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  1. Quick question for you high round guys. I am currently in a run for round 69 (At the moment at 62) and a thought occured to me.

    Isn't the first insta kill round in the 70s? Or was it 170s?

    @DeathBringerZen @Chopper and anyone else who knows about this stuff.

    I would love to experience such a round but only if it really is in the 70s. haha

    On Der Riese by the way.

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    2. Lenne


      Yeah I just quit on 71. Insta kill rounds aint gonna happen for me. haha

      Thanks, Chopper for the reply.

    3. Chopper


      Yeah man as much as I want to do insta kill at some point it's just not for me.

      I can't play that long, even done over a couple of weeks.  The mind boggles at some of the hours some guys and gals manage to put in.

    4. DeathBringerZen


      Yeah, agreed @Chopper


      My highest round on any map was 106 on Ascension. Did it in one sitting and just got too bored and gave up. I am impressed by how these world record setters can push themselves. It takes a lot to do it day in, day out.