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  1. All,the screamo is him what you mean ._. And pretty much all the deeper voices. I have this song as my ringtone, and alarm in the mornings. Kicks ass man Bad idea to have the song you like as your alarm
  2. Now that the end of the DLC for this game has come, my questions can finally be answered in full by the community. I want everyone to put into order the maps from BO2 put into 3 different lists: Most Difficult Map, Most fun map, Best layout and atmosphere. The maps to have in your lists are Tranzit, Nuketown, Die Rise, MOtD, Buried, and Origins. Here are mine, Most Difficult: 1.Die Rise 2.MOtD 3.Origins 4.Tranzit 5.Nuketown 6.Buried Most Fun: 1.Origins 2.Buried 3.MOtD 4.Die Rise 5.Nuketown 6.Tranzit Best Layout/Atmosphere 1.Origins 2.MOtD 3.Die Rise 4.Buried 5.Nuketown 6.Tranzit
  3. I am relatively decent at Zombies and know my way around if i'm in a tight situation or where to run trains. I usually am a late comer to new maps so I rely on other people to tell me what I need to do and how to do it through the mic, but recently the number of good or even decent players seems to be diminishing for a reason that I can understand. I don't know about PS3 but on Xbox it seems like the only 2 people I get that have a mic are 10 or 30, either of which are trolls or just plain bad. Although when i have the 30 year old that's bad, i will try to help him improve. Where as the 10 year old is breaking my eardrum to tell me to get him up when he has a M1911, I either mute or shut off my own mic. So the people who are good and have mics have little to no tolerance for these groups, thus isolating themselves to try to have more enjoyment out of it. I'm sure if they got into a lobby where all people had mics and needed help with something, they would talk. I remember when I first got Black Ops II and i went to my first zombies game since BO I joined a lobby of skulls who were very kind and informative in explaining all the features of the map to me. Now it seems that the last time I had that was when MOTD first came out and first time playing the map got people who had mics and did the easter egg while I cooperated. So I guess it's just the good people getting tired of the squeakers and stoners.
  4. With Origins getting alot of attention, i decided to ask. Do you think that Origins will put forward more questions than it answers or instead put an end to all the theories and speculations by giving a definitive answer? Will there be more to the original four, or could this be the last of them? and if so will they advance to the next fours stories, or add in a new four like Black Ops II did? Just some food for thought.
  5. Verified, there is the sliquifier, those two and then dual ray guns. But i have to say that one of them looks extremely similar to the vector with an acog scope so... IDK what to think of it, i mean MAYBE. But i guess were just going to have to wait and see if they are.
  6. Recently i have heard from randoms and friends multiple ways to enhance gameplay by doing meaningless tasks, such as throwing grenades under the PaP to increase chances of getting drops like max ammo. So i want to hear what hoaxes you guys have heard in your time playing zombies.
  7. OH MY GOD . These are freaking brilliant. i'm going to have to try them. I expected people to say emping or blocking the bus but man. these made my day :lol:
  8. I completely agree with you, i find it hard to enjoy the ray gun when i'm hurting myself and getting no headshots while using it
  9. personally i also enjoy the lamentation and the skullcrusher. But what is so good about emps. i never use them and the only time i liked getting them was for the easter egg on tranzit(which i finally did). otherwise, what is so great about them. :?
  10. What is your ideal set up of guns and perks. The setup that you strive for every match. Personally my ideal setup is- Weapons ----------------- SLDG HAMR Voice of Justice Perks ----------------- Juggernog Speed Cola Double Tap Stamin-up
  11. I think that they should bring the crossbow back, mainly because I liked using it as a monkey bomb when they had ran out. Also I would like to see something like the SWAT-556 just because it would be a nice low fire rate, high damage assault rifle. I would like to also see the Skorpion make an appearance but i doubt it will.
  12. Whether it be for a justified reason or just for fun, what is your favorite way to mess around with people on zombies.
  13. I had heard something similar that it was a dead russman or something so it sparked my interest resulting in me asking everyone.
  14. Not to be mean but i think you meant foolproof.
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