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  1. A friend of mine suggested it could be the meat drop, but because there is no enemy team it simply de-spawns. This could be a possibility.
  2. Hi All, I was recording a Grief gameplay for YT and this happened...(skip to 3:30ish) -_7xle8wc68 Has anyone seen this yet? Does anyone know what the effect is? I've tweeted a few peeps, but no reply The only thing i noticed is that i change weapons and get the kill. I have not tried a repeat of this, so i'm really not sure if that's relevant. What do you guys think?
  3. Playing with randoms can be frustrating - but thats what to expect if theres -no communication -a lack of respect for the team -general unfairness when it comes to the box and doors etc But like others have said, i play with randoms for shits and giggles. Got a game the other day with 2 downs and 60 revives (thinking of uploading a montage) and was very surprised none of them left the game. Normally comes wave 10 -16 ive picked you up every time you've gone down - but you're gonna quit anyway! so frustrating. But i have made some good friends and met some good players playing with randoms too - its pot luck when you find a lobby i guess.
  4. Interesting....(#strokes chin) I'm hoping for something conclusive soon, this would answer why the PHD machine is there - but not obtainable.
  5. I've had this happen to me too, 3 times now! Good to hear i'm not the only one. I think it sucks you have to go down to get the achievement too. I've tried again since the latest patch - so will see what happens then.
  6. I kinda touched on this subject a while ago, http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=81&t=20232 Sort of...
  7. Awesome tips Super. I usually just throw a gersch in the labs when on the way back from the excavator. It decompresses eventually but is still no hassle to run through, I've had a few 'miss fires' with the wave gun and that has gotten me downed. Its rare but it does happen. Plus i'd rather save the ammmo to take out the full 24 as appose to the few in my way. Currently trying to break my co-op record on Shang and this technique helps alot (The shooting before running, not the gersch lol) Keep it up dude [brains]
  8. Rissole! I really admire your enthusiasm. I would love to see someone get to 100+ on COTD - but if the likes of Super, Chopper, Tom etc find it hard, then you know what you are getting yourself in for :twisted: I find this map hard on 50+ due to zombie health, lack of ammo & no traps. Haven't tried it since the Mule Kick update so i may have a bit more luck next time but 55 is my record. And i consider that to be quite good. If you do come up with something im sure you'll post it here - i for one am looking forward to your findings. [brains]
  9. It seems like the general worry is that it may become annoying after repeated plays. I like the voting system - this solution could work. I know that zombies has more important things going on than music. But there's nothing I love more than spraying some of the undead down to some good tunes.
  10. I'm up for playing with some of you guys. I'm based in the UK and am available 6 - 12 PM GMT I'm up for playing any map on BO and or WAW. Just send me a friend request or msg saying you're from CODZ Xbox GT is the same as forum username (Onesiphorus935) [brains]
  11. I hadn't thought about the implications of this and playing with randoms. I agree it could be annoying. But it all depends on choice and who you end up playing with. Maybe an option to mute the music in game....hmmmm pretty sure that's already available.
  12. Not sure if this has been suggested in the past but.... I know how many people get a bit annoyed at the musical Easter eggs only playing once per game. Well how abouts a small machine maybe next to QR or power switch - it costs around 500 points and allows you to play any song from any of the previous maps. 3arc could also then add in challenges to unlock additional songs, i.e. get 500 head shots for the next Kevin & Elena track. Not a game changing idea I know - but a nice added feature that i feel would be well received. Hell you could even go as far as if there's an mp3 on your hard drive it'll show up there too, that would be awesome.
  13. LMAO!! I was very tempted to troll the guy - but held back just in case the guy was some kind of legit XBL enforcer or something. Thats made my day Way. :lol:
  14. Cheers for the support guys. I'll let you know if anything develops. But sure it won't. Just wanted to vent my frustration with some people who understand. :mrgreen:
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