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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!


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  1. Nice! Have fun on the site, we've got theories aplenty, zombie game challenges, teammate finder sections and all that, but also more like zombie fiction and the deep thought section if that's what you want :D
  2. SHIT I forgot about Andrew! I've been doing a lot of art and story planning with regard to all of our characters, going to have to slot him in the group sketches Whoops. Thanks for the post Undead ;)
  3. I'm going to do some more Victor posts, but again I know the fact I'm going back and forth is confusing (being a time traveler half of the present is happening after the past events :3) But I'll try to change that. Also an Idea I've had since the beginning, as Victor can see events unfolding before they happen could you guys possibly skype or pm me what you plan to do? Only to make what he says more relevant :3
  4. Just to point out,you can shoot from most distances, and can only knife in a short range, surely the knife is at a disadvantage here! Don't see why all the complaints :3
  5. I'm so glad the knife is a 2-hit kill I'm so glad the knife is a 2-hit kill I'm so glad the knife is a 2-hit kill.... (Shoots himself) I agree with you, its more realistic and better for the game, just I've been running around knifing since CoD 1 (when it was clubbing with the stock of the rifle ) So this is a shame... but hey, the original CoD was more than one hit melees, so back to my CoD 1 strategy! Also, thank you for the info on wildcards ^.^ Would that mean I could remove my primary and secondary and use the points on wildcards?
  6. here here And I also love the idea of substituting weapons for perks etc. I for one play for fun, runnig around knifing and being a fool Removing my weapons is all I ever wanted to do My ideal class from this: (better use it fast before it gets nerfed :3) •Combat knife •Lightweight •Fast Hands •Dexterity •Marathon (Wild card: perk 3 greed) •Combat Axe (unsure about tac grenade :3 so much choice!) •Counter-UAV (I am a big troll :3) •War Machine (do love GLs ) •EMP Systems (Like I said, big troll) Also, do we know if GLs (now being nerfed to obliv
  7. I was focusing more on the battle itself than the setting, you know, focusing on the events as the soldiers would rather than the 'grand scheme' :3 But you're right, background does allow for a smoother finish. If you're going to post first I'll let you choose the setting, if you don't I will when I post :3
  8. ^ More like who lags the most :3 Playing on consoles and the PC I can firmly prove that :D
  9. I love it, but remember the efficency of a tactic is dependant on the player, not only their skill or how use they are to a tactic/map, but a player who has certain traits i.e. good reactions or conservative with ammo may find one tactic easier and may be more efficient on it than another. I just wanted to throw that in there as it is a variable that will effect your attempts at quantification very badly Of course there are simple solutions out there, I can think of perhaps categorising the type of player, but that again creates problems with what to make as the variables Then ther
  10. Well, friends and I turned up in a wager match (you know the one's you randomly get invited to?) Apparently even though GLs now take two hits to kill you with (unless making contact on the body) and cannot be scavenged, oh and is nerfed at the rounds beginning to prevent spawn killing , even though all of that is present, the full 9 player clan we faced (may I add we play for laughs, not to win like them :3) claimed this 'nooby tactic' had unbalanced our match, the cause for our easy win Of course we accepted for the fun of it, hilarity ensued, due to them foolishly choosing Sticks and S
  11. I like it! Keeping it simple would allow all to use it well with any skill, as well as keeping it simple enough for our console brothers to use rather than hogging it on the pc to ourselves :3 A good example would be Timesplitter's map editor, literally an architectural top down view, add blocks of areas, set up the map in levels, add enemy spawns etc, effects on walls including guns etc, then you can test it as both AI: Solo, co-op, or multiplayer.
  12. Talking more in general to everyone, not you way2 or your points ^ I was trying to say what annoyed me, which is that :3
  13. finished reading loved the 'cute and fluffy' :3 Hate to throw a spanner in the works but wouldn't voice know of the Nazi's being in alex' head when he was captured by them at the beginning? Of course you could always say they never mentioned they were Nazi's (which I remember they didn't ) Edit: Oh yeah, forgot he still wore a straight jacket (I assumed he would have changed after staying in the swamp with Victor but again you never said he did :3)
  14. There's one thing you must always remember though before complaiing: If you don't tell them, how can you blame them for doing these things? :3 I always make sure people tell me or fellow players if they want us to (or not to) do something When they still do it, then its understandable of course to get annoyed :P
  15. Well I'm here now in SA , I'll try to get a chance to get on again and post when I have more time :3
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