAli, who replaced Mr. X with the feathered fiend from Untitled Goose Game. And of course, he's wearing a tiny fedora to match Mr. X. The mod isn't completed, but it can already be seen partially in action. The final product will have "extra honks," but there's no ETA for when the work will be finished. Of course, the Goose is known more for mild annoyance and sowing chaos than any real threat of harm. But he's definitely chaotic neutral in one way or another. Since the game's release on PC and Nintendo Switch earlier this month, the character has become known for memes, fan crossovers, and celebrity mentions. It's planned for release on other platforms. "The important thing is that Untitled Goose Game is a hoot," James O'Connor wrote in GameSpot's review. "It's a comedy game that focuses on making the act of playing it funny, rather than simply being a game that features jokes. Wishing that it was longer speaks to how much fun I had with it. There's nothing else quite like Untitled Goose Game; it's charming and cute despite being mean, and both very silly and very clever. It's also probably the best non-racing game ever to feature a dedicated 'honk' button." View the full article
  3. Fortnite's big Chapter 2 update arrived last week, revamping the popular battle royale shooter with a new map, new features, and numerous other changes. One of the most notable additions is fishing, which lets you reel in restoratives and weapons from lakes and other bodies of water around the island. It turns out, you can even fish up a one-hit kill item, but the odds of finding it are incredibly low. On the Fortnite subreddit, user BlakeBenbow posted the first footage of the Mythic Goldfish--an exceedingly rare throwable item that looks like a golden fishing trophy. When thrown, the Mythic Goldfish is capable of dealing 200 damage, enough to take out another player in a single hit--and sure enough, the video clip shows BlakeBenbow being eliminated by the Mythic Goldfish and even receiving an achievement for it. Dataminers had previously discovered the existence of the Mythic Goldfish in the game's files, but many players had assumed it was not yet available in the live game because there had until no footage of it until now. You can watch a clip of the trophy's devastating power above. Fishing certainly isn't the only new mechanic in Fortnite Chapter 2. Epic has also introduced weapon upgrading to the game. Using the materials you collect during a match, you can go to a work bench around the island and upgrade a weapon, improving its rarity and stats. You can see all the other biggest changes in Fortnite Chapter 2 here. A new season also means there are new challenges to complete. If you need help completing any of this season's missions, we've gathered up all our maps and guides in our full Fortnite Chapter 2 challenges roundup. We'll continue to update the roundup as the season progresses, so be sure to check back for our latest Fortnite challenge guides. View the full article
  4. Steam's previously reported Remote Play Together feature, which makes it possible for friends to play local multiplayer games together online, is now available in beta form. According to a new Steam blog post, Remote Play Together works with any game that supports local co-op, local multiplayer, or shared/split screen functionality, and works with up to four players - although Valve notes that more players might be possible "in ideal conditions". To get involved in the beta, interested parties will first need to join Steam's beta branch and download the latest build. Next, it's simply a matter of launching any supported local multiplayer game, then inviting a friend via the Steam Overlay (friends don't need to own the game themselves), using the Remote Play Together option. And that's it! Read more View the full article
  5. You can pop Hitman 2 on the ever-growing list of game's getting into the spirit of the spooky season, thanks to a special new Halloween-themed Escalation Contract, coming tomorrow, 22nd October, on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Developer IO Interactive hasn't, admittedly, offered much in the way of details regarding the new Escalation Contract, but we do know that it's a permanent addition to Hitman 2, is set on the Hawke's Bay map, and will offer two unique rewards for those able to complete it, in the form of the tactical wetsuit and bat shuriken. Oh, and it looks like Agent 47 is getting a pumpkin head for the occasion, based on the atmospheric accompanying event trailer - which is always a win in my book. Read more View the full article
  6. The New York Call of Duty team has officially announced their logo and branding for the 2020 Call of Duty League. The team will be called the New York Subliners Here’s the official team logo: The New York Subliners team is owned by New York Mets ownership group. The team has been announcing their new roster players throughout this past week, and revealed their five starting players for the 2020 season: Dillon ‘Attach’ Price Thomas ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto Donovan ‘Temp’ Laroda Lamar ‘Accuracy’ Abedi Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris New York is the fourth team to reveal their logo and name after London team did earlier this week, Los Angeles Guerrillas revealing their name on Twitter, and Dallas. The post New York Call of Duty League team announces team name and branding appeared first on Charlie INTEL. View the full article
