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  1. So I have not seen this posted anywhere yet, and to be honest I am surprised that no one has noticed. IW left a note on Mission found in front of the Church at the top of the map. It would seem it referances the note from Zombies "IGNOMO JUBILUS", if your not sure of the translation; I believe it might mean "Ignorant Rejoice". The only reason I have posted this, is because I believe the focus of discussion has become so polarised that we dont really get to appreciate there are alllways at least two sides to an arguemant. I try to stay in the middle so I can best appreciate both parties observances and points so that I may draw my own conclusion. Anyway, I hope this goes someway to justifying the arguemant that both games on occasion referance each others work and designs.
  2. Its only not positive if you presume it means what you think it does, I know right; what else could it mean? The point being, the position you choose to observe from effects the outcome of what you eventualy see. Meh, it probably does mean what you think it means, I know right :lol:
  3. BBD has pretty much summed how I feel about COD. The only reason I stopped playing and searching for eggs, was that I felt I should search for my own truths and hold them dearer to myself than the truths of another man. Which in the end is all you can do. R Kiplings books are insightful and fantastic reading. Kim and the Jungle book can both be obtained as free digital downloads.
  4. There is a lot going on in MW3, some of which directly referances what Treyarch have alluded to within Zombies. I think the better question for people to pursue is "what exactly are Treyarch referancing constantly?"
  5. Nope, I mean who are we to question an army of PR Ninjas. They are probably just testing the waters and gaining some data they can use to A) Justify their jobs and salarys Use data to further stereotyping of demographics...refers back to A. C) In honesty I couldnt think of any other reason they would dump a leak 8 months early, at least not one that would conform to logic and reason. D) It might have been a genuine slip up, I dont think it was though.
  6. Congratulations Carbon, I see a new #tag on the horizon. #BlameCarbon. :lol:
  7. Isnt that where the crane is on the back of central hut. Funny you mention it now, I remember a sound file for a crane in the PC files, it was one of the files that would not play. Still it could have been a sound file for a bird, are they both spelt the same way?
  8. Oh lord I did laugh though, just at the three kings and white men cant jump referance. So AussieNitro, you have put a lot of work into your idea; I am not so sure that you have looked at your idea in the same way a studio design team would. Each new weapon would need a texture and model created for it. Possibly additional character lines for at least a percent of the guns. Given the math thats allready a lot of work for something that would essentially be a visual addition to the game. The reason it would be nothing more than visual is that all those guns would likely act in the same manner, due to balance and level design; it would be a knightmare otherwise. The PaP mechanic adds character to the weapons in terms of audio and behaviour, as it would be improbable if not immpossible for TreyArc to keep those attributes for say even 50+ weapons it starts to make the pleasure of PaPing a weapon redundant. Remember the first time you PaPed an MG42, Oh lord...Pew pew pew. Would that feeling still remain with so many weapons that could not be defined in terms of character. I probably have not made my case here very well, I like your idea. I do think it need to be slimmed down and defined to stand a chance of being looked at seriously by TreyArch. Only because as it stands now it would seem to be a huge amount of work for a studio for very little reward in terms of being inovitive to gameplay due to the issues I mentioned earlier. I should probably read this back to myself but IMA just gona hit the post but...
  9. Good catch Reylink! Why does that diagram say POOP, and what does it have to do with the QED?
  10. Pretty good looking trailer, hopefully they will throw it up on CODHQ; shame if they didnt as someone obviously put a lot of work into that. On the other hand people tend to forget about trailers rather quickly once a new map lands most people wont go back and watch it again. Shame when they put so much effort into these things. I mean, has anyone here gone back and watched the trailers and other footage for Moon since they got the new map?
  11. @Strange Bow, I cannot comment on anything with regards the last picture showing, Carpenter and the 935 Manual. Mainly because anything I could say would just be a broad sweeping statement. One thing I would suggest to anyone looking at trying to "solve the riddles of Der Riese", is to go back and look at all the intel that Treyarch released at the time. I remember that some of the intel had mistakes, such as "it cost 1500 points to link a teleporter". Maybe if we follow your lead and dont presume that Treyarch are so liable to make mistakes we might find something new? @ZombicidalManiac. Yeh I remeber that, if you backed up to the flytrap window, the zombies would just stop and stare for a second as though you were not there. I thought at the time it may have been to do with the engine concealing a structure or something. As in the video Treyarch released at the time the wall for Z-A next to the flytrap can be clearly seen as destroyed.
  12. This topic is getting rather good. I would like to post something that has been known about for a long time but it would appear by not very many people. This is taken from an original topic by Vosty on WTG; source below. http://www.wethegamerz.com/forum/index. ... ckgrounds/ In the Der Riese premium theme there are a few things that stand out, 1. The clock is illuminated on one of the backgrounds as it was in the trailer, but not in the game. 2. There is an object shown on the mainframe that cannot be found in the game. I can confirm that these are genuine and have extracted the premium theme myself, where the object on the mainframe can be found as a seperate .png file. The Verrucht Premium theme also has some odditys asscoiated with it, the sign that appears next to quick revive can only be found by no-clipping behind the numbers machine. I did not purchase the SNN Premium theme, but I would not be surprised if there was something slightly odd about that aswell. If someone were looking for an alternate power source...if, I would bet zombies containing UUP would be a good bet.
