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  1. How can i unlink my Youtube and PS3 if they haven't been linked in the first place?
  2. I meant since PSN was attacked. How did you sort it out? My cod account, Youtube, and PS3 all have the same email.
  3. Whenever I try to link my Call of Duty account to my Youtube account it says my login credentials couldn't be verified. I'm on PS3 so that may be the problem.What should I do?
  4. Here's my theory. What if with the J-blah blah shrinky gun, you have to shoot the meteor. So it can get smaller or something just an idea. But if it works I want credit!
  5. Here's what I think: I'm not sure if that flame zombie is a boss but I think where it shows that Lunar Eclipse is basically Shang-Ri La's variant of a boss round. Like say for HellHounds the setting becomes foggy, or for the Pentagon Thief everything turns a blue hue. As you can see in the video the map is really sunny and bright. But in the Lunar Eclipse picture it seems to be a little darker. I don't know that's just my opinion.
  6. Always Dimitri Petrenko. He and I have the same birth date. August 1
  7. Demetri Petrenk FTMTFW! 1. He's an uber badass. 2. Demetri and I have the same birthday, not date. August 1!
  8. Um, how do people on the forums get their screen name to be a different color than plain white? EDIT: Also, how come I'm classified as Human? Does that mean I'm like a low class or something?
  9. Liegt der Physcho Arzt, Undead (The Physcho Doctor, Undead Lies) MOST WORDS IN THIS STORY WILL BE SPELT WRONG. WHEN YOU READ THE STORY YOU WILL KNOW WHY. As Tank Dempsey readied for another mysterious round of Zombies, he noticed Edward Richtofen shifting uncomfortably. Tank: Doc, what's up with you? Edward: Notzing Dempshee, just ze voices talking zo me again. Tank: Doc are you schigophrooniac, or whatever those war doctors call it? Edward: Zon't be silly Dempshee! I am not a schizophrenic! Ze children are getting zo me! Tank: Woah Doc, didn't know you had kids! Way to go, whose the unlucky lady? Edward: I will never haf zee kids!!! Zniveling little baztards! Zey ought to zend every child to ze Death Campz in Germany! Tank: Well who are your kids then doc? Wait, don't tell me the Zombitches are your kids! Ahahaha! If they are they take after your Mother!! Edward: Zon't be zilly Dempshee, Zombies are vile, dizguzting creaturez! Edward: Umm, I haf to go and talk to ze drunk Russian!! Tank: That was odd, Doc didn't even burst out with those creepy laughs... -Round- (15) Nikolia: Aww crap, I did not even get to drink my Vodka!! Takeo: I suspect the Russian is an alcoholic! Nikolia: Shut up you Japanese Girl! My 3rd wife has better moves than you! Takeo: I know, I was the one who showed her. Zombies: Aagh!Ooh!Raagh! Father!! Tank: What the Fu... Did that zombie just say father!? Takeo: You are right Polonsky! Somebody mated Nikolia's wife!! Nikolia: Even I have to agree with you on that! Edward: Zon't be zilly! Why would ze Zombie say Father? Unlezz zomeone here knew about ze Zombies? Tank: I only remember being at Nack Dur Untooten or whatever it was called. Nikolia: I had barely seen Zombies when I was institutionalized at Verruckt. Takeo: I had seen ze Zombies at ze Death Camp I managed. Edward: Well I never zaw zem, or Myztery Boxez or Perk Masheens. Tank: Doc are you hiding something from us? Edward: Umm, no I just, umm, look zere are Monkeez!? I mean, aagh! Space Monkeez! Tank: Holy Undead Space Monkeys! Nikolia: They are trying to steal my Vodka! Takeo: No! They have taken my power juice! Tank: You're right Takayo! My Juggernog is gone! I feel weaker! Edward: Oh no! Zey are overpowering uz! Protect ze Zpeed Cola and ze Phd Flopper!! -CONTINUED ON PART TWO-
  10. I say Bowman. Ghost and Roach were just shot. Bowman had to suffer a club to the back of the head like 4 times. Or maybe Pvt. Kyle(Guy at the beginning in World at War American Campaign.) He had to endure getting beat and a cigar in his eye. Which leads me to zomething else, is Treyarch obsessed with cigars and eyes? Because Weaver also gets a cigar to the eye.
  11. Maybe Reznov turned over to the Nazis? And his assignment was to observe excellent soldiers like Demetri Petrenko and Alex Mason. Then, when his job was done, the soldier would be executed. That's why they test Gknova6 on Demetri but not Reznov. And that's also why Alex Mason almost dies several times. Like when Kravchenko almost killed Mason, but Woods interfered and messed it up.
  12. Hello everybody, my name is M-G-F. I play Black Ops Zombies on the Playstation 3 ONLY. I also have a Youtube account http://www.youtube.com/user/MEGAGAMEFR3AK?feature=mhum, My highest round on Kino Der Toten is 26. Highest round in Ascension is 25. Highest round on Dead Ops Arcade is 21. And my lowest.... Round 12, I think, on Five. When I don't play Zombies I usually play Quickscoping/NoScoping/Ballistic Knife/Tomahawk matches only.
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