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  1. wow dude, nice post! Everybody on here should be giving you a lot more credit because these are genuinely good, plausible, ideas that you have blatantly worked hard on. So am I right in thinking the process is sacrificing two guns for one that is more powerful based on averaging the stats of the 'parent guns', which you can then 'breed' with another gun to create an even more powerful gun, developing a bloodline that gets stronger as you continue to mix and match various weapons?
  2. Ahhh well spotted! I never made the connection before, so, kudos! It's very interesting because there is a lot of evidence outside of this theory that backs it up, our four heroes for one - They [Apart from Richtofen] were captured by the Germans to be engineered into super-soldiers so, there is definite proof the Nazis were looking for ways to make themselves superior to any other race. Another being, like you said, the wonder-weapons. They were looking to mass-produce the DG-2 so they could use it to win the war as proven by a radio in Der Riese.
  3. Hey there! So I just finished reading your topic and and as it goes I have previously posted a topic on the same subject. If you would like a bit more insight on a possible origin theory for the perk machines then please, check it out: http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=17115 Now, if you read it, you will know that experimental performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) were used by Nazi doctors on concentration camp prisoners/patients as a means to enhance the Nazi army. My belief is that, with the introduction of element 115 into Nazi research, the experimental PED
  4. Absolutely. If somebody can provide a better answer then I'm sold but I think we have the right idea, for now. At times you can often find yourself arguing/debating with someone even though you both think the same thing, the confusion comes from the way posts are worded and how you interpret a certain explanation! Like you, I too am trying to figure all of this out; time travel and paradoxes are such a prominent plot element in the zombies storyline that I think if we could fully understand how it all works then our understanding of the zombie story would be a lot more clear. We should
  5. I'm done picking this apart! It is extremely frustrating and wordy to try and explain something as complicated as time loops and paradoxes using only text! Like I said though, I read your topic and it's good. The idea of this 'Grandfather Paradox' is a solid one and seems to make sense up until the point where you can have 4 focusing stones. I'd have to agree with you at this point and say that the only reason this is possible is purely for gameplay purposes. It would be nice to hear an alternate theory off somebody else as to how this is possible but until then I'd say that we have t
  6. okay, i read your post, its good. so we can agree that all this is creating alternate timelines and such blah blah blah. the thing is though, in your post you say that if you travelled back in time and killed your grandfather before he met your grandmother then it would cancel out your birth therefor erasing your existence meaning that your grandfather would live. no? well if you applied this to shangri-la then wouldn't that mean that you wouldn't be able to acquire the focusing stone because when you acquire it Gary and Brock are sent back in time again, undoing everything you did to ge
  7. To be honest I think that the location is a big factor in this. You have to remember that it's the temple that takes you back in time and if time was 'rewinding' then you would experience that as a player. Instead, the temple, causes the time to change instantly as if you were teleported directly in that time period as apose to rewinding all the way back... I understand what you are saying about these alternate time lines, because Gary & Brock can be saved and therefor have the potential to altar the future however, at the end of the easter egg Gary & Brock are teleported back i
  8. Yes but the fact that at the end of the easter egg Gary & Brock are taken back in time to before they died and any changes were made means they canceled out any alternate timeline that may have being formed.
  9. sorry but these kinds of videos are nothing new but only some of them are funny - these are not. it just seems a waste of time and effort to ruin games and annoy players when there is no funny conclusion.
  10. haha!!! This has the potential to be something quite cool and quirky but I don't think you managed to pull it off as well as maybe it could have been. That's not to say it's bad though, it was actually quite cool and made me laugh, it's just I tend to be a bit too critical when it comes to moving image as i studied it at Art School. Like I said, I enjoyed it and the idea is as good as it is solid but there is a lot of room for improvement. If you want any help just hit me up!
  11. Wait, wait hang on a second! What team are you referring to here exactly? If you mean Gary and Brock, the explorers from Shangri-La, then they never actually made the choice to go back in time. Like I have said before when you arrive at Shangri-La (as Tank, Richtofen, Nikolai and Takeo) Gary and Brock died after they recorded the first radio that you find, meaning that the paradox/loop hasn't happened yet. The steps to the easter egg have you being sent back in time to make 'changes to the universe' in order to ensure they survive long enough to gain access to the focusing stone; that's
  12. If i travelled back in time from now that wouldn't mean everybody else would freeze and be stuck until i return as Time is constantly moving forward. It would simply mean that I could go back to any chosen point in time, stay there for as long as I want and then travel back to a couple of seconds after I initially travelled back giving the illusion that time had stood still whilst I was gone.
  13. Oh right I see what your getting at now! The old 'Kill a butterfly in the past..' theory. It is a valid point and a good observation but I'd say that it could be explained by the fact that they never travel back far enough to cause any real damage. The fact that the explorers are using a modern radio shows that they cant be that far in the past. And considering that Shangri-La is set in present day (or so it's beleived) then traveling back in time from when they arrive still puts them in the future compared to Kino, Ascension, "Five" and all the classic maps - if that makes sense?! Like if
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