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  1. You know I think zombies started dying down when Super left. Or at least the community did.
  2. Has anyone heard from Super at all recently? :(
  3. 91 solo on kino (on a school day ), 52 in 2 player on Ascension. For 4 player I've gotten to around 30, you know, one of those dime-a-dozen mediocrely skilled games where everything falls apart past the 20s because people dont practice.
  4. The campaign is crap, zombies mode in general is mediocre, and people will reminisce for Black Ops 1. Unlikely though.
  5. I've done level 40 twice; the first I had to quit to keep my Ps3 from overheating, the second time my attention wasn't fully in the game. As for co-op I typically can go mid-20s. haven't done 30s in ANY co-op yet though.

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