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  1. I thought time travel has been a commonly accepted theory since Kino?
  2. It isn't often I post on here but the TS is getting on my nerves with his ignorance regarding plate tectonics. You can't just explain your theory by saying 'plate tectonics' and that Angola and Australia were once part of the same super-continent (Pangea) - they were, but so was every other country. Here's an image of Pangea, followed by an image of today's plate boundaries and the direction of plate movement: As you can see, Angola was nowhere near Australia and never has been. The direction of movement of the plates is what made Pangea separate, but at no point (to my knowledge) has Australia ever been near Angola, of course it wasn't top of my agenda 4 years ago so I could be mistaken but I very much doubt it. There's evidence to show where the continents matched up to each other, including the 'jigsaw fit theory', mountain ranges and rock types stretching across continents. So unless you have another theory on how they were once one and the same...
  3. It's actually rheid, a solid that flows like a liquid (similar to blue-tack or dough). Even so, the jigsaw fit of the plates wouldn't allow movement, sorry to burst your bubbles guys.
  4. possibly meteor strikes? I think you just helped my theory! remember the trailer? if one watches carefully, you can see that meteors fall from the sky! Meteor strikes that can cause crust displacement would have to be apocalyptic, the one that wiped out the dinosaurs wouldnt have done this, so if it happened most or all life would be killed. The rockets were filled with E115 but they could've been nuclear to spread it. The most powerful nuke tested was about 50 megatons, the ones launched from Moon would have to be like 1000 megatons to cause the damage they did. Ok, I'm an ex Geology student so I'll try and set things straight. Neither meteors or nukes could cause tectonic plates to shift. The plates aren't just floating on water, think of it like a jigsaw. Only over millions of years the plates get worn down due to pressure from magma being pushed to the surface from 'holes', and to create room for this the plates are pushed to the side into other plates which then due to huge pressure (among other things) melt into magma which effectively shortens the distance betweeen two land masses or in the case of the North American and Eurasian (Europe) plate, pushes them apart. In the case of India, which used to be near Australia it has taken millions of years for continental drift to take place. I'll leave an image which should hopefully help and I hope I've simplified this so it's easier to understand. In the image if you look at the arrows of forces, on the right, the land is pushed away from each other and the hole that would be left is filled with lava, creating more rock, thus making the plate bigger. On the other side, the opposite is happening. Oh one more thing, if the continents were to drift back to their starting positions as Pangea then there'd be no Himalayan mountains so it would mess things up for Shangri-La. Of course the continents aren't the same shape due to erosion and changes in sea levels so they wouldn't even fit, but I'll leave you with that for now.
  5. Look at it from solo players' point of view. Sure I enjoy playing in a team once in a while, but all my friends suck. I was slightly disappointed in the last game because of the lack of easter eggs in solo, Call of the Dead was probably my favourite map just because it had a Solo easter egg. In this not only do they not have easter eggs, but the characters don't talk. This time round it's even worse for Solo players, it's annoying to make trains in town because of the lava, farm's pretty easy but bland and tiny, the other one I don't even know the name of isn't great either. But to be honest the thing I'm most disappointed with is they're all fairly bland and small. The only thing with any originality is Tranzit, which I enjoyed quite a bit but solo especially doesn't have the replayability of ANY of the previous maps in my opinion. I agree with a few of the above people though, it really seems like Treyarch is pushing Tranzit on us.
  6. Awesome map and notes by the looks of it, thank you. But would you be able to make a larger version that's readable please?
  7. Thanks a lot. It's supposed to be Shangri la, it was one of the pictures that came up while i was finding my information. I tried to find a picture of the mountains too but what I found wasn't great.
  8. Got something that goes in a slightly different direction for you guys. "Shangri-La is often used in a similar context to "Garden of Eden", to represent a paradise hidden from modern man. It is sometimes used as an analogy for a lifelong quest or something elusive that is much sought. For a man who spends his life obsessively looking for a cure to a disease, such a cure could be said to be that man's "Shangri-La". It also might be used to represent perfection that is sought by man in the form of love, happiness, or Utopian ideals. It may be used in this context alongside other mythical and famous examples of somewhat similar metaphors such as The Holy Grail, El Dorado and The Fountain of Youth." This bit certainly ties in with Richtofen's motives going towards the events that occurred on Moon. Richtofen's Shangri-La may have been him taking control of the zombies. This part, however, is slightly different and may have been something that was overlooked by us here on CODZ. It wouldn't be the first time that Treyarch has misled us. Maybe Richtofen also had another motive and that was partly what Shangri-La was hinting at; he was looking for the Shangri-La or cure to element 115 and the Zombie disease. Now for the Kunlun Mountains. In the novel Lost Horizon in which Shangri-La originated, it was described as being enclosed in the western end of the Kunlun Mountains. "The Chinese name Kunlun 崑崙 (or 崐崘) is written with characters combining the "mountain radical" 山 with phonetics of kun 昆 and lun 侖. Alternate names for Kunlun shan include Kunling 崑陵 (with "hill") and Kunqiu 崑丘 (with "mound"). Kunlun 崑崙 was anciently used to transcribe the southern people called Gurong, who were slaves in China. Edward H. Schafer (1985:46) quotes the Book of Tang description. "They are also called Kurung. They are the barbarous men of the islands, great and small, of the Southern Seas. They are very black, and expose their naked Figures. They can tame and cow ferocious beasts, rhinoceroses, elephants, and the like." Schafer (1985:290) notes that besides Kunlun 崑崙, these southerners were occasionally written Gulong 古龍 or Gulun 骨論." Perhaps this was another reason Richtofen came here? We've all heard the radios in which Richtofen and Maxis are trying to control the zombies and the HAARP theories. Could this possibly be the clue in the mountain range that Treyarch employees are hinting at? Did Richtofen gain his knowledge for controlling the zombies from the ruins on Shangri-La? Thoughts appreciated.
  9. This would be great but to be honest, I'd be happy with no perks too.
  10. Would anyone else like Treyarch to implement this? Obviously there wouldn't be 8 perks that you can't lose as a reward but I enjoyed how I could do the COTD EE by myself (my friends suck at/don't like zombies). I think the majority of people on these boards would love this because we love the storyline, we don't do the Easter Eggs for the rewards. So, Easter Eggs with little to no rewards, just the satisfaction.
  11. http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=81&t=21511 From my thread: 'The Mayan calendar ends on 12/21/2012. Or in Europe that would be written out as 21/12/2012. Either way it means December 21, 2012. The Mayans were a scary group of people. There is not doubt that this end date worries us. According to “interpretations” they received their information from an outside source. (UFO or Alien). The “Kukulcan” (as he was called) provided the Mayans with their astronomical information. Who was this guy? The Mayans described him as a tall white man who came from the sea. Some people argue that the Mayans were only predicting the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. But, maybe the Mayans knew the date that Wormwood was going to hit the earth.'
  12. It's been talked about around 5-10 posts above you. To me it does'nt look like any gun " That's what it says 5 - 10 posts above me " but who knows this games based in the future. It looks like a holder for some type of blade of some sort. Hopefully a sword. If it is a sword that would explain the sebered zombie head she's toatin for a trophy. Might not have been 5-10 posts, maybe a little nearer the top but we did discuss that it looks like a machete. I'm not disagreeing with you, it does look like some sort of sword and it would definitely make sense that she's holding a severed head.
  13. A word of advice: Don't be so condescending to people regarding their reading skills when I've read three threads you've created/commented in today and your grammar and writing isn't as good as you think it is. Also in another of your threads you copied someone else's ideas, changed the words around a little and made your own thread about it which, in my opinion was unnecessary.
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