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  1. no its dig 30-50 times in the map and ull get a golden shovel. use it when u got zombie blood and find an empty perk bottle thatll give u a fifth perk. ive seen it done utube it
  2. theres atleast 6 posts about this already dude. read before u post...
  3. i wouldnt say im clawing for any hope its facts. secondly nobody is saying he IS richtofin or hes the son, im just saying they are probly the same person since it is a game. yes it was all a game boohoo but make more levels and carry on the story. and my biggest point id like to make is if your not a fan or even a hardcore fan why are u on here?
  4. -1000 foot robot action figure in the corner, -fluffy the dog isnt even like the hell hounds, - mech zombies action figure - lightening storm outside, - phonagram thingy in the room, - monkeybomb on shelf? -mystery box
  5. we all have seen the ending scene. few things i want to point out that really stuck out. eddie, we all know hes a liar...we all know he resembles richtofen thats why his name is eddie. funny hes holding the richtofen doll. also just to note the bed they are next to has eddie with a score and sam with a score. how many times they gain control and win? sam goes on to listen to her dad which is very important info. why would they need to close the windows? someone gonna bomb them or is it the zombie outbreak? eddie goes on to say "do as your dad says." which i find funny because richtofen was maxises friend and didnt like sam from the radios in der riese makes sense hed side with him. looking at the room their in you know youve been to a room like it. but did anyone notice the teddy that looked blood stained? or the gargoyle head that just happened to be in the shape of what reminded me of hell hounds in MOTD? what about the fact that the charactors action figures are all BLOPS1 form? or did you notice one of the zombies looks like its got a cowboy hat on...buried? does eddie look like huckleberry from buried too? but the biggest part that sticks out is, "i didnt get to make my turn." "tomorrow eddie, youll get to make the rules." i think this may be a foreshadowing of the next maps or game if there will be one. my logic says this is the end but my heart and soul scream NOOOOOO I NEED MORE MEATBAGS AND SHIT TO BLOW UP!
  6. Ive been thinking this since moon. Like silent hill samantha and reality samantha u know?
  7. Just pointing out i think. It was nikolai that destroys the robotic suited zombies with one of the staffs. Hopefully their not like romero but ciuld it be their weakness? Their most vunerable to the staff?
  8. It's very subtle. I doubt they were talking. Perhaps this is just their breathing animation or something. Thats some very awkward breathing then...
  9. The character's had dialogue? Watch the trailer their mouths move but nothing comes out
  10. Anyone else notice they deliberitly took out the dialogue for the charactors?
  11. http://cdn.arwrath.com/1/112255.gif That doesn't really make sense...we know 935 was the group shown in the trailer considering their insignia (complete with "935" in the center) is shown in the trailer twice. As for the Der Riese stuff you mentioned...I refer you to the link above. Toúche sir
  12. Unless hes confused on whats going on
  13. This is the only thing we need to know, aside from the history of Maxis and Richtofen's rivalry. I feel that it is very safe to assume that the buried force is referring to element 115, as I doubt they actually knew the zombies in the tomb were actually there. They planned to utilize element 115 for energy, but in different forms. Richtofen wanted to use it to create the Ultimate Human Soldier. This is what he was doing in the intro scene when he was first introduced. He was testing the effects of 115 on a body. I'm sure of it. Maxis, however, used a different approach. Maxis wanted to create a super soldier, but he created a MECHANICAL one. An iron giant, if you would. This is the robot that we see in the cinematic. Throughout the story of Black Ops 2, while not IMMEDIATELY revealing any evidence about an actual plot, did give us a major hint about Origins throughout the maps, minus MoTD. They hinted at a struggle between Life and Machine, between Richtofen and Maxis. Whether it was killing zombies to power a spire (Life), or collecting the energy of Him (Machine), flinging zombies into a radio tower, or bouncing metal balls from trample steams, or even the different methods of collecting the wisps in Buried. Maxis even talks with us through electronics, while Richtofen just speaks normally! The hint has always been there. That's essentially all I have for this thread. Thanks for reading, and maybe I'll be back with a crazy theory. Maybe. UPDATE: I'm currently working on a concept that essentially wraps up all the games, essentially ending the story. The concept that I'm working out right now is that it is actually that either Richtofen sent himself back, or Maxis sent him back so that way they can guide younger Richtofen in what to do? The voices in Richtofen's head? It's been Richtofen. It's always been Richtofen. But it's been a Richtofen that knows what he's doing. Essentially, Richtofen/Maxis sent him back in time, into younger Richtofen's body so that way NONE of the story ever happens. Maxis keeps his daughter, Richtofen has his body, and the zombie infestation is done. Over. The only reason I'm considering this as even remotely possible is that Treyarch is very heavily hinting that this isn't just the beginning, but it's also the end. This explains how he knows how to stop or try to stop maxis. Such as how he knew about the golden rod, shangra la ect ect. Just pointing it out that maybe this isnt the first time this has happen to poor edward. Maybe he wasnt always insane and all the time traveling has gone to his brain? Quick restart the xbox and lets play again tehehehahahaha spleeeens
  14. I actually really like that theory, Future Richtofen going into his past self (somehow) maybe to change something? Made a post to this to both of my first 2 posts actually... Motd meets origins and something like richtofen insane?
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