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  1. So, the model of the radio from which you listen to Brock and Gary's recordings seems to be based on a "Zoom H4n Handy Recorder" that was released in February 2009. Now, based on this it would make more sense for Brock and Gary, as well as Ultimis to be in 2011, before they "activate" the eclipse. It would also make more sense that Sally to get there too and get trapped in the loop. Regarding the Pentagon knowing about the outbreak, the same situation could apply here as with Pablo Marinus in Tag der Toten, who despite being in his "bubble/pocke
  2. I completely forgot about Eddie, yeah, I guess that makes sense.
  3. What Primis Richtofen picked up from the body was not the "radio" from Ultimis Richtofen's uniform, so he could communicate with Groph in Der Eisendrache? But I think this conflicts with the idea that the Zombie Richtofen from the comics is from the body of The Giant, since you can see that he still has the radio. Unless it's Treyarch's mistake, but knowing how careful they are with details may not be the case. Also other points I would like to point out about The Giant are two initial quotes from Primis Richtofen in solo. These seem to be
  4. This is the quote I wanted to put, but I had some mistakes when I published the post, (sorry for the two replies).
  5. @RichKiller At the top left I can make out what it says: "2 partes de un -bro"(libro?)" Which translates to: "2 parts of a -(book?)". At the bottom it looks like it says: "-ilegible- en -obos de los 4 cardinales?" Which can be translated as: "-illegible- in -obos of the 4 cardinals?". That's all I could understand.
  6. Thank you for your reply! So, what about the souls? Have they always been in the house? If so, the message written on Classified's wall would be meaningless. "They can only watch you if you gift them your soul" Also in a whisper from Dr. Monty (again) in Gorod Krovi he tells Dempsey that he had always heard his calls in the field reports. "Or is the 115 delusion so bad you're still calling in field reports? Even though no one is listening! Sorry, uh... that's unfair. I was listening. I heard every word you said." And if I remember rightly, the first time this happe
  7. So in Gorod Krovi we got this quote from Dr. Monty: "Now, if it had been entirely up to me, you numbskulls would be the last people I would entrust with this. But, due to factors outside my control... you're all I've got." I don't know if we have an answer to this sentence yet. So there could be two possible solutions: The first would be that Ultimis Richtofen took the essence of his soul and the rest of Ultimis to forge the elemental fragment, "bound their souls to Aether." This would involve Primis as well. With this, Dr. Monty and his intervention in Origi
  8. @prestige_master Install the game_mod first: https://github.com/Nukem9/LinkerMod/releases/download/v1.3.2/game_mod.zip, extract it to your game folder and then select the Bo_Mods file, right click and "edit", change it from BlackOps.exe to BGamerT5.exe So every time you go to play open the bgT5Launcher put it on Start Hostmode and then run the Bo_Mods file
  9. I was looking at the dates on the Nacht der Untoten loading screen and it seems that the first and last dates relate to Harvey Yena. in May 1943 he starts his work with the 935 Group as early as 1964 (in the timeline of @RadZakpak ) it says the following: January 1st, 1964 "The Apothican Blood escapes containment at the Siberian facility, crashing the Russian ship and killing Harvey Yena." So does Nacht's loading screen have anything to do with Harvey Yena? Is it some kind of mini-cycle? I don't know if it's important or not, but I found it curious.
  10. Thank you for the welcome, and if I have a question, the "eternal damnation" that caused it and how it affects the story.
  11. Great post, an idea that comes to mind is that now that we have broken the cycle and all that, it may be that we can take the road to the end of Buried, now on the side of Richtofen, in addition to the small changes like now Avogadro is in its "complete" version and is not just a sample. I really don't know what repercussions it could have on the story right now, but it would be interesting to make use of that second ending.
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