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  1. Medal Request Topic

    Supplied and thank you.
  2. If it s anything like BOIII my time with 3Arc is done.
  3. Zombies Merch?

    I've actually now linked this in the main menu. @InfestLithium If you don't want this here, just let me know.
  4. Your favourite post/theory ever

    Then get yer ass back here @Naitrax
  5. Your favourite post/theory ever

    Before my time I'm afraid, I tried to recover as much as I could from the vBulletin transfer that went pear shaped.
  6. About Donating.

    Once you get to paypal you'll see the following.
  7. About Donating.

    You don't need to have a paypal account to make a donation, you can use your debit card details to do this without registering or signing into a PayPal account. To make a merchant account with a card provider such as WorldPay is to expensive and not worth our while.
  8. What's up with User of the Month?

    I'm with that, however, I'm also thinking that I can automate it to the highest contributor. That doesn't always work and I appreciate that but with the voting system is just gets a bit too much for manual intervention. I may enable automated voting, highest votes gets the award but that would probably still need some manual input. My Views are similar to Lenne but also think just automate it, it's simpler and takes the hassle away.
  9. About Donating.

    What source of payment are you looking at? Our server supplier only accepts card payments or PayPal, which is the same with most places hence keeping everything with PayPal. I can certainly look at others, we the donation system does support this from other gateways such as Skrill, Payza, Payment Wall.
  10. What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    What do I want see? Happy players. All the shite they brought into BOIII can go to fuck in all honesty. Zombies was ruined in BOIII. If it doesn’t incur a massive overhaul and a return to what was a winning formula in BOI, BOII, I won’t buy it. I don’t think I’ve played since ZNS was released. Maybe a couple of games after it but not a lot.
  11. What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    Your welcome, built into the core if the product. It’s browser related though. Clear your browser data, lose what you typed.
  12. Medal Request Topic

    You bagged that when you joiined I'll have a look.
  13. Medal Request Topic

    @The Meh - Sorted
  14. Apologies are due

    If it is called that, this site will come down quicker than the wifes knickers
  15. Apologies are due

    Sorry folk's, I haven't been around as much over the past year. I did mention I was retiring from the forum but I was persuaded to stick around in a technical support and advisory. I couldn't just leave and hand over the reigns to @InfestLithiumwith all you mental lot. I kind of need to get away, after the massive let down (for me) of BOIII and generally losing interest in the game mode and the fact I hit 40 years young last year. Additionally and not a lot will know this, but myself and the wife had another child (yip, sucker for punishment) which makes 4 kids (5 including me). Steven was born on the 24th November and is just a bundle of joy, becoming a right little character. I just wanted to let you all know, that I'm still around and so is @Boom115 and @DeathBringerZen, @Covert Gunman and the rest of our moderation team @Lenne, @Spider, @Doppelgänger, our good friend @GRILL, @Slade who has also been missing in action and last but no least @Flammenwerfer We haven't forgotten about you, we still love the site and the community in general but life sometimes takes hold and precedence. We still look after the site in the background and will still add updates and features. Just some are not as active as others which is fine. For those mentioned above, I do want to see some asses in here now and again though. So, once again I would like to say thanks and