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  1. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/fisher10190 Come check it out guys!
  2. My good friend Sixor is beginning a livestream. He has 100+ youtube subs and is AWESOME! Check it out with me! I'll be helping him with observation, and maybe some other fun stuff. ;-) http://www.livestream.com/thesixormusic?t=846626
  3. I'm doing my first livestream, come and have some fun, and check out the facecam...
  4. I always wondered of the old site, i didn't join till around 2010-11, so i was on the update, but looking back at that, wow! It's really cool to be able to see the history, you know? Look back and think "This is how it started, where it began." A few guys had a dream, made a website, and then BOOM, internet fame. It's funny how things work, whether accident or grand design. Goodness, listen to me go on and on, and i'm not even an old member! Sorry for my long-story-ness. But yeah, it's very cool to see the old site. What a great time that reflects.
  5. Hey guys! I know i've gone dormant, but this is my apology update. Forgive me! Anyways, i have moved the story over to my new deviant art! Here's my profile link: http://fisher10190.deviantart.com/ I am a brony, and there are a few brony related things on there, but please don't shun or hate me for it! I'm still the same old fisher, and my content isn't getting any less awesome! Thanks!
  6. Richtofens child: For your daughter, she has a pretty voice. Dempsey: I know right? It's kind of weird... Dempsey's daughter: *Busts open door* DIE MOTHERF**KERS! Everyone: ... Dempsey: That's my girl...
  7. Yeah but this is my first official intro, SooooOOOOoooo. :mrgreen:
  8. Actually, i like the Jacksonville Jaguars, but the Ravens are my second team (And i have absolutely no problem with steelers fans, i mean they made it to the super bowl multiple times right?). Port Discovery is pretty good, the Science Center is also pretty cool (It has a lot of cool interactive exibits that kids would love), then there's the Aquarium (One of the biggest attractions), and in the case that it doesn't rain and you still would want to stop, the Zoo is VERY cool. I would recommend any of those. BTW I really hope i can begin to post on a regular basis, with all the stuff that's going on it looked like it might be a stretch, but i want to become a Dweller (Plus I have SO MANY new ideas! =) )
  9. Hello to all the new (And Existing) CoDz member's! My names fisher10190, or as some people have come to call me, Fisheh. I joined the CoDz forums in 2010, and have been posting and loving the site ever since. I was introduced to CoDz from a random link on another website that a member gave me during a discussion in the early days of the GKNova6 websites before Black Ops had come out. I followed the link here where i began to observe and search through the forums to see what they were all about. I was amazed to see that there was a whole community of fellow zombie enthusiasts (And theorists) just like me. I immidiately signed up and jumped in, posting theory threads and commenting on already posted ones, and the rest is history. In the early times of my membership, i posted mainly story and easter egg ideas, and made a few friends that are now CoDz bigshots, including MrRoflWaffle's, AlphaSnake (Who was always pretty popular), and i even got to chat with the Lord of CoDz himself, CarbonFibah (Hence the reference to his backtstory in my interests). Since my joining, i've become more of a story fanatic, posting a lot of different theory's based on different info i've collected, and have begun to move into story writing (Check my interactive story "Among the Dead"). Ask any of my many friends on the site and they'll tell you that i am a generally nice guy, unless you give me reason to be mean. I highly dislike cyber-bully's and trollz (As does the entire CoDz community), and am not afraid to stand up to such people. I sometimes do art (Although i haven't posted any of it yet), and am a big fan of fellow artists, the best of which (In my opinion) is UndeadXp. I do filming in my spare time, and am currently in the pre-production stage of mine and my friends movie, 115. There are a few threads for it in my history, check any of them out if you like, you won't regret it. Well, thanks for taking the time to read this, i know it's not much, but it's better than nothing. If any of you CoDz greenhorns have any questions, i'm more than happy to lend a helping hand and answer those questions. Until next time. - Fisheh Approves
  10. I especially like the moist part... Diddo, lol
  11. I just thought of something, what if they find a way to enter the Aether Realm themselves? What would that world look like? I bet it would be sick, like a purple tinted alternate reality. Girl: "Grandpa, i thought you died 50 years ago?" Dempsey: "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who you calling Grandpa?" Lol, how funny it would be if something like that happened, i can imagine the Treayarch humor already, xD
  12. The problem i see here is not with the past, but with after the missiles hit. It kinda sent shards of earth flying...Well, everywhere. However, I bet it would be cool to fight zombies in a deep space, free floating version of New York, oh how epic it would be, :mrgreen:
  13. So there's been a lot of speculation regarding whether or not the next map for the zombies storyline will take place on Mars or not. In all honesty, it seems like the closest decision, considering Mars would open up a whole new world of possibilities for the zombies storyline (As would any foreign planet). I just think it would be the most obvious choice, however, i think that if they used something a little more mysterious, say like that strange planet in that asteroid field that they named "Planet X", it could end up being a very epic story addition. Since no one really knows much about that planet, they could use their creativity in whole new ways! It would open up LOADS of cool story ideas. Another thing, if i'm correct, the story so far is that Dempsey, Sam (In Richtofen's Body), Takeo, and Nikolai have to find away to get Richtofen out of Sam's body and back to the real world??? And what of the earth? Now that it's destroyed. is there gonna be some quest to find a new home, :idea: Or maybe they will go back in time to stop everything from happening? :| There's no telling, what do you guys think, and no this isn't a "Map" discussion in general, it's a discussion on what you think would be better for the overall story.

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