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  1. Hey guys! I know i've gone dormant, but this is my apology update. Forgive me! Anyways, i have moved the story over to my new deviant art! Here's my profile link: http://fisher10190.deviantart.com/ I am a brony, and there are a few brony related things on there, but please don't shun or hate me for it! I'm still the same old fisher, and my content isn't getting any less awesome! Thanks!
  2. Yeah but this is my first official intro, SooooOOOOoooo. :mrgreen:
  3. Actually, i like the Jacksonville Jaguars, but the Ravens are my second team (And i have absolutely no problem with steelers fans, i mean they made it to the super bowl multiple times right?). Port Discovery is pretty good, the Science Center is also pretty cool (It has a lot of cool interactive exibits that kids would love), then there's the Aquarium (One of the biggest attractions), and in the case that it doesn't rain and you still would want to stop, the Zoo is VERY cool. I would recommend any of those. BTW I really hope i can begin to post on a regular basis, with all the stuff that's going on it looked like it might be a stretch, but i want to become a Dweller (Plus I have SO MANY new ideas! =) )
  4. Hello to all the new (And Existing) CoDz member's! My names fisher10190, or as some people have come to call me, Fisheh. I joined the CoDz forums in 2010, and have been posting and loving the site ever since. I was introduced to CoDz from a random link on another website that a member gave me during a discussion in the early days of the GKNova6 websites before Black Ops had come out. I followed the link here where i began to observe and search through the forums to see what they were all about. I was amazed to see that there was a whole community of fellow zombie enthusiasts (And theorists) just like me. I immidiately signed up and jumped in, posting theory threads and commenting on already posted ones, and the rest is history. In the early times of my membership, i posted mainly story and easter egg ideas, and made a few friends that are now CoDz bigshots, including MrRoflWaffle's, AlphaSnake (Who was always pretty popular), and i even got to chat with the Lord of CoDz himself, CarbonFibah (Hence the reference to his backtstory in my interests). Since my joining, i've become more of a story fanatic, posting a lot of different theory's based on different info i've collected, and have begun to move into story writing (Check my interactive story "Among the Dead"). Ask any of my many friends on the site and they'll tell you that i am a generally nice guy, unless you give me reason to be mean. I highly dislike cyber-bully's and trollz (As does the entire CoDz community), and am not afraid to stand up to such people. I sometimes do art (Although i haven't posted any of it yet), and am a big fan of fellow artists, the best of which (In my opinion) is UndeadXp. I do filming in my spare time, and am currently in the pre-production stage of mine and my friends movie, 115. There are a few threads for it in my history, check any of them out if you like, you won't regret it. Well, thanks for taking the time to read this, i know it's not much, but it's better than nothing. If any of you CoDz greenhorns have any questions, i'm more than happy to lend a helping hand and answer those questions. Until next time. - Fisheh Approves
  5. I especially like the moist part... Diddo, lol
  6. Yes, yes it does. I play black ops mainly for zombies. I just upgraded my graphics card for optimal graphics in world at war. If they made a zombie campaign you could bet your Jugg that I would play the entire campaign before even touching a bo2 multiplayer match. In the end, its always going to matter, because who doesn't want to super size their video-game experience. When i said "Speculators", i was aiming at those who are completely dissing it saying that it's a bad idea and it would ruin zombies. (Which BTW is totally ) No it wouldn't, because even so, treyarch makes GREAT games and would make an even better zombies campaign. Nuff` Said :| .
  7. Good ole` Alpha snake bringin` in the research, ok. So i was wrong with my timeline. I should really pay more attention to those radio transmissions, although half the stuff they say i can't hear because of stupid old tv sound. :facepalm:
  8. To all speculators, i think we've established that even if they were to make a campaign, it would turn out epic. They've basically pulled their skills together at this point, so does it really matter?
  9. "Aw, what the hell. Turn the damn thing on." Joseph looked at me funny. "Sir, i am seriously against this." About that time, Sam cut in. "That's one of my father's machines. My father did a thousand tests, i highly doubt that it will blow up." Joseph got a dirty look, than he raised his eyebrows, put his head down, and sighed. "Alright you're the boss." Joseph and Bobby walked over to the machine and began to fiddle with it while i watched the German soldiers slowly approach the dead zombies. "Was zum Teufel? Was ist das, war es ein Kampf hier?" "Ich bin nicht sicher. Rufen Sie diese in, vielleicht die allgemeinen wird wissen, was los ist." I was very confused, i didn't speak a lick of german. Luckily Sam knew what they were saying. "The first one asked what was going on, the second one said to call it in to their general." "Oh Sh*t! Joseph, Bobby, Hurry the f*ck up!" "We're trying sir!" Just then the germans looked around. "Hast du das gehört?" "Ja, ich hörte es. Wer auch immer Sie sind, zeigt euch!" Sam looked at me. "Better hurry up, they said to show ourselves." Just then, the machine lit up, began glowing, and let off a quaint buzzing sound. About that time, in through the doors came the germans, right as they went for their guns, everything began to float. "Ack! Es ist die Maschine!" "Verdammt Maxis! Du und deine verdammten Maschinen!" "Nein, nein! Schaltet sie ab, schloss die verdammte Maschine nach unten!" I whipped myself around facing Bobby. "Now, get em`!" Bobby raised the MG and let out a short burst of fire. One of the germans continued to go limp while the other held his side and grabbed onto a pipe protruding from a wall. The german spoke. "Nein! Please, no shoot, no shoot! I surrender!" Bobby lowered his gun and looked at me. "What do you think sir?" "He's alright." Joseph managed to shut down the machine and get us all back on the ground. I walked over to the german with my rifle raised and took his MP40 and Luger. "Are you the only two? Are you!?" "Nein, es gibt eine andere Gruppe gerade hinter uns." "What did he say?" "He said there's another group on it's way." "Well c`mon, let's get out of here." As we went to leave, the german stopped us. "Wait, wait! Please, Help me! Take me with you!" Sam looked at me, and i looked at the german. "I can't believe i'm doing this. Joseph, Bobby, help him!" "But sir," "Help him now!" Joseph gave me a sneer. "Yes sir." We went into the forest and found a place to sit. We layed the german down and we all took a breath. "What are we gonna do now?" I was clueless as to where we should go. "Ask the german if he knows of any encampments around here." Sam, who was already knelt down bandaging him up, asked him. "Kennen Sie noch andere Lager um die hier wissen?" "Ja, da ist ein russischer Außenposten ein paar Meilen nordwestlich." "He said there's a russian outpost to the north-west." "Aber es gibt auch eine Versorgung Fabrik im Osten." I looked at Sam. "What did he say?" "He said there's a supply factory to the east also. I bet it would have a lot of stuff we could use." Joseph butted in. "I bet it will be a trap, he's trying to lure us into a trap." "Nein, Nein! No trap, no trap!" "What should we do sir?" Head East to the Supply factory. Head North-west to the russian outpost.
