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  1. Many videos are now unavailable, if no one was aware, or interested. If this can be rectified, it would likely be much appreciated.
  2. Okay, I haven't done much on this forum, I know, so my word may not count for much on this site. BUT. I believe that this may be a credible series of theories. I would like input, and discussion. My hope is that this thread (at least for the moment) becomes the place to discuss various theories about the storyline, where it is going, and WTF the deal probably was with the Origins ending cutscene. I have some theories of my own that I am posting here, that I will edit/add to periodically. Everyone is welcome to post their own theories about how things have or might fit together in the pas
  3. No I just gave up lol. It was getting virtually no response. I could start up again if I had some people willing to read it, but at the moment I have other, bigger projects going on. I. MUST. HAVE. THE REST. Please? :)
  4. As with most things zombie related, I have a theory about this. Think about it. Why would it only Ferguson be turned into a Demon-Type creature? Come to think about it, why would George Romero be different? I'll answer these questions: BECAUSE THEY ARE EXCEPTIONAL BEINGS. Instead of just turning them into just another mind-less slave, the 115 works with the exceptional qualities of their minds to make them something more than zombies. I believe that Brutis/Ferguson, upon coming into contact with the 115 and dying, became the controller. Possibly, he wanted revenge on the Weasel for k
  5. Does anyone else remember Maxis' Diary entry when Die Rise was released? Look it up. I know it mentions sending test subjects through time.
  6. I'm surprised no one else noticed. Note that the second DLC map of Black Ops 1 had cutscenes and celebrity characters. I KNEW that Treyarch was going to continue this trend. The question is....how closely are they going to follow it? I'm suspecting that it will be similar to the Call of the Dead Easter egg in some way. Obviously, not EXACTLY the same. That would be.....anti-climactic.
  7. Not sure they'll put the devil in there, just a personal opinion. I don't think Treyarch is one to use cult activity. Government Conspiracies, yes. Who knows, though? I could be completely wrong!
  8. IDEA! IDEA! Okay, so, we know Richtofen heard voices. We know (according to the radios on moon) that he started hearing them after he touched the Vril Device (The Pyramid). So, he had this connection to the aether, the voices of the zombies telling him what to do to gain control. Little did the souls of the aether realize how much of a psycho Richtofen really is. They wanted him in control, but regretted it almost instantly. Now, Samuel, because he ate 115 infused flesh (or whatever happened), can hear Richtofen and apparently, the voices of the zombies souls being tortured (not on pu
  9. Think about this for a minute..... A Nacht style/sized map, set in 2025, with marines dressed in full 2025 battle gear, and we actually fight NAZI ZOMBIES. Have I got your attention yet? ;)
  10. World at War: Nacht der Untoten Verruckt Shi no Numa Der Riese Black Ops: Kino der Toten "Five" Dead Ops Arcade Ascension Call of the Dead Shangri-La Moon (Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi no Numa, Der Riese; revamped) Black Ops II: Nuketown Zombies Green Run (Tranzit) Great Leap Forward (Die Rise) Hope this helps.
  11. You know, if possible, you should do a sheet like this for every map/game. It would be useful for newcomers or people looking to improve their gaming experience. Think about it! ;)
  12. Thank you for your input. I didn't put this in the ZS for the reason that this is a campaign transcript. And, I thought It would get more input here. Sorry for the confusion. Glad you like this! Keep spreading the word! (If for some reason I DO need to move this, could you tell me how to? I have no idea how to. :oops: )
  13. Sorry for the delay, everyone! Here is my next level. It isn't as long as my previous posts, I know, but I will have the rest of the level posted as soon as possible. Enjoy! Questions? Comments? Leave them below!
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