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  1. There's a video showing a guy dive from trample steam room and landing on the matresses (sp?) At the power room I've tried it a lot with no success so far.
  2. The way I seen the cutscene was as if it was a normal game of zombies and Richtofen must only be able to spawn them back if they all die that'll be why he doesn't stop you in game, I don't know just my input.
  3. That's the next step followed by galvaknuckling the tower.
  4. I posted about this the day the map came out... viewtopic.php?f=139&t=28117
  5. zmcdowall1


    Yeah man I've got you on the xbox already, whenever there's a game just message me my gamertag is zachmcdowall1.
  6. zmcdowall1


    Just so you know I haven't tested this as I can't get a team together. When you have the balls under the lions paws have you tried picking one up and getting downed with who's who and oicking the other one up? So essentially the same player has both?
  7. Hey I made a post regarding mahjong tiles that are on the map at random places and sometimes arent there or the pattern has changed are they of any significance?
  8. Cheers @infestlithium I'm going to update this post with more pictures of the other couple locations. I don't know a thing about mahjong and was assuming that I this is indeed something there might be an order as one tile looks like an ace playing card equal to one and the other I can remember has two stripes like a 2 card I'm guessing that this is an order, of what I'm not sure. P.S. I'm on my tablet so I'm not payin too much attention to punctuation etc.
  9. Not a clue haha I think the golden symbols on the ground might require you to be in the who's who mode to activate and i also think that you need the guns from the intro with the same character that holds it...
  10. Have you noticed the mahjong tiles scattered around the place, sometimes switching patterns and locations?
  11. Makes sence, first time I've posted on here been used to forums with like 40 views and a bout 20-25 replies haha!
  12. Bump found another with diff pattern but died taking the pic.
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