  10. SO. A friend of a friend told me that a Zombies Campaign is CONFIRMED in Black Ops 2, either i'm VERY gullable, or hopefully its true.
  11. Well, what do you think. I think a full game version of NZ with Campaign, MP, and of course good ole` Original mode would be sweet. Plus it could come with all the maps. Come on Treyarch, you know you want to! ;)
  12. Chapter 6 continue - WAIT! Before i go on, let me just say thanks, on behalf of me and my up and coming writing career, for watching and aknowledging this story. Who knows, someday this might become famous writing, this here. So thanks CoDz members! Now then - Chapter 6 Continued: "Saddle up, we're heading for fortification." Bobby picked up his rifle, and just before he was about to load it, Joseph stepped up. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! What do you think you're doin`?" "I'm gettin ready to cover you guys." Joseph looked at him funny, but before he could say something Bobby continued. "YOU are going to carry the supplies, being the 'Strongest' and all." "Now hold on, I'M the one with the MG!" "Yeah, but i have 4 marksman medals AND the best accuracy in the company." Joseph stopped dead in his tracks, he knew when to walk and when to run, and he also knew the only medal he had was one for being trigger happy, and that was only in our eye's. "Alright then Mr.Marksman, you wanna cover us, you're taking this!" Joseph threw his MG into Bobby's hands. "Wait, seriously?" "No, didn't you know today was opposite day? OF COARSE I'M SERIOUS!" "...Sweet..." Joseph picked up the supplies while Bobby loaded the MG. Meanwhile Sam was sitting on the bed, putting her coat on. "Hey you alright?" "Yes, i'm fine. Just getting ready to run for my life." "Speaking of which, here." I handed her my 1911, she looked at me funny, apparently she was confused. "What's this for?" "It's for if anything happens. It's already loaded." She pulled the sliding mechanism back and chambered a shot, aiming down the iron-sights at an apple. "And apparently you know what you're doing." "(Chuckles) I learned a thing or two from daddy." Bobby chambered the first round into the MG and looked at me. "Alright, MG is ready. So what do you say we go fight our way to safety?" Joseph aknowledged. "Lets do this!" Bobby busted through the door first with a loud birst of machinegun fire, mowing down any zombs that were in our path. At about that time i stumbled out, making sure to keep my gun aimed for their heads. I was followed by Joseph, carrying the supplies. "A million zombs` and I'M the one carrying the supplies." "Shut up and keep moving!" Joseph was followed by Sam, holding her pistol at the ready. The zombs` at this point were aware of us, now they were sprinting at us. Just as we were almost 5 fet from the entrance, Joseph slipped. He managed to kepp the supplies safely in their bags, but he fell to the floor. "SH*T!" The zombies were in full stride, and one in specific was running right at Joseph. He had snuck behind us. "(Snarling and Wailing)" "F**K!" "(Bang) (Bang)" Sam had walked right up and shot the thing. She then continued to spin behind her taking out two more, and then turned around again and killed one that had jumped from the rooftops. Joseph looked on in awe. "Damn, i think i'm in love!" "She's taken. Now pick up the supplies!" We stumbled in the front door of the fortified building. We were all panting, and Joseph was especialy exausted. "Well (pant) (pant), that was fun. (Deep Inhale, loud exhale)" Bobby was slso panting "Did anyone see that, cause i will NOT be doing it again." Sam nearly passed out, i just happened to catch her when she fell. "Whoa, you ok?" "Yeah i'm fine, just kinda worn out." "Yeah, JOSEPH! Anything here?" "No, sir, just scrap iron and blood." All of the sudden we were interupted by Bobby. "Oh jeez, Not Again!" "What is it Bobby?" "You remember that German machine that we destroyed on the mission in Oran, africa?" "Yeah, the one that produces a zero g field anywhere with 30 yards of it. Why?" "Well, there's one here." "Oh boy..." Joseph interupted us. "Uh, sir!" "What is it?" "NAZI'S!" Bobby looked at me. "Sir, we should activate the machine, it'll be helpful." Joseph looked at Bobby. "Yeah, but it could also blow up!" "It's your choice sir." Turn on Machine. Hide and Surprise the German's.
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