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  1. *sighs* I remember the BO 1 days when the only reason you had to choose between map packs was because of a budget, not whether or no the maps were any good. :?
  2. Monkeys are a pain because their health never stops increasing, the astronaut zombie would be workable if not for the gersche glitch, and denizens are just annoying as fuck. :lol:
  3. Hey misty what's your username? I just got an xbox a few days ago so maybe we could play sometime. :D
  4. 115 and coming home are my faves. Lullaby of a dead man is pretty good too.
  5. So the forums went down a day into the competition and got back on a few days ago... I've tried reading the official thread for updates but it says im not authorized to read it... so what's the deal? Is the whole thing cancelled?
  6. I cant stand playing a map and not knowing what to do sp i always read up first before I play seriously, but that's just me.
  7. off-topic: I gotta say I'm pumped for BO 3 on the ps4. 8-) you know, who even says bo 3 will be next gen only? ghosts will be 360 and ps3; its only one more cod away. man this is all so off-topic... either way i honestly dont think we'll see any meaningful additions to the story until the O4 are back. Just my opinion. As for motd... a pointless, OP, incessantly packed with features map that serves us just one purpose: to bring back the fun we had in BO 1. :D
  8. I haven't made it to 100 yet, but my 91 game on kino from last year took 12 hours using the t-gun 90% of the time (running the lobby, rerolling the t-gun when needed), I figure 100 wouldn't take much more than 17-ish hours using that strat (super's). Was the first time i really tried that strat though so it could probably be done faster.\ I know not the fastest, but that's my personal experience with uber high rounds. :roll:
  9. Well now that we're talking background stories... I started playing when I bought my ps3 back in 10/11 and originally the only game i wanted at first was gta IV after having played and loved the ps2 gtas; a friend of mine coaxed me into buying black ops as he said i'd really like the zombies mode that everyone was talking about (I'd known about this "boring-looking" game since may-ish that year). When I got the game I was surprised to find that the entire game wasn't zombies as i thought it was (I knew nothing about cod at the time), nevertheless i started playing, and well... I sucked. I
  10. I think you're right. I've also found that if you turn the 'voice' option down in the audio menu, it removes all those sweary/nasty quotes. But they make the game so funny. :lol:
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