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  1. Hey guys I am looking for at least one other player who would be willing to complete the achievement Lost Little Girl with me. My PSN ID:rawck_hawk Just send me a message or post in this thread and we can set something up.
  2. Lots of people(including someone I know)have said that you can get the m1911 with the golden shovel. But it's rarer then getting it from the box in MOTD.
  3. The only thing I don't understand is how the characters can exist as real people AND toys in Samantha's bedroom.
  4. 1. Eddie IS NOT Richtofen. Stop assuming they are one and the same. 2. Maxis' plan isn't about bringing toys to life, it's about the super soldier experiment, which we all know includes Nikolai, Takeo and Dempsey (and some Mexican dude). Yes , the experiment is about the super soildiers Tank,Nikolai, and Dempsey.... who are toys in the ending along with the Tranzit 4...
  5. I see two problems with your theory. 1.)If this is right before Der Riese and the first experiments then why is Richtofen so young? Shouldn't he be about Maxis's age? 2.) How would Maxis's plan bring 4 TOYS to life?
  6. The way I see it there are two possibilities. 1.) The whole zombies storyline is just a series of made up stories made by children. Treyarch hopefully went with this route to free themselves from the hassle of creating easter eggs and advancing the story and therefor focus more on gameplay. 2.) "One alternate view of how zombies came to be." This map is just a non-canon 'just for fun' map. And the real story has gotten up to the ending of Buried's easter egg.
  7. king of cold


    Hello everyone, Origins is out and it's turned out to be a really fun map. So recently I've been listening to the song Archangel by KV Sherwood. And first of all let me just say wow, great song IMO. Secondly, this song is switching between Elena and Malukah it constantly repeatss the words "I bring the end. Just like an archangel." untill it suddenly switches to a darker tone near the end and says "I am an archangel." Now the one archangel perhaps most relevant to the story is none other than Lucifer himself. In short,my theory is that Lucifer will be revealed in this map and 'releasing Samantha' will bring him out. The Templar zombies were stationed at this site to keep him from ever being released. The easter egg is releasing Lucifer.
  8. Let me make this short.Mob of the Dead is just one giant side quest with no relevance on the story at all.It brings in new characters,zombies,hellhounds,and a completely random location from before the story line began and has no mention of previous maps and characters.Nor does the map set up for the future since Buried,the next dlc map is switching back to the Tranzit Crew without any of Mob of the Dead's innovations or even any indication that it,its crew,or even its easter egg even existed.So what's the point of the map?There is none,its just a map made for entertainment purposes by a different team with no real importance. One thing interesting about this map is that it was actually created by the Black ops 2 campaign team presumably after the game had launched.This kind of explains why the trans-map features such as the navcards,perma-perks,and bank are completely missing in action.It also explains why the map has no purpose or effect on the zombie universe as the campaign team probably isn't in the position to make story for the mode. Now some of you may wonder why it's such a bad thing that MOTD has no story relevance.Well it's bad because unless Buried and Zombies DLC map pack 4 have enormous easter eggs Treyarch is going to drag the story line into their next Call of Duty game(Zombies on next-gen?).
  9. With each new map pack they add a replacer. On the last map pack we will play as the replacers. Thoughts?
  10. Hey guys, so Mob of the Dead just came out today and on Cod tv i saw the trailer for it.I at first thought it was just the regular trailer on the youtube channel but no, it's a new one. Take a look So what are the thoughts? Is anything new in this? And does it carry any significance?
  11. Yeah a rank system based on solely a k/d ratio isn't that good(especially for a CO-OP mode). But there are ways to take advantage of it, for example my account, which can not get higher than the a non blue-eyed skull because of some(couple hundred) unfortunate downs back when the game came out. This plus the fact that I always de-rank for no apparent reason means im a dual bones rank with the ability to beat full parties of knife ranks on grief.How am I still such a low rank?
  12. By the logic of 'all religions are the same' you could go ahead and say that Hades is the one really in charge =p. Personally I think its Satan/Lucifer for 2 reasons. 1.)The bible verses that were on walls back in Verruckt 2.)Looking at it from a business POV,what would be a bigger seller,a map fighting some unknown Mayan God or a map fighting what is arguably the most infamous demon of them all and his minions in Hell.
  13. Hate to break it to you guys,but the map features mobsters who were IMPRISONED in Alcatraz.Which means the map can be set in the time period of 1934-1963,so yeah.This is before Moon stuff,the question is why do we need it?
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