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  1. Formula 1

    Yeah Ferrari has played some team shenanigans like in Hungary, but Kimi is so far behind that I can't blame them. But he has had a good speed lately and hopefully it will show in the results during the second half of the season.
  2. Formula 1

    We are back to business this weekend and it's Spa time!
  3. Did I get boot from Hall of Fame? :lol:

    1. Boom115


      Looks like you just got flipped on an update. All fixed!

    2. Matuzz
  4. Well I bought Black Ops III yesterday and now the Zombie Chronicles... but that Giant map is 5,99€ separate purchase! Guess I won't be playing the new Der Riese. :P
  5. Formula 1

    Brilliant lap by Kimi! Bottas also had very good pace just 0.002 behind Vettel
  6. The Kino 1975 note has been changed!

    Well the sender in all prior Illuminati notes have been FS ER = Faithful Servant Edward Richthofen. Not sure why it's now FR but honestly I wouldn't astonished if it's just typo in the new note by Treyarch. Anyways I have tried to dechiper the sender with Black Ops terminal decoder. Though it seems I have always typed it wrong so if someone wants to test that try it now with the IHCOMESOO. Hey at least MysteryMachineX can't denied anymore that it's '75 ;D
  7. Formula 1

    It was a nice defensive battle by Bottas in the end versus Vettel. Shame that he had engine troubles in Barcelona.
  8. Zombie Chronicles Megathread

    No standalone :(
  9. The Timeline of Zombies

    Shangri-La also has a digital FUJIX ANDO radio/recorder in the map.
  10. The Timeline of Zombies

    Timeline also confirms @AlphaSnake was right.
  11. Zombie Chronicles CONFIRMED? ESRB Rating

    Neat. Never got Black Ops III so this would be a sweet deal for me :D
  12. Zombie Chronicles CONFIRMED? ESRB Rating

    Neat, so it will have Black Ops III main game + DLC 1 to 4 zombie maps and some new remastered maps?
  13. NEW ZOMBIES INFO: Zombies Chronicles

    Got my new PC yesterday maybe it's time to finally buy Black Ops III when this will release. Even though one must say they sure like to milk old maps by selling them like 3 times.
  14. Formula 1

    In the Finnish interview he said that they know where the problem is and how to fix it. Apparently they had setup in quali that then was pretty poor in the race but they couldn't change the setup after qualification. At least he made the fastest lap of the race :D
  15. Formula 1

    Good race by Vettel!