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  1. ~Zombies Hangman~

    B, C
  2. ~Zombies Hangman~

    B, c
  3. ~Zombies Hangman~

    I doubt that you're going to miss this delta. I missed checking the board and posting by 7 minutes :/
  4. You're Banned!

    Banned for banning someone.
  5. ~Zombies Hangman~

    A Also, I call BS on the "EJ is the only one who likes hangman anymore". I like the game, it's just hard for me to consistently play because I've gotten busy.
  6. ~Zombies Hangman~

    Hurry up and post a new one please.
  7. Corrupt-A-Wish

    I eat you whole. I wish PS3 and Pc maps came out 2 months before xBox.
  8. Corrupt-A-Wish

    Sorry zombie, but it was on a wall in my doctor's office last August, it literally stated "lead tainted candies made in Mexico" and proceeded to list stuff you shouldn't get anywhere as they were made and exported from Mexico.
  9. Corrupt-A-Wish

    It's the lead tainted Mexican made stuff. DAMMIT ZOMBIE I WAS TYPING. You suddenly teleport to 1000 feet above your current position. I wish for unlimited knowledge of social interactions.
  10. Corrupt-A-Wish

    Sluggo comes back, but as a zombie. I wish my leg didn't hurt this bad.
  11. Corrupt-A-Wish

    It's counterfeit. I wish for my wishes to stop being corrupted.
  12. Corrupt-A-Wish

    They do, but only in grief mode. I wish I knew what to wish for.
  13. Corrupt-A-Wish

    Everyone that ever dies in wars and 9/11 in alternate timelines dies final destination style. I wish for 1 trillion wishes.
  14. Corrupt-A-Wish

    You don't have a girlfriend or wife to make you one. I wish my friend didn't have irrational fear of dead batteries.
  15. Corrupt-A-Wish

    The genie can't see into parentheses and gives you my film class' sweded version. Note: you will only understand if you've seen the movie or trailer for Be Kind, Rewind. I wish that my magicarp was a different pokemon.
  16. Corrupt-A-Wish

    Circuit city gives you a free tv, but this puts them out of business. I wish I wish I had a fish.
  17. ~Zombies Hangman~

    m, g please
  18. Corrupt-A-Wish

    EJ, its the internet, you do not question what is on the internet, you just accept it and continue with your life.
  19. Corrupt-A-Wish

    You mutate into this http://9gag.com/gag/6040943 and cannot remove the mask. I wish that the level cap on castle crashers was over 256.
  20. Corrupt-A-Wish

    The patch that fixes the game kills your system. I wish I had not corrupted the previous wish.
  21. Corrupt-A-Wish

    Galbatorix kills you for it. I wish to win the game.
  22. ~Zombies Hangman~

    I'm gone for less than a day because hughesnet goes down, and I miss that. Technically Way got it, but it had hit six wrongs because d and h are not correct.
  23. ~Zombies Hangman~

    Updated! There is a easy easter egg added in the update. Undead, you should look for it the hardest.
  24. Highest round?

    Round 28, quit to go to the movies with my girlfriend.
  25. ~Zombies Hangman~

    ~Zombies Hangman~ Test your might! t h e / v o i c e / o f / j u s t i c e Incorrect Guesses: the Earth is Extinct, A, D Hints: Black Ops 2 Scoreboard: way2g00 - 74 Electric Jesus - 56 Lenne - 52 MurderMachineX - 46 Reddonkeyham - 20 Undead xP - 18 Jake Duck - 16 XAvengedLullabyX - 10 OverWater17 - 10 Rissole25 - 6 vDeltaGamingv - 4 unlawfully inacurate - 4 ZombieDreamerDan - 2 83457 - 2 PINNAZ - 2