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  1. strange-bow7

    Richtofen ACTION NEWS

    haha!!! This has the potential to be something quite cool and quirky but I don't think you managed to pull it off as well as maybe it could have been. That's not to say it's bad though, it was actually quite cool and made me laugh, it's just I tend to be a bit too critical when it comes to moving image as i studied it at Art School. Like I said, I enjoyed it and the idea is as good as it is solid but there is a lot of room for improvement. If you want any help just hit me up!
  2. strange-bow7

    The Ultimate List of Zombie Challenges

    Yeah, I suppose you're right about a fun challenge becoming a chore when rewards are on the line, which is a shame considering a few 'challenge completed'/achievements would be an awesome addition to Zombies when it comes to bragging rights. CoDz should come up with an official challenge page with all these cool ideas where users/players are rewarded by being put into a specific group or get some kind of cool badges for their sig upon completing a certain challenge, just for fun like! So you would get brainz for being a good member, and 'challenge badges' for being a good player. I think something like this could be quite cool, depending on who took it seriously of course!
  3. strange-bow7

    Let's take a second look at the Ascension loading screen...

    Hmmmm... they sure do look similar, although saying that I can't really remember exactly what the moon rockets look like! haha! However if they are the same then wouldn't that mean that the Russians are somehow involved with the Moon Base as these rockets are on Ascension? If so, what business does Russia have installing weaponry capable of global devastation in a base on the Moon which is presumably in control by the American's seeing as though they have secured a teleporter going directly there? They were possibly stolen? Whatever, it's a good theory anyway and a nice spot, keep your eyes peeled for more like this.
  4. strange-bow7

    The Ultimate List of Zombie Challenges

    ... I've seen loads of these posts around the internet, 'Create your own Zombies challenges' and all that but shouldn't we find a way to implement these challenges into gameplay and reward people for doing them? Now I know that the only way it can be done properly would be to actually build an achievement/challenge system into the game, which we can't do, it's just a shame to see all these really cool ideas for some tricky challenges go to waste when there is no way to monitor half of them. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, it's all well and good coming up with these ideas (which, for the record, are awesome and I really wish that 'Challenges' was a feature in Zombies) but when there is nothing to keep track of your progress and then therefore no reward, it takes away any motivation to actually go through with them.
  5. strange-bow7

    Dempsey has a son?? and MULE KICK IN EVERY MAP IS DUMB!

    Well considering that, in real-life, Der Riese was recognised as an underground mining project, Treyarch should add in some underground tunnels for this map. Maybe convert one of the barricades into a door that could lead to an underground portion of the map, like the one at the bottom of the stairs in the starting room or the one that leads underground by teleporter C!! Would be cool! As for the topic... I'm not sure if this Dempsey quote is new as I could swear I've heard him say it on the older maps. That doesn't change the fact it's still interesting. Did Treyarch add it in for any relevance or was it just a joke? Mule kick is awesome. All I see on the internet is people bitching about how much they want shit added into the maps, then when something is added, everybody is moaning still. If you don't like it, don't get it, simple. I personally love mule kick in all the maps - i mean come on, 3 guns!!!!
  6. strange-bow7

    The Face Behind The Avatar

    Here's me
  7. strange-bow7

    Hidden Symbol in Der Riese

    looks more like Darth Vader!! :lol:
  8. strange-bow7

    Hidden Symbol in Der Riese

    interesting ideas as to what it could be, but like somebody said in an earlier post i think it may be a texture overlay. good spot nonetheless, you never know, it may be relevant in the future... LOL awesome man!!! I'm always glad to meet a fan [brains] for having such good taste in masked maniacs, and remember if you mess up I'll kill you. nice fam guy reference Jason! :lol:

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