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  1. Okay i have no idea on how to use theater. there is no on/off icon, and when i play a game (any mode) online or not and go to theater there are no videos. O and i hope treyarch puts out some good dlc because fire fog not my thing. kind of disappointed on the zombies.
  2. thanks guys i have thought about it and it does add gameplay because there is only one more round basis zombie which is the normal walking kind
  3. what if treyarch (do not no how to spell?) were to put together a zombies rpg. if they are making a campaign why not make a free for all do what you want campaign pick or create character. with different zones to explore like "borderlands". different kind of zombies in each? buy and keep or find a lot of different items : like guns, perks, easter egg items, notes and stuff. with leveling up systems like different gun or close combat skills, your self getting and picking a perk each time you level up. also containing many different side missions, or just run around and rape train gaining xp.
  4. this is scary just like the maps should be. also i think it would be a great really big map going up and around the eiffel tower and down in tunnels and such with, a few underground castle arias like the video. This map should happen.
  5. ok but i dont know about every map like verruct thanks though
  6. ok can somebody tell me why there would be like for example mule kick on natch a little bit of the time i play and next time i play its completely gone this is the same with other maps to i just do not know what the heck is going on?????
  7. so agreed that would be amazing if that was so
  8. ok if you think their should be an map editor say so and what you would want it to be like. well i want one thata be coo
  9. ok so i am wondering if treyarch or the zombie teem or what ever looks at are suggestions and ideas if you know please post or just post anyway
  10. ok that is cool i live in the middle of no were so my internet sucks but what ever. I get to ride my dirt bike were ever i want and i dont have to dill with peoples shit also, but my internet is slow which sucks ass.
  11. hey welcome if you use xbox my gamer tag is amazing1pj. what is yours
  12. Good to see you making a proper introduction NoQuarter! Short and to the point, I like it! Welcome And enjoy! Like all the regulars above me said, we're not the type of people that make assumptions about new members. After all, we were all new at one point. Here's some fresh [brains] to get your appetite going agreed, welcome to codz hope you fill welcome because you are. This site is so much fun a way better online social life than facebook. If you want to play add me gamer tag: amazing1pj , what is yours. also here is some [brains] hope you like the snack.
  13. welcome here is some starter [brains] but if you are wanting to play add me gt: amazing1pj. what is yours, (xbox)
  14. yes welcome here is some brains. If you want to play gt: amazing1pj
  15. if they are stinkers (nova crawlers). You can just jump rite over them. by the way a good area to raip train is around the theater curtain but it you have to dodge a lot to run it successively.
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