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  1. I was hanging up the boots and handing the reigns on but I was persuaded to stick around for assisting. I didnt want to leave and see the site suffer or pressure put on other admins unnecessarily. @InfestLithium knows what he's doing and I know it's in good hands when I eventually leave and when I'm not around.
  2. Sorry for the downtime today folk's, I've not had much time as of late and I promised to process updates and upgrades. So today we updated to the most recent version of IPB and we also update the site to run on PHP version 7, which brings many many benefits. I'll get a list fo improvements for the forumand post them ASAP.
  3. @Legendkiller999 I think you are talking about the game rather than the site?
  4. Welcome back mega, I'm not around as much as I used to be myself but still trying to be involved but @InfestLithium is pretty much doing the day to day running of things. I would love to see it be as busy as it once was but I fear it's just the start of the slow death of Zombies imho.
  5. I didn't think anyone was actually using the Leaderboard, not had any new entries for a long time until recently - I'll get one added if it hasn't been done already, soon.
  6. Sorry to announce folk's, the CoDz forum mobile app will soon be disappearing from the App store with Apple. It will still be available via tapatalk app but not as a standalone app. The costs for hosting, forum software, apps such as tapatalk etc. are expensive and we are not receiving the ad revenue that we once received. So we are cutting back on costs, as donations are scarce and everything is being paid out of our own pockets and i'm no longer putting the same amount of funds into the site to keep it going when ad revenue falls short of covering costs. Not because I don't have any love for the site, I just need my funds for other things at this time. So unfortunately, the CoDz app is no more as of today, sorry for the short notice.
  7. Hi there, sorry about before. How's your day been?

  8. It's cool, it's not you it's me. Just been one of those days and unfortunately my frustration has been taken out on something stupid. I apologise, ignore that post I shouldn't have made it.
  9. Not being funny, but could you not have put this all into one message? I'm currently sitting at work, busy doing technical drawings and my outlook is just popping up with notifications for medals (11 notifications so far). Sorry but i'm having a piss poor day and it's doing ma tits in.
  10. It's dying, why. Wash, rinse, repeat and yes it's a slow death. It has to and needs to change, that's AW, BOIII and now IW that have been huge let downs. Sales are generally OK but sales don't necessarily mean success. Sure the bottom dollar is what counts but if you continue to piss of the players (which has been seen for the past 3 years by shown them contempt) the franchise will ultimately fail. Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  11. I would just like to say, I understand what others are saying and I appreciate their thoughts. The big thing here, it is really big is that Call of Duty is dying, it has been dying for several years. Why? It's the same shite every year, it's the same bad programming year after year with all the glitches that it brings, it's the same shite every year without any real innovation. Take a leaf out of Battlefield 1's book, wow - what an immense and different game. Activision are to blame for introducing this shitty three year cycle, they are going for the bucks and nothing else and they were doing it before Sledgehammer got involved in the dev cycle. Several things need to change, they seriously need to invest in a new engine. The studios need to change strategy and understand that all this jumping about mechanics is complete nonsense (I'm sure new players and old will disagree). As a result of Call of Duty is dying (and it is), which means Zombies is dying by default.
  12. I agree @InfestLithium- the only problem I have though, is gaming in general seems to be a thing of the past for me now. It was always going to happen to me, it was just a case of when (crikey I'm 40 this year). I still want to play a decent game of Der Eisendrache, Origins, Town, MoTD with the boys but only when I have time, I'm no longer going to be sitting in the living room playing video games at night, whilst the wife goes to watch TV in the bedroom. We suffered as a result of that and I'm never allowing her (or my kids) to feel anything other than happiness. I'm still going to be involved in zombies in some way, my eldest is daft on them and always asking how to do things (one thing this game has given me and my son is a bond). He hates football (no not soccer, football. Football is played with a ball and feet not hands and feet ok ;) ) he hates my musical tastes etc. but that's probably "I dinnae like my dad that much age thing". Keep up the good work with the trials, I know it's not easy being the front runner and trying to get things moving and improving but you are greatly appreciated and respected for it.
  13. It's been a while since I was last on browsing, man it's quiet. What has happened to the community Treyarch, what have you done.

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    2. The Meh

      The Meh

      It's Infinity Ward's season, on a Treyarch-oriented Zombies forum. I think we're basically in the rut that is the off season, and it's honestly worse-off than the last off season. =I

    3. Tattoo247


      Short of saying "sorry we take back everything after Moon" I don't see myself or others returning to discuss storyline.

      I still think there is enough older stuff we have overlooked from W@W and BO1 that's still worth talking about.

      Multiverse in a story is a huge gamble, using that to tie in one man's vision to another was a terribe idea...I miss simple game play and hard to find back story  (without all the damn cyphers!)

    4. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      It is the off season but we are a zombies orientated site, dedicated to Call of Duty in whatever incarnation that may be. It just so happens to have been focused on Treyarch zombies previously as they were the only studio producing zombies content within CoD.

  14. Just to add my tuppence in here and shoot me down in flames for it if need be. Zombies is dying, the community is dying and it has been for some years. The last year and the last incarnation of Zombies has been a massive let down and a massive failure imo. However back on topic. Community wise, to many people got to big for their own boots, thinking they are better than others and didn't really embrace the community in the way it originally started. Treyarch pandered to the YouTubers only and failed to embrace the community in the way it once did. Dan started this (CoDz) community and we thank him for doing so, others started their own and well I wasn't privy to everything that wen't on but it felt like sour grapes from them from being the "smaller community and thinking they are better than us. When in fact we are all the same - we are all human beings. Our community though is/was based on theorists, strategists and easter egg hunters. We have tried to supply the community with tools to make obtaining these as easy as possible and invested with the help of our community into the LFG system. PTG shut down for a prolonged period of time and then made a return last year for some reason. Other communities started such as high rounders, I tried to start a leaderboard system, not to compete with them but to open it up to all players for a personal pride thing - so they could register a high round achievement to share with the community. Didn't matter to us whether it was round 5 or round 200. Even that community split and another site opened up as a result. You know what I did notice though, they all started using the same forum software that CoDz was using. That I switched CoDz over to. So we must have been something right, we seem to have been copied a helluva lot. Personally though, I couldn't care what people think about me or CoDz, that's people being narrow minded, self centred and so far up their own arse (or someone elses) that I don't care. We are here to provide a place for the community to come together and share ideas and organise games and at our own expense (donations have been scarce and so has ad revenue). If that makes people dislike us, then it's them that have the problem and not me or us.
  15. It's the setup cost, we could have it available soon but the setup costs for an android app is currently £30.00+ and we are fighting with server costs and running costs. At the moment, it's not a priority - sorry.

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