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  1. Many videos are now unavailable, if no one was aware, or interested. If this can be rectified, it would likely be much appreciated.
  2. No I just gave up lol. It was getting virtually no response. I could start up again if I had some people willing to read it, but at the moment I have other, bigger projects going on. I. MUST. HAVE. THE REST. Please? :)
  3. Well played, Matuzz. Well played. :lol:
  4. I'm just going to back away slowly, and leave you all to your various miseries. :lol:
  5. bad karma

    Green run

    Well, I'm sure they call it TranZit for a reason........... ;)
  6. Okay okay okay, listen closely. In Nuketown, because the match starts with Samantha as the announcer and the zombies have yellow eyes, and after a few rounds Richtofen becomes the announcer and the eyes of the zombies change to blue, we can reasonably assume that Nuketown occurs at the same time as Moon. Now that that has been established, lets determine what time-period Moon occurs in. In Black Ops Zombies, the only recorded instances of Time-Travel would be from Der Riese to Kino der Toten, Ascension to Call of the Dead, and Call of the Dead to Shangri-la. We need to remember how Time-Travel is possible in the universe of CODZ. According to a radio found in Shi No Numa(Black Ops Version), the jump from Der Riese(1940's) to Kino der Toten(1960's) occurs because the Wunderwaffe DG-2 overloaded the MTD's(Teleporter) circuits, which allowed them to time-travel. This would also explain how they got to Call of the Dead from Ascension, because A) there are unused lines in the PC files hinting that the DG-2 was going to be included, but as we know, this did not happen. But, upon completion of the Call of the Dead Easter Egg, the player is awarded with the DG-2, given to them by the Original Characters. After this point, no other time-travel is possible by the OC. (Note, however, that Richtofen states "We must have gone too far into the Future!", so, assumedly, Richtofen uses the DG-2 to power up the Teleporter BEFORE giving it to the celebrities.) After Shangri-la, we should assume that they are using traditional teleporter travel to get to Area 51(No Man's Land). Also, (and I have said this multiple times) due to the weaponry of Shangri-la and Moon, we should assume that these maps take place in the 1960's. Using this same logic, we should assume that Green Run(TranZit) takes place in the 2020's, due to the weaponry used. I hope this makes sense, and please feel free to voice your opinions (not your doctrines).
  7. Okay, so since no one has done it that I've seen, I'm setting up a thread for specifically discussing the 'leaked' Achievments list. Any ideas, brain sparks, or theories are welcome here. Anyway, so, looking at the achievments list, two specific achievments jumped out at me. "You Have No Power Over Me." What could that mean? Anyone got any ideas? "Fuel Efficient In TranZit, use an alternative form of transportation." Hmm.....what is the most common form of transportation from the previous maps (other than walking, obviously)? TELEPORTERS!! Make sense? Leave a comment below!!!
  8. I think they made the maps assuming that the Easter Eggs have been done. I mean, it's almost impossible to NOT know about them. Anyway, here's my idea(and you can thank me later if it turns out to be true). The campaign/EE/whatever-it-will-be in TranZit will have something to do with a teleporter. The characters we saw in trailer won't be able to use it(or will they? I just now remembered an acheivment from the list that says: "use an alternative means of transport" )but possibly, by "obeying the voices" they repair the teleporter, and the original characters pop out! And the map packs would be continuing the OC's journey. This is just an idea, mind, but hey! If you have an objection to it, feel free to debate me on it. Just send me a PM. I'll debate you all you want until it comes out.
  9. Thank you, kind sir. This is the kind of attitude I wish all users had. That is the very question we should ask. We need to remember that, at this point, almost nothing we say or do will have any impact on the game now. They are in control, and they can choose to listen to us. We need to band together instead of just coming up with our own theories, and cursing out other people when they disagree. I shouldn't have lost my temper.
  10. As I've said before: Teleporters did not exist back then either! Or Ray Guns! OR ZOMBIES!!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted:
  11. They would be chasing the bus because there would players inside presumably. Why doesn't the driver attack the players inside? Because it's not a zombie. Zombies attack/eat brains/moan at people. They lack the basic motor skills to drive anything, much less a bus. :ugeek:
  12. But guys. This is absolutely true, in Zombies, and in real life. Literally anything is POSSIBLE. Any scenario, no matter how obscure, can be deemed possible. It's likelihood that is the real decider. THANK YOU!!!! FINALLY, someone gets it!!!!
  13. Calm down. ;p HOW DARE YOU INSULT ME! BLAH BLAH BLAH! I know that in this situation you're just being a smart-ass, but seriously, you need to chill. The fuck. Out. Rub it in when/if we are wrong but until then, shut up.

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