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  1. Hi everyone, I'm not great at introductions but I felt it would be a fun thing to do. I've been playing Zombies since premise way back, it was during this, that I was a lone hunter, often searching meticulously over what I could find inside Nacht Der Untoten and Verruckt. It was during this time I discovered our founding father's original zombies post on Xbox.com. Now, take it from me, this was a good twenty odd people, some that would soon become famous youtubers working together, stressing over everything we could. Soon, Carbon founded the original CoDz page, and I signed up as soon as I could . Soon after the release of MW2, I fell into a very deep depression (all jokes aside now fellas, gals and others, this wasn't because WaW was done and dusted ). I've struggled a lot with personal inner demons, and I continue to do so, now during this, I absolutely picked up Black Ops and Black Ops 2, and I absolutely smashed zombies, so I've not just been thawed out and I'm looking for some shangri-la action! Likes I enjoy meeting new people, so if you're ever needing a friendly comrade out there send me a message and I'll happily oblige if I can! I enjoy writing stories as well, I have posted over on the story section a few times and (shamelessly) rather recently with my new story "Primis". I like pop-punk music too, you know, from Blink 182, all the way to Nu-Wave, Trash Boat vibes. I shamelessly like fashion, one time I blew a whole months wage in on clothes alone. I skate and play guitar. Dislikes Mariah Carey Thanks all! -S7VIIN
  2. I completely disagree with Bahoo getting the praise he is over this, I feel truly this is an illegitimate win for the community :(
  3. Generally I have a large understanding of the Zombies story but I for one, am completely bamboozled about this "Impossible Age" thing circulating. That Maxis and The O4 would be too old for the next maps. Maxis I sort of understand, but couldn't he have been near his end before he was Teleported by Ed in the first place? and that the 04 just hadn't aged well since? Someone really needs to help me here.
  4. As we all know, the map is a prequel to the entire zombies storyline. I had this idea, in every map we have buildables. In Die Rise we had the Sliqufier. A make-shift Wonder Weapon! I had this thought that if the original is a DG2, there had to be first. What better map to have the original Wunder Waffe but Origins! Delta
  5. So you all know that Avenged's new album Hail To The King drops the same day. Which is awesome. Delta
  6. that won't do anything. They don't care about what we want. They care about our money going into their pockets. And spending all the time working on everything you listed they would hardly get a profit from it considering how low the zombie fan base is to everything else in COD. You'd be surprised about what a revolution can do.
  7. Boycott. No death threats, no 'last CoD I'm buying' We get the biggest names in zombies, the most zombies players, to sign a petition, start a kickstarter. We get it out to Treyarch that we want all old maps ported at the least. And if possible a map to how the events after Buried. If we can show Treyarch that we are a loyal and supportive fan base and we too, deserve new things too. Update the custom games, give us new things that we were promised with the new engine. So what about it? The petition should be a definite! Delta
  8. And when I say COTD themed EE. I don't mean the guys locked away, I think they could appear on the map somewhere, just out of reach, like above a trench or in a room you can look in and see what they're up too?
  9. Honestly, I see the new map simply as "Hey, Here is the definitive point where the Original 4 come together as one, Enjoy" or A COTD Inspired Easter Egg, with Tank, Sam, Nikolai and Takeo returning to the point their past-selves met Richthofen and try and stop them from helping him?
  10. I honestly don't believe this is the finale of zombies. The one thing that keeps me going is this: What if we go back to 1917, and we continue on this younger crews adventures before the events of WaW. Sorta like Origins then in the next 3Arc Title. We continue the youthful 4's prequel adventures? Maybe it's just me and I don't want zombies to end...
  11. I'd be more than happy to help. I'm on right now. Send me a message GT: Audax Populi
  12. Sorry Tak but I'm here to argue with this. These diary entries all pre-date the events of [email protected] and Black Ops. Essentially what can be summed up here, is Maxis is aware of Richtofen grand scheme (the story arch of Black Ops 1) and Sam has died. This means that currently the Original 4 are still alive with Richtofen, carrying out his plan. It also shows that Maxis has some awareness of the aether, although not completely understanding how it works but he knows of Sams where about. This means that it sets this entry, after the events of Der Riese and before Maxis was shot at Griffin Station. This brings up the question to me is that, if he had the time to write this diary entry during that timespan, what the hell was he doing that gave him time? I in no way see this as stating that the O4 are dead. 3arc know their fans are wanting them back, to kill them off would cause a massive 'rift' in the community. Sorry, but this is how I see it all.
  13. Nope, He's a guard. He has an Alcatraz Guard badge! Can't see this. I personally believe she has became corrupted from exposure from the Aether. I mean why would she attack (mentally) Yuri in Ascension? Unless he was a means to an end? As for this satan thing, as much as I love the idea of it being Satan, I can't be the only one who thinks it is a tad cringy? I hope its an original Demon created by Treyarch! but whatever. Good theory but its a tad hollow on the evidence point of things. Keep Slayin' -Delta
  14. Simply not true. You only need to get the Hells Retriever and throw them at the locations shown in the video. Going into the "Purgatory" mode will allow you to see them, but it's not a requirement. This. Tested and it's true, since I already knew their locations I just threw the tomahawk at them and I retrieved them without going in purgatory I can vouch, no need to shock them at all! Just do a round and grab Hell's Retriever and go to the locations! Did the Pop Goes the Weasel achievement and its amazing!
  15. I like this theory (although its actually in the game anyways) I'm really digging on how Mob of The Dead is almost independant from the Rictofen vs. Maxis fiasco (From what we know so far) but the storyline surrounding MoTD in itself is gripping and amazingly written, for how short it is! I really feel sorry for Al as I quote from Spyders video: "They lured the unsuspecting weasel to the roof" "This is where the Weasel met, his grisly demise" It's seriously awesome! Keep Slayin' -Delta
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