  7. Prison building and management sim Prison Architect is finally bringing its previously console-exclusive Psych Ward DLC to PC and Mac next month, on 21st November, in the form of the enhanced Psych Ward: Warden's Edition. Psych Ward, created by developer Double Eleven (the studio responsible for porting Prison Architect to consoles), initially launched for Xbox One and PS4 in June 2017. As you might imagine, Psych Ward expands the core game by introducing new management options themed around the concept of successfully housing the criminally insane. The new Warden's Edition also introduces a number of features not seen in the original DLC. Read more View the full article
  8. Pokemon Sword and Shield arrive on Nintendo Switch in less than a month, and we continue to learn new tidbits about the games in the leadup to their launch. One of the biggest features in the titles--both figuratively and literally--is the Wild Area, an open-world expanse that stretches across the Galar region. This area is home to a variety of different Pokemon, which roam about the overworld as in Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee, and it seems some of these monsters will be too tough for you to initially take on. According to recent hands-on impressions by Eurogamer, depending on where you go in the Wild Area, some of the Pokemon you encounter will be "drastically overleveled," which means if you don't tread cautiously, you may come across a monster that's too strong for you to battle. This marks a dramatic change from previous installments; in the past, wild Pokemon levels would gradually scale as you made your way through the region, but in Sword and Shield, it seems you'll be able to quickly get yourself in over your head if you're not careful. This should come as good news to fans who've felt Pokemon games have gotten easier over the years. Moreover, Eurogamer says that wild Pokemon with good stats will now have a visual indicator. Pokemon that boast a couple of perfect IVs will be surrounded by a faint yellow aura, making it much easier to tell which monsters are worth catching. The Wild Area is also where you'll be able to take advantage of the new Pokemon Camp feature. While out in the area, you'll be able to set up a camp and play with your Pokemon, which in turn will help them improve in battle. Raid Battles also periodically occur out in the Wild Area; these have you and up to three other players taking on an oversized Dynamax Pokemon. Some of the Raid Pokemon you catch will also be capable of Gigantamaxing, which not only supersizes the monster but changes their appearance as well. Pokemon Sword and Shield launch for Nintendo Switch on November 15. We had a chance to go hands-on with the games recently and learned you can skip the catching tutorial this time around. You can read more about the titles and the various pre-order bonuses that are available for them in our Pokemon Sword and Shield pre-order guide. View the full article
  9. The record-breakingly popular Call of Duty Mobile (it was downloaded over 100 million times in its first week) has kicked off its first seasonal event just in time for Halloween. There will be limited-time content releasing throughout the Halloween event period, including new treats to acquire, new skills to master in Battle Royale, a limited-time Hard Point game mode, Molotov cocktail scorestreak, and more. There's also a Halloween-themed version of Black Ops 2's Standoff map available in Team Deathmatch, Seek and Destroy, and Domination. More details on the event are scheduled to arrive today via Activision's Games Blog. Elsewhere, developer Tencent Games says it's listening to player feedback in its latest community update. Players reporting cheating are "something that the team cares a great deal about. We'll keep doing our best to keep cheaters out of your matches and to make sure those who don't intend to play fair are caught." Tencent also wants players to continue leaving feedback on what limited-time modes should be made permanent, and future updates promise to reward those who have already reached the highest possible rank. In terms of bug reports, Tencent says it is investigating a reported issue where reload animations are not syncing up with the actual time it takes to reload. If you're still having problems linking your Facebook account to COD: Mobile, the developer has outlined some troubleshooting options. "First, please try clearing your cache on your phone, then log back into the Facebook app, and lastly try logging in again on the COD Mobile login page. You can find a step by step breakdown of how to clear your cache on Activision Support's COD Mobile FAQ." For those encountering issues with transactions, Tencent says to make sure the transaction was successful, wait a few hours and restart the game in case there is a delay, and contact player support if you still don't see the purchase. Aside from COD Mobile, the long-running series also sees the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare this Friday, October 25 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Early copies have already made it out into the wild, so beware of spoilers. For those waiting till Friday, we have all the details on when you can begin pre-loading the game, and there's a handy rundown on how its multiplayer progression works. View the full article
