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  1. First of all. The beta is now free for everyone! Download it from your systems store. Second of all... this is the best game I have ever played.
  2. Does anybody ave a spare EU code for PS3? I'm desperate to play the game and honestly I'll play with anybody!
  3. Particle Scrambler. A sleek chrome gun that's scope goes into the gun, it has a glowing orb in the hole through the gun. It has a bolt on the back like the L96A1. It's barrel is to separate barrels in a double helix shape. This snipers main ability is that the barrels start to spin and after 5 seconds a black beam will fire. If it hits a zombie the zombie will glow black and explode violently, killing all zombies in a 5 meter radius (this is OHK till round 20 ). If the beam hits a surface a hazy black dome will appear around in a 10 meter radius that gradually does damage s zombies unt
  4. Wow, this is in-depth even for a zombie theory! Although it's a very interesting idea I don't think Infinity ward would be bothered making such a confusing timeline, hence the inclusion of Intel instead of Easter eggs and secrets. A good theory none the less!
  5. Sounds interesting. I wonder how detailed it is. Too bad I can't play it, Pherhaps someday.
  6. I remember one I heard for Origins. Basically he d apparently thrown a grenade at each generator and various things around the mound and then a hatch opened up to complete the real easter egg. Haha,no.
  7. Your so nice. Thanks for the help! Now I'm determined to finish this guide!
  8. If my Extinction guide could stop screwing itself up thatd be great. This is gonna take a while to fix...

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    2. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      I've fixed the formatting issue. It appears to have been copied from elsewhere - as the formatting of it isn't using the IPB bbcode and therefore isn't parsing correctly.

    3. NinjaNick


      I copied over some of 83457 reply into the main post. That was probably the problem.

    4. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      i had an issue like that, ended up just going back through it deleting the code.

  9. Once on each map! *epic background guitar riff* Yeah, I make it to the last area all the maps so many times and screw up. May day and nightfall were in Solo while POC was 4 players before I had ever prescribed. I am now prestige 3 level 23 and enjoying extinction a bunch. If only any of my friends played it :/
  10. First of all, updated! Thanks for the help guys! Second of all. WHAT THE F$CK HAPPENED TO IT?! I'm gonna need to clean this up, big time.
  11. Hmm, interesting. I forgot to check that out, I'll do a major update on that guide soon.
  12. Two-time Tequila Cost:3500 This perk is interesting as it has various diffrent effects. It's most prominent is that is doubles meelee speed and also speeds up off-hand animations like drinking a perk a cola or setting up a new weapon. It also has a secondary effect. You can retool a mystery box for half price (similer to the hacker on moon) but this also works for other random things like wunderfizz. This perk also has one more secret effect, knocking another player while you have it will temporarily give them the effects of the perk. The perk would be a black liquid with a bright
  13. I found one the first time I played, still haven't found one since! I have all the tablet Intel. As for nightfall I just need to get to the final breeder fight again and I can get that last intel!
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