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  1. Its been forever sense ive been here so i dont know, my info may be off. But most of us know that the Easter egg is building a plan on the roof and escaping the island. If thats really what happens then doesn't it seem plausible that this might be the plane that crashes in Nacht..? i mean, this map does take place before any other map from what i know. So yeah haha just a thought
  2. Am i the only one who notices a nova crawler like figure on top of the bus at 1:40? or am i just slow af?
  3. This is a theory made by RADAUSTINS27 that seemed really plausable and possible. So what if we have two stories going on that all lead to one ending? so we have these 4 new characters trying to survive on earth, and from the acheivments that were recently RELEASED, not LEAKED, we have Tranzit, and we have anohther map named Green run, so if this map is real, what if one map has our orginal four characters going back in time to try to stop the events from taking place, while in real time, these four new characters are just trying to survive? This isnt my theory and this isnt exactly how he said it but i liked it alot
  4. yeah thats what i would think, and what i want. But its just an idea
  5. Unfortunately im on my phone so i cant take a screenshot but i have a couple things i want you guys to check out and tell me if its nuketown! okay so on the trailer, if you pause at 0:52 EXACTLY, you can see the truck from nuketown, nothing special, but at the very ending to that scene, if you pause at the right moment, you can see part of what looks like it could be a yellow bus. The only problem is, when this is shown, it says we are in the diner area, but there is no diner to be seen in this scene. another thing, if you pause at 1:38. You can see the map and you can see that the bus has taken u to the last destination shown in this trailer. But if you look off to the right you can see there is still more road and at the end of this road is a location that looks like two houses across from each other with a backyard and such. tell me what ya think doe.
  6. I think the tombstone that a lot of people are talking about isn't a perk machine. but i think its something you buy o you know where you re-spawn. Like, if you buy one at the bus stop, when you go down and no one revives you, you'll spawn where ever the tombstone you purchased is, so in this case, you would re-spawn at the bus stop. Make sense? Tell m what ya think
  7. i actually like this theory a lot. I see where it could go wrong, but well done.
  8. it just reminded me of the episode of Family guy when Peter and Brian go back in time.. hahahaha
  9. i have no idea what it could be but it could relate to the tweet (forgot by whom , zielinski or Von) "Once you hear its, its too late." Orrr maybe a new wonder weapon in action? but its called "Death" so ehh i dont know, some people say they hear Richthofen but i cant for the life of me hear a thing.
  10. noo you mis-understood what i ment. Im not saying anything the sound we heard was a making of a crop circle, im just saying what if it showed up over-head. We never know. and you might be right about it not being a ufo but there have been some hints to aliens within the storyline. so its still kinda a possibility
  11. Im not sure if someone already covered this but the new photos that people think are prestige emblems and such, could actually just be re-makes of perk symbols. After seeing the new quick revive perk symbol, i think the one with the head is deadshot, and maybe the hand is speedy cola. Just a thought
  12. The new screenshot looks like the map takes place at a cornfield perhaps? And if that's true, i feel like if someone were to no clip over this map, maybe a crop circle will be revealed? because i am on of those people that think the audio clip we got was a UFO, at least it sounded like one IMO. Aliens seem to be tied into this upcoming storyline.
  13. Im pretty sure someone on this site has said this but for the people that herd the new teaser reversed doesnt it kinda sound like aircraft, or actually doesnt it sound exactly like a UFO?
  14. i think its pretty pathetic to buy the game to just play one game mode with a limited amount of maps and game modes...
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