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  1. A strange lurking beast on these forums.

  2. xXExpertCoahXx

    What are you listening right now?

    Magna Charta by Jay-Z
  3. xXExpertCoahXx

    Possible Next Zombie Map Loading Screen

    I will believe it is real then be sad.
  4. xXExpertCoahXx

    Were We Wrong?

    I think Green Run takes place decades after the nukes hit and Maxis and Rictofen were having a war for that whole time. Well like I said, Richtofen says he's just getting used to the Aether in Green Run, so you're wrong. Marlton is about 35 in Green Run, would you say? So decades earlier when the nukes hit, you think he's in the Nuketown bunker at 5, 10, 15 years old? That's not necessarily true. He says he's still getting use to the Aether, not that he's just now getting use to it. It wouldn't be possible for Green Run to happen so soon after the nukes hit because even 2-5 years, there would still be a significant amount of fallout, chaos, and zombies. The Crew wouldn't be able to survive that. That is why I'm saying they stayed hunkered down somewhere and decades later emerged to survive the aftermath. Marlton could be in his late 40s for all we know.
  5. xXExpertCoahXx

    Were We Wrong?

    Anyone think that maybe the times are now mixed together, due to the MDTs multiple use? A leakage of time...
  6. xXExpertCoahXx

    The Official Rap Battle Thread

    I'm back on the mic again Spittin hot sh*t again Got my crew with me and boy them haters dissin and I can't see past you cause b*tch your mom right next to me Got this game on lock, spittin fire, you know third degree Burns on this track, cause I burn straight rubber No brakes on this car, dude I go for them doubles Bump a few broads like we playin on the corner Knock your clique out, now they be in a coma Little b*tch...
  7. xXExpertCoahXx

    Were We Wrong?

    I think Green Run takes place decades after the nukes hit and Maxis and Rictofen were having a war for that whole time.
  8. xXExpertCoahXx

    Zombie buffs?

    Either way you CAN clearly see the human player through a wall in Diner. No? He's inside the diner with the zombie, the dark color scheme makes it seem as if the zombie has orange vision when he does not.
  9. xXExpertCoahXx

    Were We Wrong?

    I would like to think that MOON still took place during the 60s and the 70s, but the battle between Maxis and Rictofen consisted over decades of history. Eventually it's 90s-2000s and we get a really desolated and crappy Earth, Green Run and future DLCs, and the TranZit group is now living and surviving in this zombified future.
  10. xXExpertCoahXx

    Why The Crew is in China

    The reason this whole EE is the ToB in the first place is because the original tower was constructed by the Babylonians to converse with God and learn all the languages of the world. Black Ops 2 uses this biblical idea and claim that Maxis and Rictofen are Gods conversing with the characters (Babylonians) to get them and do their bidding. What exactly do they want? We don't know yet, but that is the correlation between the game and the Bible.
  11. xXExpertCoahXx

    Zombie buffs?

    You might want to watch the video again, because that is nowhere in it. It's not the human player glowing orange...It's the CDCs yellow hazmat suit...
  12. xXExpertCoahXx

    Zombie buffs?

    Thank you for rein-iterating my theory :mrgreen:
  13. xXExpertCoahXx

    Zombie buffs?

    Loadouts is something I was expecting from launch honestly. I want them...NOW :twisted:
  14. xXExpertCoahXx

    Zombie buffs?

    My reason for saying it's closer to Halo than anything is because in Halo 4 we had Flood custom load outs plus survivor custom load outs. Flood kills a survivor, survivor becomes Flood. Instead of that exact gameplay, survivors and zombies trade off with each other.
  15. xXExpertCoahXx

    Zombie buffs?

    Halo/MW3 infection/infected mode.

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