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  1. There's plenty of camping spots in Black Ops 2! Here are some of my favorites: Tranzit: Pack a punch room (This is a map with few camping spots) Nuketown: On the staircase in the yellow house or in the small area where the power-up always is ( my friend and I made it to round 30 here) Die Rise: In the Buddha room on the ledge (across from where the bear is there) or on the roof under the tower. Mob of the Dead: On the roof (towards the back right if you are looking from the door; 2 people and we got to 40) Buried: Do I really need to say? (I still love the map though!) Origins: Down in the Excavation site (see Tranzit) So all in all, except for Tranzit and Origins, camping is definitely not done!
  2. Not sure if there are any fans of the Walking Dead game on here, but I was playing through episode 2 today and I noticed some small little things that (maybe) you could relate to zombies! (besides the fact that there are zombies). 1. In the episode you meet a man named Carver. This character is played by Michael Madsen (who was Finn's voice in Mob of the Dead) 2. When you're talking to Carver, he says this: "Hey, listen kid. I hope you're not one of those nuts headed up north, 'lookin' for Shangri-La." And as we all know, Shangri-La was a map in Black Ops (although he just means a generic paradise here) I know the second one is a stretch, but still though! Caught me off guard. Anyone else play through this today??
  3. SUPER stretch here but I have a dream scenario: Treyarch releases a short video showing the camos off (which they have done with the previous camo set) and at the end of the video there is a split second where they show footage from a remastered zombie map! Said map will be released later with another set of camos, and the process would be repeated 2-3 more times. Again this is only what I WISH to happen. I won't be surprised if this is the only set of dlc that they release, but I like to think about it!
  4. I feel that in this point in the Zombies storyline that Dr. Maxis should be dead or gone. I mean: 1.Originally some speculated he died in the Der Riese teleporter; we found out he was alive in Moon. 2.In Moon you also find out that he is shot (I think) and dies on Moon with most of Group 935. 3.Later in the Easter Egg you find out he is in the Electronics Systems; Richtofen "deletes" him. 4.Later in the map, again, Maxis comes on the intercom. At first it appears like it's a recorded message, but he's actually "alive" (again) and goes on to BOII 5.In Buried if you do all of Richtofen's Easter Eggs he will make Maxis "cease to be" 6.The very next map, he's in a dig site in 1918, and dies yet again. 7.Maxis's brain is preserved and put into the Maxis Drone by Richtofen. 8.Maxis can also be heard in the Origins end cutscene. I feel that's enough for Maxis. As for the German Samantha that we saw on Moon though . . .
  5. On the movie filters I think that you should be able to turn them on in-game. Imagine playing in black and white the whole game . . . Resident Evil 5 also did this and it was pretty good. You had to unlock the filter first and then you could use that . . . it would be pretty cool if we had more stuff that we could unlock OUTSIDE of the game itself (such as customization options).
  6. Ok I'll be adding some pictures throughout the night! Really cool! Soooo. . . . requests?
  7. Good news-camera works and has good quality. Bad news-don't know how to upload pictures. : EDIT: Is that decent size/quality? I can try messing with it some more.
  8. A really low quality picture! Actually maybe. Anything specific(Right now on Shang)?? I'm guessing this will last over a few games so I can go "sightseeing" And if I do find a camera it will be a little bit to get proof. But yeah it's just a glitch and I'm actually getting a little dizzy.
  9. I kind of thought so . Sad because it's really cool! Oh well though!
  10. Discovery So currently I'm playing a game of solo zombies on Five and the following has occurred: On the floor there is a reflection of the presidential room (can really be seen in Olympia/MPL hallways). Quick Revive's Symbol on the perk machine is a black circle. Chalk outlines can't be seen. The zombies are entirely black except for their eyes. I'm thinking that this is a glitch and it won't happen again (unfortunately I can't record) BUT this makes the map 1000X scarier. I'm actually liking it a lot! Has this happened to anyone before?? IT'S UNIVERSAL. I ended my game on Five and no joke Shangri-La looks like Area 51! As Delta said it appears that this will last until I reset the console. Shangri-La: All grass/leaves textures are missing, making "paradise" look barren. Zombies have their normal texture back. Summary The main differences appeared on Kino,Five, and even Dead Ops. Wonder weapons such as VR-11, Scavenger, and the Wave Gun seemed to be unaffected(at least that's how they looked in the box- all other weapons were chrome). The texture glitch appears to be a one time thing and I will probably never run into it again so sorry if I missed things (mainly the Thunder Gun, box was being stupid) Things affected include: Non-DLC Weapons (none from the WaW maps or DLCs 1-4), Power Switch, Defcon switch, box location board on Kino, some parts of Perk machines, many misc. object that reflect different parts of the map, some parts on the ground and walls, dogs, claymores, Bowie Knife, Death Machine, JFK's hair, Richtofen's hat. On DOA, Kino and Five the zombies were entirely black except for their eyes. Same goes for the characters(they looked scarier than zombies). On Shangri-La my hands were chrome colored but on most other maps they were pitch black. VIDEO: This guy really explains it: '> EDIT: I've shut the console off, no going back to it . . . So I hope to get the pics somewhere soonish!(Within a few days as long as I can find a good place to put them all in one spot; anyone know a site?) Pictures:
  11. In Black Ops 1, you can restart the game as many times as you like. In Black Ops 2, if you get a character you don't like or you have a bad start, you have to go back to the lobby and watch the cutscene again (or the loading screen). Ironically, I'm usually my least favorite character (Marlton, Finn, or Dempsey) when I play.
  12. Reduce the amount of one and done wonder weapons. I'm not saying bring back every wonder weapon for all of the maps, but maybe each dlc could introduce a new wonder weapon as well as bring back an old one for that map. Like how Die Rise introduced Who's Who but also brought back Mule Kick. Or how Mob of the Dead introduced Electric Cherry but also brought back Deadshot Daiquiri. Bring back Wunderfizz because it's a good new mechanic. Keep how some perks can only be obtained through it. Easter Eggs: Need to have better rewards and things that you can only get through it. The only decent example is the Origins elemental punch(which still wasn't that good). Although perma perks again wouldn't be so bad(which Origins should have done as well, but didn't) Introduce something that's very expensive (like at least 10000) that can be used during higher rounds.
  13. Have you ever found something completely on your own and you were very proud of it? For me this has happened two times. On the day Buried came out our group figured out a few of the easter egg steps by ourselves(which had never done before). It was really cool, considering the fact that we've done all the easter eggs from Ascension to Origins. As for my second, it was just a week or two ago playing Origins. My friend was AFK and I had the zombie in the staff room. I was just looking at the statue faces, and I realized that they were Richtofen, Takeo, Dempsey, and Nikolai!(I realize that this was probably found out a long time ago, but I never knew about it so I felt pretty good!) So do any of you have great discoveries that you found before seeing anything online?
  14. I think the issue was that the WaW maps were already in Black Ops 1 from the start. Really the Rezurrection pack only added 1 zombies map. The rest were already available through collector's edition.
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