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  1. Welcome to the family man.
  2. Haven't heard this one before. I would consider contacting Activision Support on Twitter, they might be able to help you.
  3. There was a time when I'd make theory posts and specifically think "Now how will MMX debunk this" before I posted it. All in a good way of course . It would make me really rethink the theory again to make sure I was happy with it. Good luck with everything MMX.
  4. Add a "Bus Stop" sign where you could call it to you for 500-2000 points. It costs more if it has to travel farther, like Diner to Bus Depot. Have the Denizen Light teleporters change colour every few seconds. Each colour corresponds to a light location, so when you jump in during that colour, you will be teleported to that location. So it gives you a way of knowing where you want to go. Make the Jet Gun unbreakable. Just make it stop working like the Paralyzer if it gets to max. Also give the Jet Gun a wider suck in radius. Seriously it seems to only kill zombies directly in the middle. When placing a Turbine at the Power Station, make it so it powered on permanently. So the PaP room stays open indefinitely. Those are the 4 main changes that would've made TranZit a great map for me.
  5. Always gets the feels going. Also props to this one. Felt like a good mix between the WaW Style and a more serious tone like Mobs.
  6. This is just shows the middle and left rockets, but the right rocket (behind me in this image) also has a Gersch portal too. Thought I'd take a snapshot instead of you guys having to sit through the video haha. With Maxis destroying the Earth, I do want to think that Apothicons did come in, but it's the wording in the Timeline that has me questioning. Dimension 63 has "The Apothicons destroy Dimension 63" written. So it's specifically stated and that it's a whole dimension. Whereas with ours it mentions just Maxis destroying our Earth (and killing everyone), but not specifically our Dimension. It doesn't mean it didn't happen, but I feel like they would've been specific if the Apothicons came in. However the Timeline does have errors (mainly spelling) so it could just be a case of just being really simple in that statement. Which brings me to my next point. I agree with you on everything else. And that Maxis somehow got corrupted when going to The Crazy Place, even though it's not really stated. He was a really, really shitty father beforehand, but it's after where his actions seem more evil then Richtofen's. The problem is that we play in The Crazy Place, and we don't "gain" electricity powers or go mad. So I'm not really sure how it happened to him (which they really should've explained). But it is called The Crazy Place. And we still don't really understand it fully, so I have no problem seeing that as where he got corrupted.
  7. Ah my mistake. I actually didn't realize that was a thing. Hope they fix it then.
  8. I'm on both sides. I don't think they should be in. But at the same time, there are only so many iterations of a map you can do without it being the same. I guess it also depends on the map. Like for Nacht, Mule Kick is good on this map. But with Wunderfizz, no one is going to buy it. At the same time, it's kind of fun playing Nacht with an array of new perks. Widows Wine seems to be a bad perk to get on Moon. When zombies attack you, those explosions can decompress the labs/Receiving Bay. It also looks like it's the cause of a glitch with the Cosmonaut who instadowns you when you are teleported. And with the lack of PhD Flopper, the jump pads are more of a threat now. I'm also not sure why Electric Cherry was not included.
  9. I've heard if you get him to walk at the corner of the jump hole in the Receiving Bay, he will get stuck. Haven't confirmed though. Not sure if that tactic still works, but I've honestly found it easier to escape him then I ever did on the original Moon. Don't know if they've made it easier but just something I've noticed. You either have to commit to pulling or full out shooting him, but not both. I was also under the impression Zap Guns did not work on him, so that might be why OP did not kill him.
  10. Very awesome of you to do that map @anonymous. Doppel is from Queensland.
  11. I have heard about this. I think people are saying it might be something to do with Widows Wine. If that is true, then that perk is more trouble then it's worth on that map to be honest.
  12. Australia, Victoria!
  13. Thanks for this post @anonymous. It was actually really good to read! I have always disliked Die Rise on the story side because it just seemed so irrelevant, but you got me thinking. So the rockets hit in 2025. Die Rise occurs in 2035. So we have a 10 year Apocalypse. Perhaps the "International Zombie Center" was set up during that time. Perhaps a skyscraper was a good place for it considering it was so high up. Oh and thank you about the Sleeping Cages. I did remember seeing them, but never really gave much thought to them. I didn't realize how bad they were or even that it was a historical representation. This makes me like Die Rise better now.
  14. Had a game of Origins were the Panzer did not spawn at all. Not Round 8, not a round later or early like he used to do, just not at all. I'm not sure what triggered, but we were just building the Ice Staff just as the round changed. We got to Round 20 and yeah he hadn't spawned. Not that I'm complaining, although he does lock out the Fire Staff.
  15. I feel the same. I think it's just for the longest time, we had thought it was ER for Edward Richtofen. So I won't count that as a full change, but just a possible one. As for the GKO/GWO. It is very hard to tell what the middle letter is in the original. I thought it looked like a W, but it's possible it was just a very squished K. What are your thoughts on that second last sentence though? I can't tell if "Aware" is in the original or if it said "Unsure/Unaware"

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