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  1. yeah, I agree difficult not tedious. der riese was not exactly hard to get to but at least you hard to spend points and work as a team. I think this is what made der riese so good, and if they put the pack a punch near spawn and with some degree of difficulty i think buried will be great
  2. What are you on about? PaP and DT2 can spawn literally right next to each other in Die Rise, how is one harder to get to than the other? sorry, what I mean is that the pack a punch was as easy to get to as perks, and what I am trying to say that the pack a punch should be hard to get to.
  3. all will be explained in dlc4..... I hope, treyarch can be really annoying sometimes and keep asking questions instead of telling us answers
  4. the pack a punch SHOULD BE HARD TO GET TO, its the ultimate equipment. I mean on die rise it was easier to get to double tap than to pack a punch. perks are not as valuable as the pack a punch I would hate the turbine to be needed
  5. the pack a punch has to be near spawn, due to that achievement that requires you to pack a punch at round one, my guess is that tall character destroys debris near spawn
  6. cant wait anymore, I know this map will be worth the wait
  7. Can you do us all a favour? GIVE UP THE SECOND BUS ROUTE THEORY
  8. I like the fact that certain guns are only on certain maps, it makes them more unique and varied
  9. I think treyarch are just tidying up the whole game to be more user friendly towards noobs.I quite like the new pictures , it makes the game look a lot tidier
  10. Their has never been a fridge or bank on die rise, probably because of all the unique weapons that are on motd
  11. I LOVE this idea, would be so awesome to see tranZit in the day time ( in the trailer you can clearly see that its daytime outside of the map) can't see treyarch doing this though.
  12. I doubt it, a tower underground seems unlikely. Plus the achievements don't mention any towers at all, unlike the other 2 maps that we have seen towers in, tower of babble In TranZit, obey the voices High Maintenance In Die Rise, be the architect of their instruction Both these mention towers or a form of height. The achievement for buried doesn't mention height or a tower mined games, in buried, be their pawn (This is the achievement I think will be regarding the Easter egg, not confirmed, just my opinion)
  13. So far, I think I prefer solo. Other players can often screw you over by opening doors,not reviving and lack basic knowledge of the map. On solo you can actually plan and execute a stratergy. You can pick up all parts which is awesome and it seems easier with Brutus appearing less often.
  14. I like it, the fact that this map feels new is awesome.fans have been wanting something new ever since tranzit.
  15. I calling ******** on upgrading the hells retriever, just an Internet rumor.
  16. So caddyman, are you saying that the elevator lights DO show up in solo, because if they do then there is no reason why the rest of the egg cannot be completed
  17. So this is possible? For one person to get all symbols lit up?
  18. So, having failed with the 4 player Easter egg because I can't find a sutible team to do it with. I have decided to investigate a solo version of the high mantinence Easter egg. I think it can be done but the first step is puzzling me, all 4 players stand on the elevators with symbols. I've tried placing claymores on three and standing on one, I have tried placing trample steam parts on three and standing on one. I am running out of ideas, any help would be appreciated.
  19. Cool gamemode, really fun so far, have a feeling it will get repititive quickly though.
  20. If you have enough money to do it then you should defiantly buy revelotion, in my opinion Great Leap Forward is well worth 1200 Microsoft points
  21. Could be, gavent played it yet since I am at school :(
  22. Hi guys, whenever you get an insta kill do NOT kill any zombies, the next time you get an insta kill it will be red and you can just run up to a zombie and it will die!!!
  23. Yeah weird to see no achievements, maybe we will see a trailer later today after this update, it would be the perfect time to explain what the "die rise" gamemode is.
  24. So after the leaderboards were updated, the map "great leap forward" was unvailed with the game mode "die rise". Seems like die rise IS the gamemode with Great Leap Forward the map. To me, I see die rise just being a variation of tranzit, for example it will have buildables but may not have a form of transport. Interesting to see that there is no survival maps on Great Leap Forward. Seems like treyarch are designing there newer maps like the classic ones with just a survival map with wonder wepons. Great Leap Forward is almost certainly a reference to the storyline and therefor, i think, the Easter egg will be totally awesome!!
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