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Easter Egg Song Bracket (Round 4)

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The end is near...




Here are our matchups this week:


1. Alone vs I Am The Well

2. The Gift vs Abracadavre

3. 115 vs The One

4. Mystery vs Shockwave


The semi-finals will begin next week!


To vote, simply use the number of the matchup, and say what song you think is best for any reason that you like. Also feel free to explain why!


Send in your votes by next Tuesday (May 11th) at 8PM CST to see them counted!

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1: I Am The Well.  This match up is really difficult, two of the greatest songs in all of zombies, but in the end I've got to go with I Am The Well, I simply feel it's the most significant song in all of Aether.


2: Abracadavre


3: The One


4: Shockwave

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1. You’re making me choose? Oh, fuck... uh...

...I Am The Well, man.


2. The Gift. It just keeps on giving.


3. 115. As much as I hate it, I don’t hate it that much.


4. Shockwave. Shocking.

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1. Alone - modern classic

2. The Gift - "you're pain is the one thing" my fav song out of all of these I hope it wins. 

3. 115 - classic

4. Shockwave - great lyrics.

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1. I Am The Well. Alone is great, but I Am The Well is one of the peak songs of Zombies between tone, lyrics, and relevance.


2. The Gift. Abracadavre is a top song that could only get knocked out by I Am The Well or The Gift.

...next week is going to suck.


3. The One. Nostalgia be Damned, The One is better and I'll die on that hill.


4. Shockwave. Mystery can't hold a candle in comparison.

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Ich muss meinen Senf auch dazugeben. 

1. I am the Well. I would give my reasoning, but I am afraid most of you, would banish me in a dimension without internet or something.


2. Abracadavre. Still gives me the same chills as it did when I first heard it.

3. The one. Same, @Carnage Evokerit was and still kinda is so enchanting to listen to.

4. Shockwave. Cause it is catchy as f*ck for me. haha

Sorry, pasta brother Rad, for not participating in earlier rounds this time around.

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1. Alone takes this one because, frankly, having scarcely listened to either, I do know I enjoyed Alone, but not so much The Well




3. 115 vs The One

Such a hard choice, but I have to give it to The One for being the song I credit with my interest in the depth of the Zombies storyline. Powerful song. 

4. Shockwave has drilled itself into my soul. Despite spending weeks worth of hour making a video on it, I still love it. 

“Abracadavre is a song about questioning what death actually is. That’s what that is. Abracadabra is the idea that death is magic...that’s the...the one time it’s said in there -that’s what the entire thing is about, and the rest is questions based on that one line. And...that’s another thing that I wrote right in the middle of a night where I felt like I was the only person in the world, and I had to assume that the characters in the story were going through something similar because they’re dealing with people who are coming back from the dead, and - what actually is it? What is death? No one’s come back from it, no one can tell us anything, and that’s what it’s about.” 
-Kevin Sherwood


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