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  1. You know I think zombies started dying down when Super left. Or at least the community did.
  2. Has anyone heard from Super at all recently? :(
  3. 91 solo on kino (on a school day ), 52 in 2 player on Ascension. For 4 player I've gotten to around 30, you know, one of those dime-a-dozen mediocrely skilled games where everything falls apart past the 20s because people dont practice.
  4. Bump: updated to 48. Just waiting to get in the mood for the golden game. :D
  5. 46 solo. Stupid glitch where the game lags and moves your camera automatically screwed me a bunch of times :x . I'm still gonna try for 50 in the future though.
  6. The campaign is crap, zombies mode in general is mediocre, and people will reminisce for Black Ops 1. Unlikely though.
  7. I hope they do this because i think there's no bigger bs than having an EE that NEEDS 4 people, so you NEED at least 2 machines to do it. That's bu;;crap that it's be too small to see (multiplayer does it), I think it's just a ploy for sony and microsoft to sell more consoles.
  8. I'd say I have. Out of all my friends I'd say I'm the most serious at playing zombies, and I've noticed that whenever I have a decent co-op game I always go down the least (two or three, if any downs), and the games i do go down alot in it usually goes to crap by the late teens or early twenties. Therefore quick revive is my favorite co-op perk. A game of Moon with a friend of mine recently saw us getting to 37, my friend went down a couple times early on then held fairly consistently until about 30, then he lost his concentration and went down like 20 times. We were playing at his folk
  9. All this dlc and all these [email protected] maps and it all comes back to kino. Great job.
  10. I recall back around april-ish last year i knew some people who had mentioned zombies in black ops (at the time i knew nothing about cod and thought black ops was all zombies), and i had seen some people playing kino for maybe 5 minutes at the most. Anyways around october when i finally got a ps3 one of the first games i got for it besides gta 4 was black ops (recommended by a friend). I played a little campaign but never really got into it, and to this day i SUCK at multiplayer, but something weird happened when i played a little mode called kino. I sucked incredibly, the first couple d
  11. The thundergun for an EE is a MUST. I'd like to see the hacker as well.
  12. Just curious if others have experienced this or it's just me; I've had some decent 230+ kills games in the last week, and of course as usual I'd look at my kills count all throughout those games; I very specifically recall being at say, 91 kills or so after juggs, then after gathering another horde and blasting em' my kill count would go up exactly 20, not 24. I actually had a couple games where my kills would go 91-111-131-151-171-etc, until I made a mistake and a crawler made it's way into my next bunch. I am fairly certain I left no stragglers on the ground between taking out each group. So
  13. I like it. Builds on Black op's logo.
  14. I've done level 40 twice; the first I had to quit to keep my Ps3 from overheating, the second time my attention wasn't fully in the game. As for co-op I typically can go mid-20s. haven't done 30s in ANY co-op yet though.
  15. I'm just curious if anyone's ever had a game where the box spawned right in the main room, without getting the annoying teddy bear :evil: . The closest I've been to this, I've had the box respawn in room 0 on kino a few times, and the box spawned in the mpl room a few times from the start (boy those were the highlights of my noob days [brains] ). I'm pretty sure the game is specifically programmed to not do this, but maybe someone was fortunate enough to get a glitch?
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