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  1. ITS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and its looking good.
  2. Easy mode: the easier easter eggs you are suggesting. Slower zombies, they have less health. Box is cheaper. Original: standard difficulty easter eggs. Normal health and speed. Normal box prices. Hard: added steps to eggs, round 3 zombies on round 1, speeds increase same way, box more expensive. Insane: double normal easter egg steps. Sprinters round 1, 2 full starter pistol clips to face to kill 1 zombie. Box costs double.
  3. Dude needs to play [email protected] not the blops dlc. Please add a new chapter or all but dempsey died or something to end it.
  4. Yes, Please! But when you're not so busy with other projects.
  5. For me its a random perk every time I reach a multiple of 5000 points, not repeating (hit 10100, buy weapon, earn over 10000 again). I only play solo, so this changes stuff most likely.
  6. For me, the perks and PaP drop every 5000 points, 0=quick revive, 5000= random, 10000= random, 15000= random, etc. I only play solo.
  7. I got it last night, Ps3, I just string every clear path that doesn't have a zombie in the way. Also, if you get cornered, jump and crouch rapidly while planting a claymore in the zombies' direction. I managed to survive the max amount of zombies spawned on lower rounds without being touched and without juggernog.
  8. Round 28, quit to go to the movies with my girlfriend.
  9. No, different, I've built the jet gun before, I know what I'm talking about. It's nothing like the jet gun piece.
  10. There is a piece nobody has found, it looks like power wires coiled around a spool. Not sure where I saw it, TomBMX's BO2 stuff thread where he sifted through coding and pictures or one of the hundreds of youtube videos I've watched.
  11. In the song 115 it says "bring me 115" and "They're waiting for the second coming again". I'm thinking of getting all weapons that have 115 in the name and wonder weapons by the second dog round. It will require 4 players but I cannot help because I have hughesnet and my black ops 1 copy got sold.
  12. Hello people, there is a significant amount of special unlockables in TranZit. I have not confirmed all of them but I am attempting to. You will usually see a green mist. The latest update allows them to be lost. They are permanent under certain conditions. Steel Barriers: ~4 seconds a board for zombies to tear off. Requires you to repair 200 or so barrier boards in one game. Not sure, but could be single player only. You lose it if you don't repair one full barrier every round. Permanent Quick Revive: get 15-20 revives in one game. As long as you're playing TranZit and you're connected to the web, you have Quick Revive. Multiplayer only. You lose this one if you attempt to revive somebody and fail. Confirmed Not Today hidden perk: There is no real name for this, so that's my nickname for it. Buy Juggernog 5 times in one match and be able to take 17 hits. Must be in multiplayer to earn, not confirmed. 2x Headshot damage/ Head Pop every gun: get a triple headshot collateral kill with one bullet. Use the m14 on round 1-2. The Colt m1911 gets rather decent after this. Lost if you don't get a headshot. Confirmed. PHD Flopper: 75-200 explosive kills in one game. not confirmed. Stamin-up: run 25-40 miles in one game. not confirmed. Tripple Ammo/ AKA MULE KICK!!!: buy 25 weapons off the wall in one game. They must all be different. Like the original black ops 1 achievement for purchasing all wall weapons in one game. not sure if this one includes bowie knife and galva knuckles. not confirmed
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