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  1. A strange lurking beast on these forums.

  2. My first impression was, "this map is f*cking awesome!" As I continued playing however, I slowly felt it was losing it's initial shock. Granted I had no idea of all the things you could do with Leeroy and yes my biggest gripe with it was/is getting to the PaP. I hate the ghost ladies... But besides that I had an overall fun time with it. Many areas to standoff at and the overall layout is crazy. Great map, slow, but fun.
  3. I'd probably give it about a 7 or 8. Although it is one of my favorite maps out of the whole BO2 zombies lineage, I have to say it is still quite annoying and not the same as it's BO1/WaW roots. That's where MOTD stood out, out of all the BO2 maps and so that will hold a place in my heart as the best of the BO2 maps. Hopefully DLC 4 will be even better since the single player team is doing that map as well. So far it seems that the SPT should just take over everything as far as Treyarch. Vonderhaar for MP has been screwing us over and so has Jimmy with zombies. Just my opinion.
  4. Yes I have returned from my 2-3 month hiatus. Sadly I will be going on another one shortly due to the upcoming release of Dead Space 3: Awakened DLC. Plus I plan on getting my hands on Tomb Raider, so that will keep me occupied even longer. I'm going to try to post a few theories I've been conjuring up during my absence in the midst of these few days I'll be on the forums. Keep an eye out for them and it's great to be back! Even if it's only for a limited amount of time :P
  5. I think Green Run takes place decades after the nukes hit and Maxis and Rictofen were having a war for that whole time. Well like I said, Richtofen says he's just getting used to the Aether in Green Run, so you're wrong. Marlton is about 35 in Green Run, would you say? So decades earlier when the nukes hit, you think he's in the Nuketown bunker at 5, 10, 15 years old? That's not necessarily true. He says he's still getting use to the Aether, not that he's just now getting use to it. It wouldn't be possible for Green Run to happen so soon after the nukes hit because even 2-5 years, there would still be a significant amount of fallout, chaos, and zombies. The Crew wouldn't be able to survive that. That is why I'm saying they stayed hunkered down somewhere and decades later emerged to survive the aftermath. Marlton could be in his late 40s for all we know.
  6. If they wanted people to have Paris right now, especially people as random as someones friend, then they would have some official information on it. Not just "word of mouth" from teenagers and unaccredited adults.
  7. Nah he works for Apple, he just disclosed information on the iPhone 6.5 :roll:
  8. Anyone think that maybe the times are now mixed together, due to the MDTs multiple use? A leakage of time...
  9. It's not real. And if Bad Karma was trying to impose upon us that this map was actually "Paris", then may the CoDZ Modz have mercy on his soul...
  10. Rictofen is a good guy who turned bad, Maxis is a mysterious guy who already has some bad in him. I think we're f**ked either way. :twisted:
  11. Agreed. If he forgot a new map...He's lying. I would be telling my friends everything in detail.
  12. That's one idea I was thinking Optimus. What would happen if we let him constantly shock us while on the Bus?
  13. I think Green Run takes place decades after the nukes hit and Maxis and Rictofen were having a war for that whole time.
  14. I really like this concept/idea, I think it could actually be a Zombies video-game! :)
  15. If there is a BO3. I'm sure the Black Ops story line is through. The only thing Treyarch has to do now is create a standalone zombie game. Which I hope they do :mrgreen:
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