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  1. Origins is in the past. Obviously. So wouldn't the mexican mentioned in CoTD still be alive? Well from what I saw no mexican. So I think we can safely say that Origins happens post radios in CoTD right?
  2. By looking at the trailer it seems to me that the giant robots may have the same effect on the easter egg as did the excavators had in Moon. As in we probably have to wait for them to step on a certain part of the map like we had to wait for the excavators to well excavate. Any thoughts?
  3. Yea but's that a little sketchy altogether because that can be chalked up as a "glitch".
  4. During the time of Shi No Numa Dempsey's daughter was 5. Now unless Richtofen plucked her out of the past (which I Doubt) she'd be well over a hundred years old when BO2 zombies happened and also there is a quote by Misty detailing her father's death saying she witnessed his face get chewed off by a zombie.
  5. Like Alcatraz almost? Also I read up on it and it seems Maxis was teleported sometime after Rictofen betrayed him to this victorian town and that he is the one who created both the time bomb and the paralyzer. Now I was thinking maybe somehow he got his hands on some 115 and maybe just maybe tested his new mechanism on this victorian town which then made it be where it is now.
  6. A time destroyer wouldn't really make since due to the fact tat not all things you do are forgotten for example I believe doors are not un-bought. But apparently Maxis was teleported there after the events of Der Riese and that's where he made both the time bomb and paralyzer (Just a theory of course.
  7. As we all should know the time bomb is a device that sends us back in time. Now, so far we have seen time teleportation but not in such a controlled matter. For example, the jump from Der Riese to Kino was actually a malfunction in of itself due to too much 115 input (DG-2 shocking the teleporter). Then they were thrown randomly through time somehow landing in Kino. Now to my questions. How did whoever you believe to have made the time bomb make it? What does it run on? 115? Or some different technology? And how is it so controlled?
  8. Which zombie song is your favorite so far? Mine has to be CotD"s " Not Ready To Die.
  9. It's one heck of a theory I'll give you that. It's just so out there like there is one piece of evidence that I can see that would give your theory backbone and that is the fact that in the end of the MotD EE the zombies DO help Al fight against the other three and that also could fuel a reason for vengeance.
  10. At first I wondered why "The Editor" but now I understand your the person Al tried sending his comic book ideas too... You are also the one who rejected them. Which in turn made Al turn to crime so you say this never ending loop is occurring and we need to fix it but why would you want to fix something you supposedly created? Has it gotten so out of control that even you "The Dark Entity" or "The Editor" can no longer contain it? So much for all-powerful huh? And just because you have an insider dosen't make you better because like it or not we here figure out the same things you do without the help of some insider.
  11. Maybe two separate maps? One for those who have done Richtofen's side and those who have done Maxis?
  12. While, I'm probably the only who thinks this I'm gonna say it anyway. I actually LOVE these zombie maps! I like how Treyarch's trying new things with it. Trying to mix things up so we aren't doing the same thing over and over. So I give it a solid 10.
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