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  1. I doubt that you're going to miss this delta. I missed checking the board and posting by 7 minutes :/
  2. A Also, I call BS on the "EJ is the only one who likes hangman anymore". I like the game, it's just hard for me to consistently play because I've gotten busy.
  3. ITS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and its looking good.
  4. Easy mode: the easier easter eggs you are suggesting. Slower zombies, they have less health. Box is cheaper. Original: standard difficulty easter eggs. Normal health and speed. Normal box prices. Hard: added steps to eggs, round 3 zombies on round 1, speeds increase same way, box more expensive. Insane: double normal easter egg steps. Sprinters round 1, 2 full starter pistol clips to face to kill 1 zombie. Box costs double.
  5. Hurry up and post a new one please.
  6. Time to revive this. I'm learning to mod and would like to figure out how to do this. It will require advanced scripting, so I probably can't do it. I recommend heading over to zombie modding and asking if anyone over there would be willing to do it. If I do create it, I will most certainly post a link.
  7. Dude needs to play [email protected] not the blops dlc. Please add a new chapter or all but dempsey died or something to end it.
  8. Yes, Please! But when you're not so busy with other projects.
  9. I eat you whole. I wish PS3 and Pc maps came out 2 months before xBox.
  10. Sorry zombie, but it was on a wall in my doctor's office last August, it literally stated "lead tainted candies made in Mexico" and proceeded to list stuff you shouldn't get anywhere as they were made and exported from Mexico.
  11. It's the lead tainted Mexican made stuff. DAMMIT ZOMBIE I WAS TYPING. You suddenly teleport to 1000 feet above your current position. I wish for unlimited knowledge of social interactions.

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