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  1. Alright :3 How about this? Thought it up on the spot so it may not be Eye quality If life is one big riddle then riddle me this: What painful revelation this be? What pearl, that when the fisherman hunt for it, Becomes but a dull stone? What substance, that makes us take our lives, Without we are but blood and bone? What sapphire in the rough hands of man, A ruby is revealed to be? What cruel luck and lucky cruelty Ebbs just as the sea? Hear theses words and here answer me: What painful revelation this be?
  2. Been saying this for months, you're not alone :3, CoDz just doesn't seem to be the same anymore, I tried to talk to people about it but people always tell me I'm just imagining it. I almost decided to leave today simply because, well, I have no reason to be here anymore. Look around, MLH has his writing, Super and Way2 their challenges, I used to write, mod, theorise.. but I just can't bring myself to do it anymore after everything that happened before. I feel like I'm just clogging up the site with posts made out of a listless want for something to contribute to. There's nothing I do for this site anymore and that is why I feel this way. Perhaps it is why some of the others left. I still don't know whether I should stay out of the fact I love this site and the members, or whether it would be better for all if I left.
  3. Nice! Have fun on the site, we've got theories aplenty, zombie game challenges, teammate finder sections and all that, but also more like zombie fiction and the deep thought section if that's what you want :D
  4. Do we have one of these already? Search didn't show anything but then again it's a bit buggy for me :3 Well the name says it all, make your own, link your favourites, discuss them... just go to town!
  5. SHIT I forgot about Andrew! I've been doing a lot of art and story planning with regard to all of our characters, going to have to slot him in the group sketches Whoops. Thanks for the post Undead ;)
  6. I'm going to do some more Victor posts, but again I know the fact I'm going back and forth is confusing (being a time traveler half of the present is happening after the past events :3) But I'll try to change that. Also an Idea I've had since the beginning, as Victor can see events unfolding before they happen could you guys possibly skype or pm me what you plan to do? Only to make what he says more relevant :3
  7. Just to point out,you can shoot from most distances, and can only knife in a short range, surely the knife is at a disadvantage here! Don't see why all the complaints :3
  8. What? He left? When? I've been trying to reply to all my posts and most of the best were his :3 Going to have to work harder to keep this site fun :D

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