  10. With Halloween officially on the horizon, Nintendo has confirmed that Luigi, King Boo, Waluigi, and some classic Mario Kart maps will get added to Mario Kart Tour at the start of the mobile racer's next content drop. Mario Kart Tour's Halloween event will run for two weeks, kicking off on Tuesday, October 22 at 11 PM PT. All three racers will have a unique skill, with Waluigi having an "offense-oriented special skill" and King Boo using a "special skill that's surely fit for a king." Nintendo did not specify Luigi's special skill, but it seems he is exceptionally skilled at losing his keys. Racers aren't the only piece of new content. Alongside Luigi, King Boo, and Waluigi, Nintendo has also resurrected the Luigi's Mansion course from Mario Kart DS to add to Mario Kart Tour. Additionally, the Waluigi Pinball course will also be playable once the game's Halloween event goes live. Mario Kart Tour's most recent event took players to Tokyo, a stark contrast from the first event's New York City location. Over in Tokyo, Nintendo introduced additional courses and characters to the mobile racer. The addition of Luigi and King Boo to Mario Kart Tour comes about a week before the release of Luigi's Mansion 3, which launches on October 31 for Nintendo Switch. Alongside Mario Kart Tour, Luigi appeared in the battle royale-inspired spin-off Tetris 99. View the full article
  11. Autumn is upon us, but the team at SIE San Diego is already preparing for the boys of summer to come back. The studio has announced next year's cover athlete for MLB The Show 20 for PS4, along with a variety of special editions and bonuses you can collect. In a PlayStation Blog post, the team revealed that the Chicago Cubs' Javier "El Mago" Baez will be the cover star. Baez boasted a .290 batting average in 2018, with 34 home runs and 111 RBIs. The Show 20 has set a release date for March 17, 2020, and pre-ordering any of the special editions will grant you four days early access to play on March 13. MLB The Show 20 Anniversary EditionThe announcement detailed a large variety of pre-order and special edition bonuses to collect. Pre-ordering any of the versions will get you a Gold Choice pack, while pre-ordering through GameSpot will get you a Gear Up pack. Pre-ordering on the PlayStation Store earns you a Javy Baez flashback card for for The Show 19, and 5,000 stubs for The Show 20. An MVP Edition for $80 gets you 30 Team Avatars, a Diamond Variety pack, 2 Gold Choice packs, 10 The Show packs, and 10,000 Stubs, along with a steelbook if you order a physical copy. The Digital Deluxe version for $100 gets you Double Dailies, 30 Team Avatars, 2 Diamond Variety Packs, 5 Gold Choice packs, 20 The Show packs, and 25,000 Stubs. Finally, a GameStop-exclusive Anniversary Edition, also for $100, gets you a few less Diamond and Gold packs, but otherwise nets everything in the Digital Deluxe version. Plus it includes an MLB The Show New Era ball-cap, as well as a digital Diamond Dynasty version. You can see how they all compare below. MLB 20 The Show Special Editions View the full article
  12. Product Info: Developer: Eastshade Studios Publisher: Eastshade Studios Website: Eastshade Twitter: @eastshade View the full article
  13. NOTE: This game is a work in progress. It may or may not change over time or release as a final product. Purchase only if you are comfortable with the current state of the unfinished game. Product Info: Developer: Iceflake Studios Oy Publisher: Paradox Interactive Website: Surviving The Aftermath Twitter: @IceflakeStudios / @PdxInteractive / @Surviving_PDX View the full article
  14. Click here to watch embedded media Gearbox hosted a Halloween-themed Bloody Harvest event for Borderlands 2, and the the company has revealed that this celebrations is returning in Borderlands 3. The event takes place from October 24 through December 5. During Bloody Harvest, players discover a new crew member named Maurice. Players can also travel to a new location, called Heck, where they can take on new challenges and acquire new seasonal loot. The event is free, so get ready to trick or treat. Mostly trick. For more on Borderlands 3, read our review of here, or read this journal about some of the game's best guns. View the full article
  15. Destiny 2's recent Shadowkeep expansion added a whole host of new content to the game, including new missions, strikes, a raid, Armor 2.0, melee finishing moves, and more. The Telesto fusion rifle has been around since The Curse of Osiris DLC back in Destiny 2's first year, but a brand-new glitch has resulted in Bungie temporarily removing the gun for being far too effective. When working as intended, Telesto is an Exotic weapon that fires off a bunch of rounds that hang around for a while after you've shot them. In the right moments it's incredibly useful. The recently discovered glitch, however, let you fire these shots into the ground before igniting them with a grenade. The resulting explosion registered with the game as a number of enemy kills, immediately charging your super without you ever needing to kill anyone. Obviously, this completely broke the game, particularly in PvP where players were able to barrel through the competition by unleashing a super each time the grenade cooldown ended. Bungie has thankfully removed Telesto while it goes about fixing this exploit. Hopefully it won't take too long, though, otherwise Xur might have some angry customers on his hands. View the full article

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