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  1. I totally agree. The core zombies is about survival, not progression... I use to be so excited for zombies and now i have no idea if i should cry or goto treyarch and start snapping discs. Sure, it could be fun but treyarch broke their promise as soon as the multiplayer engie was introduce to zombies. Also, one big map with seperate areas? Cool, zombies ow has a bordom factor i somewhat agree.What is really going to bug me when I'm playing survival is that there is a whole world out there that i wont be able to get to because it will be blocked off. Also expect these survival maps to have boring names like "barn" and "diner".I kinda wish they made a survival map separate from the whole tranzit idea with a similar style to black ops/ [email protected] I feel the survival maps wont have any character that separate them from each other which was a great thing about black ops. Idk cause i haven't played it yet but these are just my initial thoughts from whats shown in the trailer There is one, Nuke Town Zombies. For all the Hardened and Care Package editions.
  2. To me the bus driver may be richtofen but I think we are going to be able to upgrade the bus. I'll try to find the screenshot agin but you may have seen it already. In the first video released it showed the front of the bus with a license plate on front with no scoop but in a screenshot I seen the bus has scoop things on the front like an old locomotive train. I'm at work right now so I cant post pic's but if yall can't find the pic let me know and I'll find it when I get home and post it for everyone.
  3. Looks to me like she's rocking Richtofen's black gloves. Check it out.
  4. I would like to see something that would allow me to close the doors that I pay to open. Like pay double the price it cost to open it to close it back then if you want to open it agin it would cost a lil more like 500pts extra eveytime you reopen it agin. Also if you closed it a 2nd time and so on it would double the price to close it agin. So if you open it for 750 first it would cost 1500 to close it back. Then it would cost 1250 to open it agin then cost another 2500 to close it back but now if you open it agin it would cost 1750 and so on. It would just keep going, I think it would be cool.
  5. I'll try to post my end of game pic but when I took it my GT was still jsmiph I had not changed it to Mr SMIPHA ZKM yet. Good job on the thread [brains] for you.
  6. I think it should have the same 12 characters 4 guardians, jfk crew and the cotd crew also possibly sam. We should be able to pick we play with.
  7. They have always been there but do nothing also there's some vodka in there to.
  8. I'm probably going to get but I am going to wait until they announce what comes with it. I felt cheated with what I got with the MW3. Not very creative on their part. I just want it for extra Zombies maps like with black op's. If it don't come with anything extra Zombie wise to make it worth my money I'll prob just pick up two regular copies myself. As of now I do have a Special Edition XBOX 360 preordered and a regular copy for PC. I just got back from going to gamestop and he said as of now theres a elite version and regular but the Special Edition will be revealed soon. You can preorder now though.
  9. Gamestop told me today that they have Black Op's 2 Special Edition preorders starting at $25.00. I'm preordering one Special Edition for XBOX 360 and a regular copy for pc. Unless any of yall want to get the Special Edition for PC. Then I will get one to, let me know what yall decide.
  10. They better not try to stop release after I already preordered one for xbox and one for pc.
  11. Comment #2 Well, looks like we are in a stand off here... It appears there are those who believes that the sniper should always have the One-Hit Kill Headshot while the other thinks that it should end around the high rounds. Hmmm... it has something to do with Quick-Scoping and Semi-Auto shots. So what if you guys prefer that the Bolt-Action one should have the One-Hit Kill Headshot all the time PaP'd while the Semi-Auto is nerfed to only have a limited round base headshot? I think quick scopeing should be removed from zombies and multi it's just not fair. Deadshot could still help the snipers out, IMO I don't think it should just aim at the head for them but should assist in aiming higher than lower. The box still needs weapons like sniper rifles and shotties because there has to be something in the box that most people won't want to trade there weapon for and have to waist there points.
  12. In my own opinion I'm all for anonymous and aginst internet censorship.
  13. I don't see any reason that headshots kiling zombies with one shot is over powered. The reason I say this is because if you was to shoot anything in the head with a sniper rifle it would be game over for what ever the target was. To me no matter what round it is if you shoot them in the head they should die. Also if anything is to be removed it should be the quick scopeing it's self not the weapon's.
  14. If anyone would like a perk logo PM me I made some in the create your own perk thread check em out and let me know.
  15. *Raises both hands and legs also doing backflips*
  16. Zombies will be a part of elite. I seen it one day when I was checking my stats on my pc at call of duty elite's site. It was only there for a day though. I guess it was them getting ready for Black Op's 2. At the time I thought it was for Black Op's Zombies but now that it's getting closer to release this makes more sense to me. I'm looking forward to in game Zombie challanges and hopefully Zombie killin badges we can all unlock and rock in the multi player mode as well. To everyone worried about Elite members getting DLC earlier then outhers. Whats the problem? If you want to get to know about everything with everyone else on the release date of any Black Op's 2 DLC just buy an Elite membership. PROBLEM SOLVED I'm an Elite Founder and I see no problem with this. We pay to play first.
  17. It's been talked about around 5-10 posts above you. To me it does'nt look like any gun " That's what it says 5 - 10 posts above me " but who knows this games based in the future. It looks like a holder for some type of blade of some sort. Hopefully a sword. If it is a sword that would explain the sebered zombie head she's toatin for a trophy.
  18. I hate the moon walking astro glitch.
  19. I might actually play the game now. Not just zombies and multi.
  20. Has anyone noticed the weapon of some sort on her right leg it's the left leg when looking at the poster. To me it looks like it would maybe hold a blade of some sort. Check it out and let me know what yall think about that. Oh yeah if you don't see it at first it's on the outer side of her leg.
  21. I have two of the posters for Black Op's 2. I preordered one for Pc & Xbox 360.
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