  13. Well there can be no confusion now, obviously the ? marks were not intended to be viewed as some satanic illuminati crap dropped in by the Devs. The place to throw a monkey in Der Riese for the sounds is right by QR. Think you need a crawler to activate the sound files, not 100% sure.
  14. Any chance you could grab a few photos to demonstrate, I have had a look at the game files; well what I can get to at least and I only see one .bik for the loading screen. .bik is the movie file the game engine uses for the loading screens.
  15. I did see a thread on CoDHQ that suggested someone had been able to see this achievment listed as "secret achievment" when comparing his achievments against a friend. Now for the part that should be written in CAPS. I do not know if this is true, I do not know if it is even possible and it true fashion I am not able to check myself, moved my xbox downstairs and have not setup a wireless network yet. But.. if it were true and someone could take the time to confirm yay or nay, that would be great.
  16. Oh lord, is that.. a.. brain? on a stick, please dont let it be.. please dont. I cant think of anything more farcicle to happen to the storyline than a zombie on a treadmill chasing a brain on a stick. Just no, I sincerely hope I am wrong.
  17. Oh lord, is that.. a.. brain? on a stick, please dont let it be.. please dont. I cant think of anything more farcicle to happen to the storyline than a zombie on a treadmill chasing a brain on a stick. Just no, I sincerely hope I am wrong.
  18. Didnt read the entire four pages so sorry if its a repost, I think its likely your suit will take damage from zombags over time, so the frost on the viser could be due to damage. I wouldnt be surprised if there was a limit on the air in the suits, possibly re charged at the same point you buy your suits? I could well be wrong though, looking forward to finding out when this map pack lands.
  19. Good topic The one item top right resembles Viktor Schauberger device. The Viktor Schauberger device is quite often found in searches related to UFO conspiracy theories. The directors chair seems a little bit odd, looks like it is supporting itself via a counterweight, strangely drawn chair, yet probably not relevant at all Richard Feynman diagrams Brine Shrimp... probably not worth mentioning but.. an excerp for Wiki on Brine Shrimp says. "Life cycle Brine shrimp eggs are metabolically inactive and can remain in total stasis for two years while in dry oxygen-free conditions, even at temperatures below freezing. This characteristic is called cryptobiosis meaning "hidden life" (also called diapause). While in cryptobiosis, brine shrimp eggs can survive temperatures of liquid air (−190 °C or −310.0 °F) and a small percentage can survive above boiling temperature (105 °C or 221 °F) for up to two hours.[3] Once placed in briny (salt) water, the cyst-like eggs hatch within a few hours. The nauplii, or larvae, are less than 0.5 mm in length when they first hatch. Brine shrimp have a biological life cycle of one year, during which they grow to a mature length of around one centimeter on average. This short life span, along with other characteristics such as their ability to remain dormant for long periods, has made them invaluable in scientific research, including space experiments. This ability has also enabled the use of a hybrid of brine shrimp, bred to grow larger and live longer, as Sea-Monkeys." Taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brine_shrimp
  20. Where did you get this from? remember this? And if you think that the fly trap was only a hide and seek game then you are wrong. The developpers removed the EE because they said it was too complex and hard to find. Flawed logic is flawed, full stop. If it was to hard to find why remove it at all? The developers said? I guess you can provide a source for that statemant huh ??
  21. Props to you Carbon for making the effort, if I could suggest one thing it would be to make the Terminal a flash based stand alone using screengrabs. That way you would avoid having to type things out, the Terminal would better reflect the one we find in game and it would present the info as is without spelling mistakes ( apart from the ones Treyarch made) . Using this method would also offer the end user the same navigation as is found in the OG Terminal.
  22. So if bullets richochet what does a croossbow bolt do? I dont have the map pack myself but I thought it was a question worth asking. On another side note, I came across a video of an EE from CoD finest hour. I believe Jimmy Zielinski worked on that game also. Worth a watch as it also combines Apples and UFO lore. Gc6vapdhwxQ Having read some myth and ledgends there seems to be a link between golden apples and UFOs. Norse mythology springs to mind.
  23. Gota disagree with you Dub; just for once OP has a good point, the community have hijacked zombies since DR. The community itself was and is being jacked by some Fu%$ing unscruplious individuals. I guess Treyarch decided the best course of action there after was to give them what they expected.
  24. Nothing Mayan comes to mind. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter Dub, have you picked out a gamer tag for her? I wont be able to afford the MP for a few weeks, but when I do get it that would be great. Thanks for the offer.
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