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  1. *sighs* I remember the BO 1 days when the only reason you had to choose between map packs was because of a budget, not whether or no the maps were any good. :?
  2. Monkeys are a pain because their health never stops increasing, the astronaut zombie would be workable if not for the gersche glitch, and denizens are just annoying as fuck. :lol:
  3. Hey misty what's your username? I just got an xbox a few days ago so maybe we could play sometime. :D
  4. 115 and coming home are my faves. Lullaby of a dead man is pretty good too.
  5. So the forums went down a day into the competition and got back on a few days ago... I've tried reading the official thread for updates but it says im not authorized to read it... so what's the deal? Is the whole thing cancelled?
  6. I cant stand playing a map and not knowing what to do sp i always read up first before I play seriously, but that's just me.
  7. off-topic: I gotta say I'm pumped for BO 3 on the ps4. 8-) you know, who even says bo 3 will be next gen only? ghosts will be 360 and ps3; its only one more cod away. man this is all so off-topic... either way i honestly dont think we'll see any meaningful additions to the story until the O4 are back. Just my opinion. As for motd... a pointless, OP, incessantly packed with features map that serves us just one purpose: to bring back the fun we had in BO 1. :D
  8. I haven't made it to 100 yet, but my 91 game on kino from last year took 12 hours using the t-gun 90% of the time (running the lobby, rerolling the t-gun when needed), I figure 100 wouldn't take much more than 17-ish hours using that strat (super's). Was the first time i really tried that strat though so it could probably be done faster.\ I know not the fastest, but that's my personal experience with uber high rounds. :roll:
  9. Well now that we're talking background stories... I started playing when I bought my ps3 back in 10/11 and originally the only game i wanted at first was gta IV after having played and loved the ps2 gtas; a friend of mine coaxed me into buying black ops as he said i'd really like the zombies mode that everyone was talking about (I'd known about this "boring-looking" game since may-ish that year). When I got the game I was surprised to find that the entire game wasn't zombies as i thought it was (I knew nothing about cod at the time), nevertheless i started playing, and well... I sucked. I couldn't make it past round 3 or four the first few days. Oh and the first time I ever saw a hellhound (a mudman as well) I literally screamed (the barebones manual said there's more than zombies in these halls... eh). And of course i didnt know you could have more one gun until my friend demonstrated the triangle button. But... it was sooooo addicting. I recall exploring the game and playing round 4/5 games endlessly for hours with my sister, before eventually moving onto my very first strategy of buying the lower door and camping with the mpl (this was kino btw). That netted me round 7/8 games, I also discovered the mystery box when i was lucky enough to have it spawn in that one room lol. I also became curious as to why a lot of things around the then-complex two rooms said that they need power. I didnt know what that meant! Over time though i gradually expanded my camping to the alley, and eventually hitting a few games all the way to power a month or so after getting the game. Once i got that far i would either buy jugs (useless to me at the time as id lose it soon after), or the bowie. Either way id go straight to camping on top of the lobby, and those dreaded crawler things would join in the game... I may have gotten to round ten or so but im not sure. Around this time i began playing more and more zombies with my friend who was round 16-ish at this time, and he lamented at my noobiness and how i was improving in a way. I began to expand my scopes on the map to include going the upstairs route, and every week or so my best game would creep up a round or so. Eventually i decided i had had it and wanted to start playing seriously, so i decided to cheat and look up how to get to high rounds online (I had done the same thing with the rubik's cube a year ealier, and today my pb is 10.92 seconds ); what i found was a guide that said to start off the rounds in pap, then do a full circle going upstairs, turning to shoot with the mp40 every so often. Then i started getting to round 20. It was such a crazy feeling! It also made me think that if you go down so much from staying in one room... maybe if you... move around you won't get down? Eventually i pulled all the way to 35, before growing tired of getting blocked off by zombies in my path and pretty much quitting full-map circles. As i was still doing them though i became more and more hesitant to hop in the teleporter and instead circled the stage area, waiting until the late teens to actually use it. I instead decided to employ the gradually-getting-used-to thundergun, and I believe i hit 40 around march 2012; a 54 game followed soon after. After that i got cotd and moon; from then on i took a likening to nml and my kiting skills really took off. I did eventually get some 50s games on moon (still havent hit 60), but i really still kept with kino for high rounds, even though the map was getting boring. The farthest i drew out the stage circle was 63, although near the end i used the full-map circle for traps once i was unable to fuel the t-gun (i was still too scared to try recycling after a failed 40s game), the only reason i went back on my hatred of that circle was because of super's solo guide, which i took as a manual for high rounds. Then one day in october a day before early release at school i got into talking with a kid i know who's suicided many a 40s games, we both agreed to go as far as we could that night. Tired of staging as it looked to be unable to get me to 60 reliably i hesitantly tried super's recommendation of circling the lobby. That night i also gave recycling another go, hoping for the best. The result: I played from 4pm to 4am, going 79 rounds without downs and another 12 with. I came to school the next day, my friend showed me a pic he took of round 41 before he said he quit, i showed video of me suiciding on round 91. The feeling was akin to when i first hit 20. I also took pride in that game in that i ended it instead or running out of lives (i also kept M&S the whole game, no mule kick btw as i had no internet connection). After that as the launch day for BO2 approached i tried many a times and failed at getting to 100, instead getting to 70 twice. Then Bo2 launched and i was disappointed by the maps (although i did 44 solo in the tunnel in tranzit). My ps3 also died a second time around december so i pretty much halted my zombie slaying outside of friend's houses. Just recently have i gotten it back and i have since taken a liking to die rise as it had a solid WW and looked more like a BO1 map, and when Motd launched i didnt really pay attention until another friend i have on PSN shared the dlc with me, but when i started playing and trying everything out... honestly my mind was blown. The map is so good some of my friends consider it better than all the BO1 maps (Im still not sure), and i was surprised that it was possible to have this much fun in BO2 zombies. C'mon, unlimited insta kill tomahawk, infinite downs so long as you can clutch, a new awful lawton, traps, a freaking round 33 one hit kill spork melee weapon, many a guns we've been asking for for a long time (including an lmg tommy gun that acts like an smg)... god the cheapness of this map makes it feel just like BO1. Heck, even the UI looks better than tranzit. Something else to the side id like to mention is five, bfore i got dlc all i could play was kino or five (doa didnt appeal to me), and when i started the only way id make it farther than round 6 was by going on top of the table. The farthest i went was round 30, but as i improved my kino game i gradually started playing this map legitly, and over time i overtook my illegit record with my legit one. My record now is 48 (set late last year), and i am probably going for 50 as you read this (i got a 40 game the other day, so not too bad). That all pretty much goes to today, and I guess Ill spare you guys more characters as this is more than enough already. :mrgreen:
  10. I think you're right. I've also found that if you turn the 'voice' option down in the audio menu, it removes all those sweary/nasty quotes. But they make the game so funny. :lol:
  11. 15 (17 now). Honestly, it doesn't really matter how young your kids are when they start playing (assuming you think they can handle the quotes); it'll just give them a head start.
  12. Just so you guys know I actually meant zombies only but I guess if you wanna share your multiplayer stats that's cool. :)
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